Allen S.

E. Hoffman Company - Spilman Mixture 2.5oz
1 star tobacco. 5 star customer service
Popped open a new tin at the pipe club. It was totally dried out. Even the guy who likes to open his tins a week prior to smoking said “too dry”. A few of us tried it anyway. It was totally tasteless. Topped? Not that any of us could tell. Latakia? If so, it’s so faint it makes HGL taste like a lat. bomb. Will try rehydration and update review if anything improves. UPDATE I rehydrated the tin, and if anything, it’s even worse. So harsh I couldn’t even finish the bowl. That tends to happen to me with low grade VA, so I dug around in the tin. No cubes here, and no orientals that I could make out. I think this blend is basically the manufacturers “scrap jar”. On the bright side, SP sent me a replacement tin after reading my review. No one was willing to try this again this meeting, so I’ll pass the new tin around in a couple of months. Thanks SP! Excellent customer service!

Sutliff - Revelation Match
Does anyone really remember Revelation?
I've tried 3 different Revelation copies (Epiphany, MATCH, Sutliff) and I find it interesting that none of them taste anything like the others. Heck, this blend actually has different component tobaccos from the others. That said, I think I like this blend the best of the 3, and always keep some on hand.

Kramer's - English Blend
Non-descript English's with a cool back-story
I loved the back story on Kramer's, so I ordered English, New and Father. After several bowls of each, I couldn't tell one from the other so I ordered Danny and Cary. Still couldn't tell any of them apart. They now all reside in a single jar labeled Kramer's.

Peter Stokkebye - PS80 Norwegian Blend
What makes it "Norwegian"?
I'm not sure what makes a tobacco "Norwegian", but I found this to be pungent almost to the point of deer-tongue. Like deer-tongue, I suspect it's a love/hate thing, and I also suspect it may ghost a pipe. I'm glad others are enjoying it, but I'm afraid my oz. will last me for years.

Peter Stokkebye - PS301 Natural Dutch Cavendish
A very different Cavendish
Before NDC, I always thought of Cavendish as an inferior base tobacco for goopy aromatics. This stuff just blew me away. Just pure, natural tobacco flavor. Not sure why SP classifies it as an aromatic, because I don't think it is. 1st non English tobacco I re-ordered in bulk quantities. It's that good.

Newminster - No.84 Oriental Pipe Cut
RYO by any other name...
I wish I could be more helpful about describing the flavor, but I just can't get past the RYO cut. My best stab is: Tear apart a Camel cigarette, and stuff the tobacco into your bowl.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Fair to Middling
After reading all of the rave reviews, I was really looking forward to trying this blend. I was disappointed to find it's just another run of the mill Balkan. I would have recommended Balkan Blue instead, but that's no longer an option. The search continues.

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