Andrew M.

Lane Limited - 1-Q 1.75oz
I can't believe how good it is
This pipe tobacco is just so damned tasty. It's mild, easy to smoke and smells wonderful. It has a nice light toasted flavor, that pairs great with a young highland scotch or any bourbon. It's just easy going. While I like stronger aros, this is just a great, always the same, never surprised you tobacco

Lane Limited - 1-Q
I almost can't believe it
This is a phenomenal tobacco. I bought this based on reviews and the notes seemed close to a local blend I enjoy... Well I was so shocked to find that 1-Q beats my local blends pants off. The local belnd is more bitey and not as smooth as this. This is just a good, classic tobacco that anyone can enjoy!

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Jekyll & Hyde (B10) Fishtail

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Creme Brulee

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