Brandon A.

Cornell & Diehl - Big 'n' Burley 2oz
A new development
I bought an ounce about a year ago in an effort to wade into burleys, and after the first bowl I put it away with the thought that I did not like burleys. I held onto it after reading that this blend requires a bit of time to smooth out. That is, in my opinion very true. It sat there for 1 year and 3 months and my how it has changed. It still has a slight bitterness but the taste of a butter soft nut comes through the most now. As I neared the bottom third the flavor began to shift to a very slight cocoa taste. The best way to describe it is nuts very lightly dusted with baking chocolate. The nicotine level is up there but I paced myself this time and managed to avoid that throat knot that I had experienced before. I'm an English smoker at heart (HH vintage Syrian, fusilier's ration, MM965, etc.) , but I think as an evening smoke I may have to start reaching for this more often. Also I can hardly detect the latakia and the perique is only noticed in the nose ever so faintly. But I can pick out all but the most minute additions of perique so you may not notice it. Definitely recommend giving this a go but if you're a new pipe smoker I'd hold off a year or so till you have your smoking ritual/technique refined .

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
Dang it
It's another old timer blend and I wanted to like it but it has so much topping I can't enjoy the actual tobacco. The flavoring faded out somewhere halfway down my MM Sawyer corn cob but the topping had irritated my mouth so much I could hardly taste the virginia and burley. I truly wish I could've enjoyed it and was excited when it showed up but just like any other tobacco, this isn't meant for every pipe smoker.

Cornell & Diehl - Father the Flame (Straight Up English) 2oz
Pretty good
I've gone through about a tin and a half and haven't tired of it yet. Has a soft, subtle sweet hay and figgy-ness to it with a oak fueled fired mixing in and out. It doesn't strike me as a "one bowl a day lat-bomb" but more of an all day english smoke. Not sure why the components listed includes burley, since the label doesn't list it nor do I detect it ( I'm a bit sensitive to burleys). If you like a simple english for smoking all day, this might fit the bill

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Broken Scotch Cake 50g
Not for me
It is indeed mild for a Virginia and lacks the dried fruit associated with them. What it does have is a taste of purfume and flowers. Not at all a fan of those tastes. If you are, than perhaps you'll enjoy it. It's mechanics are good and it's packed fairly moist to dry till it's the users preferred level of dryness.

Cornell & Diehl

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