Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Special Reserve Flake 2oz
Reserve? Sure why not ?!
Seattle pipe club releases are like Christmas. The tobacco is a present that Nana knit you herself. It’s an amazing present . However she made you the same thing in a different color last Christmas, and on your birthday…and on Easter . It doesn’t matter to you though. You love it when Nana knits you things, but Nana’s a little senile, and you are pretty sure she is always drunk . You don’t care though , Nana knits the best stuff , even if it’s all pretty much a variation on the same thing. Uncle Bobby, on the other hand, he is getting really pissed about getting the same present from Nana . He punched uncle Dave in the face and is yelling about how Nana’s knitting was better before she started knitting the same thing over and over for more and more people . Uncle Bobby thinks that Nana is overextending her business model and using marketing to push her product rather then relying on quality and integrity... You just think that Nana makes a really good knit hat…Don’t be uncle Bobby.

Savinelli - 145th Anniversary 2oz
Familiar and wonderful
Fig Newtons. Yep. That’s it. Fig Newtons.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Special Reserve Flake 2oz
Why not , another version of Plum Pudding.
Once upon a time a group of hipsters in the great state of Washington established a club . In this club the hipsters would grow beards, wear flannel ,and smoke pipes. It just so happened that one of these bearded west coast lumber-sexuals was born a tobacco making genius . After some time being a pipe smoking , flannel wearing , beard growing , tobacco blending genius he got around to creating a blend called Plum Pudding. It was good . One of the best “all day” smokes some might say . So as with all wonderful things if a little is good, more must be better, and a ton of it should be a good place to start while you look for more. So now we have a few versions of this wonderful blend. If you really like one of them , chances are you are going to like all of them ... OR you are just one of those cranky people that say they only like the original ; but only the way they used to make it. You don’t think it’s the same anymore. Because you can never be happy . Plum Pudding can’t even make you happy. Because you are dead inside.

Cobblestone - Indulge Cherry Delight 1.5oz
It’s a good Aromatic
If you like English blends the thought of smoking an aromatic pipe tobacco that claims to be reminiscent of cherry pie is the equivalent of vaping that fruit-loop stuff the kids seem to like. However, if you do like smoking English Blends at home, maybe even in a favorite chair, sometimes it’s best to smoke a tobacco with a pleasant room note from time to time. That is if you like your roommates or your spouse. If you like your current relationships ,this could potentially be the companion placating blend for you. The tin note is of red fruit and the sweet breadiness of cookies. Once you light it up the smoking experience is not offensive for the first 3/4 of the bowl, which if you ask me ( and you didn’t ) puts this aromatic in the top 95% of its peers. The room note is TOP notch, and is the reason you should be buying this blend. Smoke this once a week and your wife may let you smoke that full English that makes the room smell like a structure fire.

Filters & Adaptors - White Elephant 9mm Charcoal Filters (40 Count)
Does the job.
Good airflow . Keeps the smoke dry . Plus, there is an Elephant on the box. Who doesn’t like elephants? ...Commies... That’s who.

Esoterica - Pembroke 8oz
Pembroke;Will it drive you mad?
Esoterica’s rarity is both disappointing and annoying. It’s nearly pointless to read this review of Pembroke , it’s not as if anything written will inform any of your buying decisions. You simply buy ANY Esoterica blends if they are available. Whatever Esoterica blend you smoke there will no doubt in your mind afterward of how absolutely fine the tobacco is. However, beware, you will notice a slow but unmistakeable descent into madness. Do you smoke it all at once and pretend, for a brief moment, that Esoterica is your all day, everyday smoke ? Do you horde and save it forever , just in case of...something ? The company that produces this next level tobacco is either run by morons or people that passionately hate you. The latter being the most likely. The Dr. Strange level wizards that conjure up the blends of Esoterica are on top of quality . Yet, they seem to ignore things like demand , or maybe even modern shipping practices. It is as if they just push this stuff off the shores of England to float to the States with only the aid of the trade winds...If you are, by some chance, still reading this for a clue of how the Pembroke blend is , the answer is- good. Very good. The nose out of bag the bag is of the wine grapes that made the cognac that top the blend. The sweet and sour umami sent is a promise of the wonderful things to come. A soft , smooth, but full smoke . Lots of subtle spice, leather, and wood. It might take you a few months to years to appreciate these things because of the bitterness. Your bitterness. The bitterness that you have because you ONLY got Pembroke , instead of Penzance...Maybe the English are still fighting the American war of independence, slowly eroding our will down with psychological warfare. I fear it may be working.

Sutliff - Eastfarthing 1.5oz
Eastfarthing, unoriginal, in the best way
I am almost uncomfortable spending the entirety of this review of Eastfarthing talking exclusively about Frog Morton. Almost. The reality is that the only reasonable reason for interest in this blend is that you miss that poor dead little green bastard so much that you are still looking for his replacement more then half a decade after his passing. Yet, you have most likey forgotten what you are replacing as you throw another empty tin of Plum Pudding over your shoulder. The memory of Frog Morton being plentiful is a painfully delicious bit of nostalgia that many pipe smokers wallow in. Some fans of the defunct brand even have a tin laying around that they pick up and look at, just to feel it in their hands. If this happens with you, you likely find yourself grasping at your unopened precious from 2015 WAY too much. Despite this, unhealthy, love affair with Frog Morton, It is often forgotten that the popular Frog was an 11 dollar tin, who’s topping “magically” never dried out, even though you will swear it was made using only the best ingredients and the oldest of tobacco making processes. The “ you” of ten years ago would punch the “you” of four years ago right in the face for even considering paying 100 bucks for a tin on eBay. The “you” of today has become so throughly demented that you are livid that eBay’s tobacco ban won’t allow you to spend 500 on a wiff of it right now. You silly, love sick , SOB. There will never be a replacement for THE Frog. Nope, not for you. You don’t miss the tobacco. You miss the experience of pulling the tab on a fresh can after buying 3 for 30. You miss your first all day smoke, every day smoke. Most of all, you miss falling in love for the first time. That only happens once , you hopeless romantic. Even if we went into Frog Morton’s cellar, dug him out of the ground, and brought him back to life, it would still not be enough. You put that Frog on a pedestal so high up he wouldn’t survive the fall in 0 gravity. HOW-EV-ER, IF you are actually looking for the closest blend you can get to the original Frog Morton. Eastfarthing is the blend to try . It is BY FAR the closest tasting blend to Frog Morton I have had post Frog-Mortem. It is markedly sweeter though, the vanilla topping is easily picked out by the smoker and whomever may be close to your puffing. It is a pleasant room note. It still hits all the favor stops and burns through the bowl in the same way as your old mainstay. It is a fun, unpretentious, uncomplicated tobacco...Uncomplicated, you remember, like you used to be, before you had a pipe rotation for every hour of Christmas Day.

Tom Eltang
Smooth Elephant's Foot with Bamboo (Snail)

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Eastfarthing 1.5oz

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Samuel Gawith
Navy Flake 50g

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Samuel Gawith
Squadron Leader 50g

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St. Ives 8oz

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Penzance 8oz

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Samuel Gawith
Full Virginia Flake 50g

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