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Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear 2oz
A delicacy of a smoke!
Tin note: cinnamon and clove. Fermented prune. Very sweet and fruity. Gorgeous semi- broken flake. Golden toasted almond brown with deep walnut and mahogany hues; very attractive. Came a bit wet but not bad… definitely not on the level of say a Samuel Gawith tin. Took a little coaxing to get lit. Stays lit well. First light: a little flash of harshness giving way to a very full smoky mouth feel. The honey hits with intensity: sweet, rich and somewhat dark. Red Virginia shows its maturity and rounded smoothness. Brights are crisp and go well with the sophisticated bouquet of the delicate accent leaves. The orientals lend Mediterranean flavor and aroma: sweet, floral; exotic and pungent. The warm spiciness is unique. It coats the tongue and is dry in the mouth. It doesn't sting say on a retrohale the way perique does. It is more of a subtle tingle on the middle of the palette and the tongue when the ember hits a pocket of Basma/Izmir. I wouldn't smoke this all day. It's more of a delicacy blend. It is so very rich and complex. It takes focus and intention to really enjoy. It's a contrast to a Orlik or PS Luxury Flake or Squadron Leader. I could pack bowl after bowl of these while enjoying a late afternoon in the sun with friends. Sun Bear asks to be experienced in solitude with few thoughts. It should be savored and consumed with meditative consciousness. It's perfect and lamentable in its rarity. The rareness of the aged oriental leaves. The rarity of the limited production. The singularity of its profile. There is no other blend to compare it. It stands quite alone. It is a beautiful blend. It is one I will enjoy slowly over many years. I'm certain it will continue to elevate itself unimaginably the older it becomes. Bravo C&D. Bravo Mr. Reeves.

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
fresh it's one of the best...aged...whoa!
5 month old Sixpence: quite good. Well made baked goods. A little spicy. A little sweet. Rich and complex with layers of dark flavor. Hints of bbq from the Kentuckys. The perique is really there for me. It fits in to my top choices. A real treat. 5 yr Sixpence: all the above but so smooth. Fresh artisanal croissant comes in. It's perfectly balanced. It has more levels of subtly and loses some complexity for a much more unified profile. The Virginias are incredible. The perique smooths out and loses any harshness. Every year of age makes it into a tobacco of a whole other class. Overall it's awesome from its packaging and turns celestial with age! I'm cellaring as many tins of it as I can. I can't wait for the coming years with this blend.

G. L. Pease - Penny Farthing 2oz
Age might make it good
After a handful of bowls in 3 different pipes designated to my VaPers… I'm not impressed. It starts off nicely with a balance of warm dark chocolate baked goods and a hint of spice. I get a little sourdough and sweet hay per usual from the Virginia's. The flavors are many; it's definitely a melange of different tastes. The thing is, as it gets going it starts to get a bit convoluted. The complexity seems to be out of balance. The further into the bowl, all the flavors start mixing up. All I get is a kind of sweet kinda bitter kinda spicy kinda smoky kinda blah profile. I can tell all the right ingredients are there but they don't play well. Its like a battle in my pipe and all I get is the charred remains of what was once a beautiful blend. It might be the cut. I think maybe if it was a ribbon or a flake it might behave better. It might be the ratios: they seem a bit off. All that said I'm going to get a few more tins to age and revisit Penny~Farthing in a year or so.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
Harsh and Bitter
I liked this blend for the first 5 minutes of the bowl. It starts off really nice with rich flavor, smokiness and mild spice… then it all goes muddled harshness and takes on a dry vegatal quality. The perique takes center stage and merges with the burley to quickly dominate the entire profile of the smoke. The latakia whispers every once in a while but never has a chance to shine for long. Halfway into the bowl it transitions into a bitter "bad cigar" like mouth feel and taste. The nicotine is a bit much towards the end to the point the juice just isn't worth the squeeze. I don't mind a stronger kicking but this just seems like getting suckerpunched for no good reason. After a half dozen bowls I'm not a fan of this blend. I know lots of people enjoy Bayou Night. I'm gonna reach out to my pipe smoker friends to see if anyone might want some free tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
A Perfect VaPer
Wow! This is instantly my favorite Virginia-Perique. 25% Perique is the perfect ratio. On my very first bowl it lit without any trouble. It starts out rather mild and builds and builds as I get deeper into it. The flavor is slightly sweet with moments of distinct sugar and subtle peppery spice. It smokes cool and maintains an even mouth feel; never flaring up into too much intensity... not to say it isn't intense. It has depth and intensity of taste in a way that is blissful and completely satisfying. I've been smoking it in the evening with a glass of single malt which I've found to be the right pairing. It's a rare tobacco that burns excellently all the way to the end leaving fine whitish gray ash and minimal dottle. I only ordered an ounce to try it out but I'll definitely be getting much more to smoke through the hot summer afternoons and evenings. It's Va/per season for me and Bayou Morning is my new all day blend! this ...stuff!!!

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