Dan Tobacco - Black Velvet 250g
You gotta try this!
This is a tobacco that delivers on the flavor notes described. Taste of Guinness and the crisp kind of tang you'd expect from a taste of champagne. One of the things I like to do (with all tobaccos ive tried so far) is to test the different flavor ranges from how aggressive you go from sipping to puffing. Black Velvet seems to deliver fun twists along the way. On the slower sips where the bowl is burning in the cooler mellow range of the ember, I taste the sweetness and tangy zest of the champagne notes. When I get a little more agressive to rebuild the heat or keep the ember more alive along with tamping, the Latakia seems to give the deep base you'd expect from a pint of Guinness with that dark roasty quality. The transformation in between is what makes the fun. You can practically range your flavor preferences accordingly I've found with that style. Absolutely no penalty on relights as it seems to brighten everything back up again. Some drying time may be needed based on personal desire for the behavior in the bowl. This just seems to get better bowl after bowl. Enough said. Try it for yourself and see!

Low Country - Cooper 2oz
Again, well done Low Country! Great smoke in the evening when a nice drink and proper time on your hands is in effect. No bite at all to me and flavors came through in different strengths whether sipped or puffed. Will order again and again!

Low Country - Waccamaw 2oz
Damn Good Smoke!
What an outstanding blend! I really enjoy the way the flavors come together for something smooth and a taste all it's own. Well done!

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