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Daughters & Ryan - Windsail Platinum 16oz
Windsail Platinum is GREAT !!
Having been a fan of "3-Castles" brand gold-leaf, fine-cut for MANY years, I switched to Amer.Spirit (light blue pouch/can) for several years after "3-C" became unavailable. That was my standard for about 6 years, but cost became prohibitive. If you are looking for something 'similar' to either of those tobaccos, this here is a wonderful replacement! I am VERY pleased with D&R Windsail Platinum! It has a nice, mild smoking flavor, with very light hints of cherry & oak. Package came with product perfectly cured, excellent moisture content (not dried-out as 'Steve K.' wrote in his review) and my ziplock-type bag still holds up fine. Room Note: earthy with a hint of baked-bread. Highly recommended for those who like to blend pipe tobaccos AND for those who occasionally like to roll.

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