Sutliff - Creme Brulee
The Queens Slippers
When I tried Creme Brulee, I was at once transported to an enchanted oasis of tranquility and repose. It was smooth but had the robust, yet gentle power of one point four billion butterfly sneezes. My faithful companion Penelope, called to me from the garden in a pert and attentive tone and inquired as to what this amazing aroma could be that was entrancing her delicate nostrils. I thought the only thing that could be more comfortable would be the slippers that would adorn the delicate feet of my queen. Upon opening the blend it smelled so enticing, that I was tempted to eat it like sweetened, shredded coconut of my youth that mother had been saving for the cake. But I refrained. I hesitated for a moment and considered to partake in bowl of salted caramel ice cream to set the stage for the smoke I was soon to enjoy, but couldn't wait a moment longer. Loading the bowl was a pleasant, tactile adventure all its own, and whilst I was tempted to lick my fingers, I thought better of it and simply used a moist towellete. It took a few seconds before I could maintain a good, consistent burn, however once lit, this magnificent blend of tabaccos stayed smouldering with little effort for a good twenty minutes and no overabundance of puffery was required to maintain the slow burn. It retained its majestic integrity like the steady gate of a jaguar loping through the forest at dusk in search of its prey. Yes, indeed, this blend will be finding its way into my Dunhill on a regular basis and Penelope will be very pleased, of this I am quite certain.

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