Jon M.

Daughters & Ryan - Rowland Gold 16oz
Fake chocolate
So here is a better review. The bag note is strong. But it says in the description that chocolate is used to smooth out any rough edges so I shouldn't have been surprised there. The tobacco itself is a good quality if you take the time to rehydrate it. The taste is a bit overwhelming because of the chocolate. I added a few pounds of natural Virginia to try and tamper the smell. So honestly if you enjoy a heavy laced tobacco Rowland is for you. Not for me. My order was messed up accidentally as my receipt says windsail but this is the first time they've made a mistake.

Daughters & Ryan - Rowland Gold 16oz
Chocolate funk
The tobacco smells of fake chocolate. It burns hot and fast. I didn't order this tobacco. I would not recommend for anyone.

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
Smoothest Burley there is
It smells like oats and honey and it burns smooth and taste great. Don't be afraid it isn't like the original. Just smooth sweet Burley

Daughters & Ryan - Windsail 16oz
First time I am pleased with d&r
The tobacco itself is fairly dry but take the time to add a bit of moisture and you get one of the finest smelling and smoothest tasting va out there. I use to buy whole leaf tobacco and shred it my self. Lemon flue cured is exactly what this smells like. Excellent tobacco

Cornell & Diehl - Bright Virginia Ribbon
Would be ok
Came very dry not as powdery as the red. Smell and taste good. Would be ok after taking the time to rehydrate

Cornell & Diehl - Red Virginia Ribbon
Would be ok if
Comes so dry it's powder smells good probably tastes good but it was just dry powder

Sutliff - 707 Sweet Virginia
Just plain
Sweet kinda not much good to say so sutliff is good most of the time

Sutliff - TS-12 Dark Fire Cured
Smell like stokkybe Amsterdam
Great smell awesome taste

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Dry and or rehydrate it's good
I only ordered an ounce so it was a little dry but gave it a try. Smokes nice. I like the little squares. Good burley and Virginia. Give it a tamp with your finger. Flavor is pure tobacco. Nice vabur.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
Burley for a sweet tooth
Nice moisture. Extremely smooth burley with a pleasant chocolate after note. Comes in a nice stringy ribbon. Not much else to say. Excellent.

Sutliff - Red Virginia Ribbon
Red Virginia by itself
It's a nice stringy ribbon that is easy to pack. I like it on its own. Burns cool with no bite. Has a very mild taste with a medium nic hit.

Newminster - No.80 Norway Pipe Cut
Like Stokkybe Norwegian
Very mild tobacco that smokes cool. Nice smooth taste with a very slight floral note. Easy to pack. Reminds me of Stokkybe Norwegian but a little better.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Ribbon Cut
Smooth burley
This is a nice smooth burley. No bite burns clean with no dampness in the bottom of your pipe. Pair it with a good va for a smooth Carter Hall.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye
If you like five brothers you might like this
I enjoyed the strong taste. Great burley for anyone who loves burley.

Daughters & Ryan - Cockstrong 3.5oz
Just too damn dry
Even after dehydrating the tobacco it just has a blah one note taste. I won't say it's ryo just blah pipe tobacco.

Low Country - Cherry
Better than the drugstore
It comes with very good moisture. The smell is very strong but I found it pleasant. It smokes cool and I found the blend being about 70 percent Virginia it has no bite. Nicotine hit not bad either. Overall good value. Added bonus my wife likes the aroma.

Low Country - Natural Virginia
Hopefully it is here to stay
I found the moisture perfect with nice tans and slightly darker browns. Good tobacco smell. Smoked by itself or blended I hope this Low Country tobacco is here to stay. The price is unbeatable for the quality.

Peter Stokkebye - PS80 Norwegian Blend
Thin ribbon with good moisture. Nice smell and taste. Price is good. Ryo or bowl all day smoke.

Daughters & Ryan - Three Sails 3.5oz
A good blender
Yes it is a mostly dry shag type but it does have a place and that is as a blending tobacco. For bowl or other try pairing this with Five brothers burley. You might be surprised at this Vabur combo.

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
Lucky Strike for your pipe or ryo
Five brothers is a nice shag cut and it usually comes with a medium moisture. The smell tobacco me is a pure oats and honey smell. I didn't find the taste all that strong but there is a good nicotine punch. But not at all in a bad way. Now I said lucky strike in your bowl that is because American tobacco was located in Louisville Kentucky i.e burley country. So if you want a quality smoke try it. Also makes a great ryo nonfiltered.

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