McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 100g
It impresses me more despite not knocking my socks off.
I dare say this blend impresses me because it did not knock my socks off. It is complex in its simplicity. I have tried it in a few pipes, briar and cob, and the result is the same. Upon first puff, it was bland. My very first impression was of disappointment. But that disappointing blandness lasts only for the first 1/10 of the bowl. The more you smoke it, the better it becomes. Like a movie or a novel, once you get past the dull introduction you are hooked by what is truly a deep blend. Not impressive in a wow factor but impressive in a more subtle way, which is why I dare say it is better than a holy moly this is amazing tobacco that would only be smoked on special occasions. If this were a meal, it'd be a pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of fresh from the garden vegetables. Hearty. Not fancy 5 star dining but comfort food. This is comfort tobacco. And the comfort is much more impressive for me than a wow factor blend.

McClelland - Collector: Wilderness 50g
It is worth trying but not rebuying. EDIT better than I first thought.
I got this due to the advertising. Nice picturesque landscape and a name like Wilderness will have me curious to try. I tried it. I will not buy it again. It is not that it is an offensive blend. I do not regret purchasing this. It is just simply a boring, forgetable blend. Not mild, but bland. Like a McDonald's quarter pounder. I will finish it eventually, but the tin is going to be ignored because it simply has no flavour to it. It does burn well, no bite, and it seems to be of quality tobacco. But quality grade means nothing if it is dull. I will give credit where credit is due though. If you want an all day smoke, this may fit the bill and you should try it for yourself. For me, this smokes almost as though I am merely drawing on an empty pipe. I feel the smoke but do not taste it. Disappointing but not upset. EDIT It seems this blend has grown on me like a fungus and now I am unsure what to think of it. My palate has adjusted to the subtle flavours and now I think it is quite enjoyable. It is light and mellow for sure, but it does have some pleasant flavour once you get used to it. I may end up getting more, as well as trying Legend.

Dunhill - Flake 50g
My first flake.
After attempting various ways to pack this flake, which is my first flake, into my pipe, I find the fold and stuff method suitable for my needs. Upon opening the square tin, the strips of tobacco flake are presented like small strips of tree bark or leather. It smells shockingly delicious and edible. Like the fruit roll ups I ate as a child. Must be the tartness of Virginias. Packed in my pipe and it has a zesty, citrus flavour like some sort of tart. Not just tartness, though. No. It has a baked lemon tart feel to it. Some sort of bread or dough is being detected on my palate that, while faint, is there. I will be trying other flakes. I like this. I dare say I will venture out to more flaked tobacccos now that my virginity is broken.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Good all day smoke.
While this is not necessarily complex, it is flavourful and enjoyable. A simple, enjoyable tobacco that has a suitable name. I have smoked this throughout the day, but in the morning, after breakfast with coffee, outside in the chill end of winter Canadian air, this tobacco just works. Give it a try while you can.

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
My introduction to latakia
I am new to this and have always been curious about English blends. Picked this up and thought I'd give it a try. Smells nice on opening. It reminds me of something, savoury. Like some meat dish or meat stew. Bit of olive as well. I can say that since trying more English blends, I think this is the note I am getting from the latakia. I do so thoroughly enjoy it. Packed in the pipe and it lit well. My palate is ignorant on picking out the various latakia, orientals and other tobaccos. I am, however, thoroughly enjoying this. Sadly, I found out not long after that Dunhill will be ceasing production of its tobaccos. What a confusing shame. I recommend this overall, and will say that for someone curious about English blends or a newbie like me, this is good. It does not suffer the mellowness that the tobaccos recommended to me suffer from. Yeah, I may be new but I do want some flavour. Unoffensive can be offensively boring. I have since tried Early Morning Pipe and just ordered Frog Morton Cellar and Mclellan Wilderness.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
It's okay, but not worth the price I paid.
I paid almost 40 Canadian dollars for 2oz of this, so my review is gonna be biased. For the price on here it's worth trying but not making regular unless you like it. Did not realize it was an aromatic. Bought in Ontario where you can't see the tins behind the counter. Okay, it says red cavendish aromatic when I got it home. I don't mind aromatics. Popped the tin and was greeted with maple syrup and pancakes. Reminds me of a campfire breakfast. I like it so far, but does it smoke good? It smokes okay at best. Not much tobacco flavour but a bit. But the campfire breakfast taste is of cheap Aunt Jemima pancakes and artificial maple syrup. Worst off, it clashed and overpowers the natural tobacco. I can say I did enjoy it at times when I was craving it, but it is just not worth buying again. Below average. Not bad, but not good.

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