Rattray's - Exotic Passion 100g
A Light Dessert
Have been searching for a good aromatic and I found it! Perfect sweet tooth smoke. The balance was perfect. The casing was not goopy and it gave you a nice orange creamsicle taste with an after taste of orange peels and floral. If you get a chance get it!

Cornell & Diehl - Privateer 2oz
Not Bad, Not Good.
Tin note is matched to its taste. This tin was very dry. Almost like a slight breeze would have carried it off. Burns hot, I’m a bit of a fast cadence smoker though. Taste was just very ordinary for a English blend. Smoky but not complex at all. I would have to say it’s a one and done for me.

Fribourg & Treyer - Golden Mixture 50g
Cigarette in a pipe
Bought this one because i have still been waiting around to try a tin of the Virginia plug. Huge mistake. Smoked one half pipe of the stuff and thought i smoked a cigarette! Would not recommend unless your looking for that sort of stuff.

Samuel Gawith - Lakeland Dark 50g
The balance wasnt for me.
The Aroma reminded me of chewing tobacco. Drying time was needed. But for me I wanted strong nicotine WITH a balanced taste. I didnt get that from this blend. Not bad just not good for me. I suppose it may have been my expectations.

Esoterica - Margate 2oz
On Point English
This blend was really on point. Have not had a better blend english wise so far! Aroma was sweet with a little spice. Taste was great and got better towards the bottom. I would recommend some air time or it has a issue with staying lit. Great blend, great company! WORST thing about it AVAILABILITY. lol.

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
Not that impressed
Maybe it was all the hype but it just wasnt all that impressive. There are many better blends out there.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
Changed my taste buds
So my first Virginia was Escudo. It was pretty good. This though is more to my liking! Grassy and a subtle sweetness to it. Im a fan and will be getting more.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve 4oz
Yes Please!
Great blend! Sweet, smokey with a bit of spice. If your thinking about it... get it!

Nording - Hunter Blend: Pointer 50g
This is the second blend I have smoked in the series. My first was the Labrador and it was delicious. This one seems to have more of a chemical taste to it and really seems to taste like alot of aromatics I have tried.

Hearth & Home - WhiteKnight 1.75oz
Nice mellow smoke
Not great, not bad. It has a nice mellow taste after the first quarter and gets a bit better as you get to the bottom. The only thing I disliked about it really was that it was a very fine almost dust like cut.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
Not a fan
Packaged very neatly. It just wasn't for me. I will admit I am more of a Latakia guy so... This was a strike out for me with the Virginias. Update: I have been smoking a bit more it has begun to grow on me! Although, Three Nuns is beating Escudo out right now.

Hearth & Home - Black House 1.75oz
Awesome Balkan
Great aroma upon opening. Charring light is mouth watering and the rest is the best. If your into Balkan this is the best I have tried so far. This will be a must have at all times.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
Sweet & Mellow
Like my title implies! Opening the tin will give you a nice sweet Whiskey aroma. It will at first seem a bit moist but keep it that way or have a short air time like a min or so. Seems to lose flavor as it drys so smoke it wet!

Davidoff - Royalty 50g
Not quite...
This is the first Davidoff tobacco blend I have tried. The smell out of the can had me pretty excited! Not overbearing with a sweet smell or underwhelming. After packing and charring light it had a pleasant taste for about half the bowl. After that the taste got pretty airy and bland. I think that the strength on this one is a bit exaggerated and also the flavor. Probably a one and done for me.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Dunhill Pipe Wipe
Sold Out for a reason
Sold out for a reason! Haven't used the other brands out there so i cant compare. I will tell ya it puts a nice shine on the entire pipe. It will definitely be an item i always have on hand.

Stands & Pouches - Economy Folding Pipe Stand
Cant beat the Price
Works well and for a great price! I use it to hold my pipe while getting ready to smoke and its perfect. It is a little light and some shaped bowls can get a little tipsy but now im just nit picking. Good product and better price!

Tobacco Jars - Extra Small CVault Humidified Tobacco Container
No Complaints and Handy
Fits about 50g in it, perfect for a tin. keeps it the right moisture for an easy smoke and seals well. looks nice and delivers as advertised.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
Not for me.
The flake was very sweet upon opening. Packed well and burned nicely. While I was sipping though the only thing I could think of was a black and mild! Sure it was smoother and over all the tobacco was of fine quality. But the experience for me was just not there. I think for me it was just too much vanilla. I will admit I'm partial to the English and oriental blends but if you like a lot of vanilla flavor give this one a try!

Peterson - Summertime Blend 2016 100g
Just... ehh.
Very airy and light smoke. Not much flavor was noticed and when the hints of rum came through it was very brief and inconsistent. Plenty of better smoke out there as aro goes. Just wasn't all that impressed. Definitely a one and done.

Tsuge - "Ryujin" God of Dragon 50g
Best so far!
Upon opening the aroma was similar to a Maduro cigar. After the charring light it was a spicy wave of smoke on my tongue and enjoyed every sip! I found the moisture level perfect with no resting time needed. Thoroughly enjoy the strength and taste the whole way through with a nice kick at the finish. Will be stocking up and aging some for sure!

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Intriguing Blend
Smoked three bowls last night from a Savinelli Prince of Wales pipe. It was a curious blend to me. I can't say I liked it but I most definitely could not say I did not. I'm fairly new to pipe tobacco but this one so far is something I feel would keep me coming back trying to figure out.

Nording - Hunter Blend: Labrador 50g
Relaxing Smoke
Just switched from cigars to pipe tobacco. This was the first blend I have smoked out of a new Tsuge Tokyo. The tobacco needs a little air time to avoid multiple lights, my error not the blends. Out of the tin it smells very sweet, kinda worried me until I smoked the first pinch! Very mellow and sweet. Not as sweet as the smell would have you think which is a plus to my liking! Will buy again for sure.

Three Nuns
Three Nuns 1.75oz

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"Ryujin" God of Dragon 50g

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