About Me:
Primarily a cigar smoker for years, but am now an avid pipe smoker with a growing collection of pipes and tobaccos.

Arturo Fuente - Hemingway Best Seller
The Perfect Little Smoke
I used to keep the Short Story on hand for a quick smoke then they became hard to get due to demand so I switched to the Best Seller. I found that I appreciate the extra 10 minutes or so I get out of these. As with all the cigars in the Hemmingway series this is an exceptionally well made medium cigar, Unfortunately these are getting hard to get now, buy them when you can.

Padron - 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro Exclusivo
My go to cigar
A full bodied yet well balanced cigar, I would expect nothing less from the 1964 line of Padrons. A bit above the mid price point for most cigars but miles above in quality and flavor. Still a value at this price.

Stands & Pouches - Neal Yarm 7 Pipe Stand Tilt Head Cherry
Beautiful Stand, One small issue
As another reviewer wrote about a similar stand by Neil Yarm, these are well made and beautifully crafted stands, with one minor flaw. The cutouts on the base to hold the pipe bowl are a sharp 90 degree bore. This ultimately would have scratched my smooth finish pipes. The problem was easily rectified with some fine grit sandpaper but annoying that I should have to do this.

Padron - Serie 1926 Maduro 80th
Expensive but worth it
It's been a while since I smoked a $30 stick but this Padron did not disappoint. Fully flavored without being strong and superb construction. If you want to treat yourself to something special I highly recommend this cigar.

Regius - Maduro Toro
Wow! Incredible Smoke
This Maduro started out good and just got better and better. I smoked it down to a nub and it never got tarry or developed a bite. Strong but incredibly flavorful.

Regius - Connecticut Corona
Nice Medium Smoke
Full flavored but medium strength cigar, classic Connecticut shade wrapper flavor. Well constructed, even smoke.

Regius - Sun Grown Robusto
Great Smoke
Everything I would expect in a sun grown, strong but not overpowering, a richly flavored cigar. I smoked this robusto down to a nub and it never got harsh.

Maduro Toro

Currently Out of Stock
    Legendary: Hans Former Nielsen
  • ► Splendid article Chuck, as always. Nielsen’s story is truly one of dedication to excellence and should serve as an inspiration to everyone. It demonstrates perfectly the idea (the ideal) that it doesn’t matter what you do, be it running a country, a Fortune 500 company, driving a bus, or making pipes, that first you should have a passion for what you do and that passion will allow you to do that job better than anyone. I think my next new passion will be acquiring a Former. Maybe after that I will buy a lathe.
    Peter Falk: Columbo and Cigars
  • ► Growing up in a rural area before cable television, I remember the local NBC affiliate would show Columbo episodes every Saturday afternoon. I think over the course of several years I watched every episode. Falk’s delivery and style made an impression on me at an early age and it has stayed with me to this day.
    The History, Manufacture, and Use of Clay Pipes
  • ► Another well written and stimulating article. I'm definitely going to look into getting a clay pipe; I have been intrigued by them since I first went to Keens Steakhouse in NYC years ago, but like the writer often thought of them as too fragile. If anyone has ever been to Keens and glanced up at the ceiling they have noticed thousands of clay pipes. Keens claims the distinction of having the largest collection of churchwardens in the world. It's pretty cool, and their steaks are the best in the city in my opinion.