Nicholas D.

Stands & Pouches - Brigham 1 Pipe Bag Combo Pouch Vintage
Very Impressed!
Best single pipe pouch ever! I was skeptical at first, because there were no reviews, so I took a shot. I am very pleased with this purchase. The leather is durable but soft. There is a small sleeve on the backside of the pouch (not pictured) that holds 6 or so pipe cleaners. I'm able to fit my pipe tool, lighter, and fold-able pipe stand in the front pocket. The zipper top pouch will hold more than 1.5 ounces of tobacco. My favorite part is the zipper compartment for the pipe. I currently have a Savinelli tandem 112 (short stem) in there and it fits perfectly. I have also carried a Savinelli 602 and a 606 KS to give you an idea of the pipe compartment size. The nice thing about the pipe compartment is the soft teeth on the zipper. The teeth are small and rounded so you don't scratch your pipe. The zipper has a cloth flap that comes together when its closed so it does not rub the finish off the pipe in transit. I am very happy I decided to purchase this pouch and I hope this review helps anyone who may be on the fence.

Mac Baren
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