Steve F.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Still my favorite Aromatic
I've been smoking pipes for 30 years and I was raised on high quality English tobaccos by a man who preached that aromatic tobaccos should NEVER pollute the bowl of any pipe. I decided to try smoking an aromatic tobacco, after smoking only English tobaccos for 20+ years, because I finally listened to my friends who would move away from me when I brought out my pipe, after a social dinner. I purchased some Lane 1Q and when I lit one of my un-smoked pipes that I had packed with this highly touted aromatic, my friends who had already started moving their chairs to the other side of the veranda, suddenly started asking me what that "WONDERFUL" smell was and to a man, they all moved much closer to me than was almost comfortable. Needless to say, I knew how to be pleasing to my friends now but what about my OWN satisfaction? From the first bowl to my 75th bowl, Lane 1Q has been nothing but satisfying in every way. No... it doesn't compare to an English tobacco, but it never SHOULD be compared to one because it is a completely different tobacco. To make an already too long story a bit shorter, I can tell you that when my wife asks me what I want for Christmas, I tell her I would like a pound or two of Lane 1Q. I'll also say that I feel the thrill of my childhood when I see my Christmas stocking bulging with my very favorite aromatic tobacco, which is perfect for smoking while everyone else unwraps their presents and constantly comments about how wonderful the room smells because of the pipe I'm smoking.

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