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G. L. Pease - Regents Flake 2oz
Second chance!
When I first open the 2year old tin of this I loved the smell of it but it wouldn't translate to the smoke so I let it go for a month tried it nothing let it go for another two months and voila it came alive! beautiful smoke one of the special Pease stuff!p.s.make sure you have time when you smoke this cause it took me over 1hour to finish a bowl with my tea

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Black Locust 2oz
I didn't get a chance of getting any either but its ok ill make my own kinda,i'm going to buy a tin of c&d Bijou which has honey and pretty much the tobaccos that are in sun bear and i'm going to add 5 drops of casa amigo tequila and voila!Close enough i believe but even if it isn't still going to taste good as f...k so chill my fellow pipe smokers and make your own version of sun bear!I'm even going to baptize it ready for it Tequilajou!!!

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 8oz
Summer picnic!
I'm not going to talk to you about the properties of each tobacco in this one the only thing i am going to tell you is that this is a wonderful summer blend and i'm buying a pound to age!Delicious flake that rubs out easily smokes great with a little drying time maybe 20-30 min.To the pipe smoking community,i can't recommend this enough for the summer time!

G. L. Pease - Key Largo 8oz
I hate cigars!!!
With that being said i wasn't going to buy this.The reason i did buy a couple tins of this is because a couple of my friends smoke cigars and i wanted to have something for them to enjoy.After it breathes for a month or so the flavor comes out on this one and it's good it's really good and with alcohol is a great companion. I'm buying more to cellar.Go for it guys but don't judge it from your first try like i said let it breathe in its tin for a month after you open it make your self an alcoholic beverage and plan a trip to Florida!

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
It quiets the nights for sure!
I almost screwed this one up!This tobacco or this tin anyway came pretty wet and i didn't give it enough drying time and i was fighting with it and i couldn't get any flavor out of it! i must say that i did that mistake like four five times making me think that it was awful until i took some out just enough to fill a pipe and i forgot it for a couple hours and i thought to my self that this is the last chance i give to this.Wow was i wrong this tobacco speaks to me and it's going on top of my rotation, i will buy a pound or two to age since all the g.l.pease and cornell diehl tobaccos are always so young because of the demand.

Starter Kits - Highway Nine Rusticated Starter Kit Straight
If I would tell you that it's a Peterson or any other brand you wouldn't be able to tell,don't be scared grab one!

G. L. Pease - Blackpoint 2oz
This is it!
I decided to make this my regular smoke!It's good with tea(no sugar just a little honey,getting older)and excellent with scotch!For me an ex Dunhill smoker this is waaaayyyy better!

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
It's getting better every time i smoke it!
Like all tobacco this one is getting better with time!for me the way it tastes after a few months sitting in its tin(just mason jarred it)it's at'least for my taste buds one of the best tobaccos i have smoked and i would buy couple on my next order to cellar for the most wonderful times of the year!

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
I don't know.
I don't know why i like this tobacco because although i know whats in the mix( i saw the video on you tube) i can't pin this one down to what i'm tasting but it works.I like this tobacco and i don't mind smoking it from Thanksgiven to Christmas and maybe till the cold is done!

Cornell & Diehl - Cross-Eyed Cricket 2oz
say whaaaaaattttttttt
so this is how this went,i haven't smoke a bowl for 30 plus min.before!i thought that didn't exist and it happen people not only it smokes the best than any tobacco i have ever smoked it tastes great too!what a smoke!!!!

Vauen - Auenland 50g
this is the best aromatic
I'm a traditionally English smoker or Dunhill smoker if you like I don't care really for aromatic tobaccos but this is fantastic if you have a sweet tooth it's an occasional master piece and whoever a gave this to try at a party that I had in my back yard was amazed although they were not pipe smokers!this must be the best aromatic out there

G. L. Pease - Stonehenge Flake 2oz
I'm an English smoker but this is something special it's not your everyday all day smoke but your special occasion smoke!when you having a Catalina wine mixer at your back yard with your friends this is what you get out for everyone to smoke and remember for ever!I'm buying more to cellar for special occasions,like I said it's special you won't be disappointed!

Dunhill - My Mixture BB1938 50g
for everyone!
No matter what your in to aromatic,virginia,English or whatever!you have to fill a bowl of this during your everyday rotation I think it's wonderful!I think the simplicity in this one is what makes it great,sometimes you don't have to complicate things!

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton 100g
Light tasteless tobacco!maybe good for a mixture with an aromatic blend which is probably what I'm gonna do so I don't waste it!if you want to try the frog try the cellar pipe one it's great!

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
so far my favorite!
I don't want to say it's the best English blend because you have to try them all in order to say this is it!but so far from the ones I tried this is it!

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 100g
great if you mix!
Beautiful aroma great flavor but for me to make it happen I had to mix it with dmp it needed a little more england in it!as soon as I did that the flavor came out like crazy!fantastic for my rotation through out the day!as must buy I agree with the masses!

G. L. Pease
Blackpoint 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Golden Days of Yore 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Stonehenge Flake 2oz

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