Andrew W.

Tampers & Tools - Low Country Reamer
Low quality metal, many better reamers out there.
All reviews are 2 years and it only recently became available again so I thought a new review was called for. Very low quality stainless-steel used for the knife. You must have a knife sharpener (and know how to use it) if you buy this product. It goes dull after a couple of uses, to the point where you can physically feel the blade edge bent backwards. So far I've had it for a couple months and use it for "just quite reach that spot" cases. Otherwise it would be too much of a pain as it would require sharpening every couple uses and of course this means the longevity of the tool is low. S&P probably had to outsource the job of creating these and whoever they chose did a terrible job. I have reamers that are 40 years old that retain an edge better than this.

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