About Me:
I live 60 miles from the closest smoking pipe store. Smokingpipes.com is my fav.

Hearth & Home - Blackhouse 1.75oz
Nice English Blend.
I like this tobacco. Nice taste, smoke cloud, and room note. This will stay in my rotation.

G. L. Pease - Penny Farthing 2oz
Not for Everyone.
This is some good stuff. I do not have a lot of space for storage but suspect I will buy another tin of this. I did not experience any problems with packing my pipe. I did a big pinch with light pack and then a small pinch and packed until the surface was springy and the draw was what I like. The Virginia shines through with just a hint of the Perique. This is mild enough that you can inhale, should you desire. The last note is that the bottom of my humidor ended up with a bunch of very fine tobacco pieces that clogged my stem so it got tossed. Taste is a 3, Room note is a 1, Strength is a 3 in my opinion.

Cornell & Diehl - Mocha 2oz
Sticky Sweet Non-tobacco
This smells wonderful out of the can. However, it is extremely moist and sugar sticky. Very mild flavor and room note. I have smoked four or five bowls and it has not changed. I even started mixing it with Peterson's Irish Oak and still found it to be very wet. I will not be ordering again.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - 8deco Brown Leather Double Ended Tamper
Great Table Tamper!
This is not for your pocket or pouch. Mine sits in the Peterson pipe ashtray at the bar. The bottom tamper is great for when the bowl is full. The other end is great as the tobacco burns down. Then there is the poker that helps break up the ash. This is my favorite leave at home tamper.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 100g
Middle of the Road.
The flavor was middle of the road. Burns nice and smells okay. The taste grows on you. There were some twig like pieces in the mixture that I threw out.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Too Mild for Me.
This is a very light tasting blend. It is so mild that I will not order again.

Mac Baren - Mixture: Scottish Blend 100g
Very Burley Tasting.
I found this blend to taste mostly like Burley. It burned hot and did not leave a pleasant room note. I will not buy this again.

Lane Limited - RLP-6
The Best Aromatic Blend
This is my favorite all day aromatic blend. The tobacco smells great in the pouch and then when fired up fills the room with a nice smoke cloud and aroma. Tastes nice and smooth and burns to the bottom of the bowl leaving a fine gray ash. My favorite.

Pipe Accessories - Savinelli Goccia Ceramic Single Pipe Stand Green
Great Stand for Your Desk.
I was tired of setting my pipe in the ashtray that was full of ash and decided to try this stand. The green color also happens to match my Peterson ashtray. The stand does not take up much space, looks great, and does the job of holding a pipe. I love it.

Lane Limited

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