Thomas D.

McClelland - 403 - Darkest Chocolate
Delicious stuff
I really liked this, and will be ordering a bit more to keep on hand. This is a super relaxing, sweet, creamy, chocolate pipe tobacco. I enjoyed it in a MM Country Gentleman

Nording - Hunter Blend: Labrador 50g
Very Pleasant smoke
The tin note is straight hazlenut coffee. The taste is very subdued, but present. Overall a pleasant smoke. I think it would be great with a cup of coffee on a cool morning, out on the porch.

Lane Limited - Wild Hare 1.75oz
Very generic vanilla blend
I'm a fan of vanilla blends, but Wild hare didnt really impress me that much. the flavor was super subtle, and started to taste ashy halfway through the bowl. No bite, but just not the flavor I was looking for. Cute tin art.

Dan Tobacco - Buddies 100g
If you like tang...
This is super orange/citrus flavored. Bit a little bit too. I wish it was a smaller tin, as I didnt care for it and felt bad about chucking it.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
A bit...soapy?
I will admit I'm a solid aro smoker, I'm never too impressed with the harsh smells of english blends. I decided to give FMC a shot because many people said it was a good "crossover" blend for people who normally smoke aros to get into englishes. It wasn't the worst thing, but the flavor came off a little bit soapy for some reason.

Stanwell - Melange 50g
Very nice but smoke slow
This tobacco liked a bit of drying time out of the tin. The tin note and flavor were fantastic, but if smoked too fast, I got a little bit of a bite.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Deep Hollow 50g
One of my favorites
I love Deep Hollow in the fall time. The tin note reminds me of the leaves on a forrest floor, and going on hikes. Brings me right back to my childhood. The taste was similar to the tin note, a nice gentle relaxing pipe.

BriarWorks - Peach Cobbler 2oz
I got barely any flavor from this at all. The tin (jar?) note was really nice, so I was really hoping the flavor would follow, but all I got was hot air.

Captain Black - Royal 1.5oz
My favorite OTC blend
Royal is my favorite CB blend, and I'd go even further to say it's my favorite OTC blend. It's so creamy and tasty. I keep this one around all the time.

Captain Black - Grape 1.5oz
Not too bad
This is one of those tobaccos that I reach for when I can't decide what I'm in the mood for. Pouch note reminds me a lot of grape Big League Chew gum. I haven't noticed any bite, and the pouch I got wasn't goopy, it could be smoked right out of the bag. I can't say that I'd cellar this or keep a bunch on hand, but it's a nice return to childhood every now and then.

Captain Black
Grape 1.5oz

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Melange 50g

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Craftsbury: Deep Hollow 50g

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Compass Brown Grain Partially Rusticated

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Saint Nicholas 2017 (321) (6mm)

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Vittoria (8320)

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Dry System Rusticated (620) (6mm)

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Vittoria (8111)

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