Christopher D.

AJ Fernandez - Enclave Broadleaf Robusto
Great taste
Great snap of spice off the light. This is a great cigar. That bitter dark chocolate and a little cinnamon undertone. Not boisterous cigar, but very pleasing. Get yourself some of These with some coffee, iced Coffee, a good beer or nice rum and you'll be set. Just Sayin.

Newminster - No.80 Norway Pipe Cut
Classic Pipe Tobacco
This is a straight forward tobacco. Very well balanced. The flavours of each come through softly. Not harsh at all. The smell reminds of my grandfathers and my Dad having a pipe going. Enjoyed it in a Meershaum, briar and especially a cob. Get some and take it for a test drive. Just Sayin.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Bogie
What love tastes like.
When you light this rope up, you can automatically taste the time and effort that the folks at Gawith & Hoggarth & Co. put into this product. Big flavour, big smoke. The natural sweetness does come out. If you're unsure, just start with half a bowl or even less. It's very satisfying. There is some strength to it, but if you take your time, it wont be an issue. Great taste, great aroma. This is a fun Tabacco. Get some and take it for test drive. Just sayin.

Carlos Torano - The Brick Torpedo
I heard bad things about the original brick, so I wasn't gonna give this a second look. Ended up reading a few reviews and thought I'd grab a few. Iys decent. Decent draw though I wouldn't mind a little more resistance. By the halfway point the flavours started to develop more. Decent cigar especially for the price. I'll definitely grab some more. Get yourself some and judge for yourself. Just sayin.

Lane Limited - Vanilla Black Cavendish
Great Aroma
It was like smoking dessert. It would've received 5/5 if it was cut differently. I also had to dry it out for a few hours. Not a big deal though. Smoked very well after drying it out and great flavours goin on. My fiance didn't give me hell for the smoke going in her face. You'll find yourself getting this just for the room note. Go get some and enjoy your dessert. Just sayin.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Good Balance
They definitely hit the bull's-eye with this. Crumbled two coins and smoke away. Great flavours. Always love when the blenders find a balance. I did find I had to nurse it a bit, but nothing major. Smokey BBQ meets Brown sugar. If you get this, make sure you get plenty, cause you'll want more. Just sayin

Asylum - 13 Authentic Corojo 50 x 5
A decent attempt
This one I found needed to warm through the 1st third. The 2nd third this had some Honduran flavours. The final 3rd I was done. I love Hondurans, but this one wasn't up to my expectations. Good smoke output, but really only enjoyed the middle. Try it out,you could have a different experience. Just sayin.

Sampler Packs - CAO Gold Sampler (4 Pack)
Great Aroma
Was at a wedding reception and people couldn't stop themselves from sniffing the gold maduro. It was comical. I was constantly asked about it. It's a great pack to have in the humidor. Both types, gold and gold maduro are great mellow sticks. Get a pack, if you have one already, get another. Just sayin.

Asylum - 13 Ogre 50 x 5
A delicious accident
This fella was sent with my order by mistake. Glad it happened. This was incredible. It wasn't too strong, but the strength did build up by the end. Lasted me so long. I hadn't puffed on it for about two minutes, so it went out. Not a problem to relight. The flavour was tremendous through the entire stick. If you like a stronger cigar that has what I would say is full bodied, get.......this......cigar. Just sayin.

Punch - Gran Puro Santa Rita
Punch are one of my favourites. Especially the Gran Puro Santa Rita. I love this cigar. Put a bunch away for a few years and you'll love what happens. I'd tell ya but don't wanna spoil it for ya. Just sayin.

Ashton - Benchmade Robusto
Good back up
Good construction. Good amount of smoke. Good draw. Good flavour. This is a good stick. Test drive one, can't go wrong for the price. Just sayin.

Don Pepin Garcia - Cuban Classic 1979 Robusto
A Nice Stick
A nice black peppery flavour but not too peppery. Good balance, good room notes. Definitely one to put in your humidor. Take one for a test drive. Just sayin.

Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
Not strong
This is not a strong flake. It's a good smoke, smooth and a good amount of billowing smoke. I think it would've been strong had they backed off with the sweetness. The sweet is dominant I find. Good flavours just too sweet to carry the name "Dark Strong Kentucky. " The smoke flavour I get is nice, just not enough. Take it for a spin and you be the judge. Just sayin.

Lane Limited - Partagas 1.75oz
A fun smoke
Yep, I have fun smoking this. I didn't find it overpowering. It billows out of the pipe the way I think a tobacco should. The occasional kiss of sweetness gives it a balance. Definitely will be more in my future. Get some and take it for a spin and have fun with it. Just sayin

Lane Limited - Cohiba 1.75oz
I will admit that I had my hopes up a bit for this one. It's an aromatic. I forgot I had it, what's that say about it? It's a gentle smoker I find. A little sweetness to it and a soft aroma. It's good, but I'd leave it at that. Just sayin.

Lane Limited - Punch 1.75oz
Well done!
Gave it a sniff, liked it. I filled a pipe and had at it. This was a very well seasoned campfire. Absolutely loved it. I found the Latakia front and center along with a great supporting cast. I see more in my future.

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