Derek R.

Mac Baren - Cherry Ambrosia 3.5oz
So So
I ordered this blend only because it is a Mac Baren product. I haven't liked any cherry blends that I've tried so far and I thought this one might be different. Well, I have to say it didn't have the chemicaly cherry taste that I've experienced with others, but I also don't taste cherry at all. However, the tobacco itself is pretty good and I can smoke it all day which is why I gave it four stars. With that being said, I won't buy again after this tin is gone.

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
My First English
When I first started smoking a pipe about four years ago, I smoked only aromatics and swore that I'd never smoke an English. However, once I learned to pack my pipe correctly the whole world of tobacco opened up to me. I have been venturing out ever since and my first taste of Latakia was with a tin of Pease's Lombard which I purchased a few weeks ago. It was so good that I decided that I'd venture out a little and try a mild English and since Chelsea Morning fit the bill I bought a tin last week but waited until Saturday morning to try it. So, this morning I loaded up my Kaywoodie Prince and fired it up. Dammit, I guess I'm an English smoker now! I have been smoking it all day and can say I will definitely keep it in stock and cellar some away as well. I guess my wishlist is expand by quite a lot.

G. L. Pease - Lombard 2oz
It Surprised Me!
I'm a fairly new pipe smoker and I have gone from strictly aros to Virginias and Burleys but I was intrigued by this blends description as a gentle introduction to Latakia. So, I took a chance and ordered a tin. When I opened it, I was put off by the tin note of BBQ ribs and I was sure I'd take two puffs and in the trash it would go. Boy, was I ever wrong! From the char light to the bottom of the bowl, I was in love with this blend. In fact, I have smoked it every day for two weeks and I'm still not tired of it. I will definitely keep it in stock in my cellar.

Super Value - Natural Cavendish 1.5oz
I was very surprised by how good this tobacco is for the price. I bought one pouch just to try and after smoking it up ended up buying a 12 oz bag. I will always keep this on hand.

Cornell & Diehl - Gentleman Caller 2oz
I am a new pipe smoker and trying to wean myself off of the goopy cased aromatics. So, since this one didn't say it was flavored with anything, and I was intrigued by the deertongue, I gave it a shot. WOW! Not only is it a flavorful smoke but everyone comments about the aroma. The taste, to me, is sort of an earthy, grassy, organic flavor that I was looking for an dthe perique is very scintillating. Every time I order a new tobacco. I order a tin of this and cellar it. I am holding off on smoking anymore for awhile because when I do one it, I smoke nothing else and since it does ghost my pipes a little I need to give ethem a break while I try some others.

CAO - Moontrance 50g
I ordered this tobacco after I had smoked a tin of the cigarillos of the same flavor. Then, I smoked a tin of Eileen's Dream. I was eager to try the Moontrance pipe tobacco expecting the same amazing taste experience. However, I was disappointed that the pipe tobacco doesn't compare to the cigars. It has a great time note and subtle room note but the flavor, for me, just isn't there. It isn't a bad smoke, I was just expecting a more flavorful experience. I won't throw it out but I probably won't replace it either.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
These light tasting tobaccos all seem the same to me. I didn't find this blend to be superior to Carter Hall. That is not to say that it is bad, just that it isn't great. I don't think I'll keep this in rotation. If I want a light smoke I'll probably just stick with CH.

Lane Limited

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