Mac Baren - HH Vintage Syrian 16oz
Delicious and complex
I don't know what the other reviewers are used to smoking if they can't taste Latakia in this blend. It's almost half Latakia! The Syrian Latakia is different for sure in this blend, not what most are going to be used to since there's precious little of it left in the world. Most blends use the stronger (fresh) and smokier Cyprian versions now. What is left in Mac Baren's warehouse has many years of age on it, so it has probably mellowed out quite a bit. It has a beautifully smokey and tangy red wine flavor to it. If you want to taste this type of tobacco before it disappears, I highly recommend this blend. It's delicious and complex, probably one of the more sophisticated blends produced by Mac Baren (and I'm a fan of their tobacco in general). I'm cellaring 2 lbs of this stuff, which is a LOT for my smoking pace. It's one of my all-time favorites. If you just want the biggest, loudest Lat-bomb fireworks smoking explosion, sure, there are certainly more potent Latakia blends. This one is special and more subtle.

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