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Castello - Fiammata 8oz
A fair tobacco.
Quite a strong tobacco, easy to pack, easy to smoke. Not too humid, not too dry. Makes some bitterness in the mouth, which i did not like. Can be mixed with flavors and it still will keep some of its presence. Good value for this price.

Super Value - Peach 12oz
Low price but not a good one
I will be straight to the point: Too humid tobacco. Unpleasant mouth taste. Makes you wish to brush your teeth right after the smoke. Can only work without filter, yet burns lips in that case. I had a hard time to fit it to the right pipe with a right filter composition.

Stands & Pouches - Economy Folding Pipe Stand
Only good for unheavy pipes
It is cheap. The stand only fits light to moderately weighted pipes. Otherwise it just collapses. Special forms will not fit either. Good for simple and small pipes.

Natural Corona (20 Pack)

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Fiammata 8oz

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