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Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
very close to the Cloud Hopper cigar
the Cloud Hopper cigar is one of my favorite Warped cigars. creamy,'s excellent and they are pretty cheap. I smoked my first bowl of this last night and I was blown away at how much it manages to capture the same flavors as the cigar. it's like they got to the same solution with slightly different math, if that makes sense. the sweetness from this is more dark fruit than the cigar, and there's almost a Red Hots cinnamon flavor at the back end. very little to no bite. I immediately wanted to fire up another bowl, but it was late. and the aftertaste stayed in my mouth for the next hour and was extremely pleasant. burn was great, as well. glad I got 2 cans. hate that I only got 2 cans, haha.

Sampler Packs - La Flor Dominicana Chisel Selection (5 Pack)
Cameroon Cabinet
haven't smoked any of the other cigars in this pack, but the Cameroon Cabinet is one of my favorite cigars. and the Chisel is such a unique smoking experience. I like using the double punch for these, meaning a punch on the top and bottom of the chisel.

Curivari - Buenaventura Cremas C100
luxuriant creaminess
another Curivari blend that has popped up while I wasn't paying attention. these Buenaventura Cremas are excellent. from the first light, the creaminess of this cigar is luxurious and stays so until the end. pretty much a one note cigar, but that one note is glorious. great first smoke or with a coffee. here's the skinny on the sizes: when I first ordered these, I ordered the next size up (C300), but received these C100's instead. though, I only figured that out on a second order where I ordered more C300's, but got a larger cigar than the first order. I also ordered 2 of the Cremas Torpedos. the C100's are preeminent vitola for the Buenaventura Cremas. the C300's size takes a bit of the creaminess away, but still smokes OK and taste pretty good. the Torpedo vitola was definitely my least favorite of these. the draw and burn weren't great which made me have to smoke it a bit faster which, for such a mellow cigar, really took away from that aspect. I'm glad I got the C100's by accident the first time, because if I'd only had the C300's, I wouldn't have known how good this blend could really be.

Curivari - Buenaventura Pralines P554
poor man's Padron 1926 #1
I noticed most of the cigars on the site don't have reviews, so I'm going to start trying to leave some to help others out. Curivari. what to say...probably my favorite brand based on their cheap price that belies just how good these cigars are. I will proselytize for Curivari to anyone who will listen. I don't think I've ever had a bad one, taste-wise or construction-wise. these Buenaventura Pralines are one of the Curivari blends that has popped up during the last few years where I haven't been paying very close attention nor smoking that much. the original Buenaventura was one of my first Curivaris and is still one of my favorites, both for the flavor (sour cream and cherries, sorta) and the great box press construction. I smoked my first of these new Pralines today. they have the same "guts" as the original BV's, with a Mexican San Andres' wrapper replacing the Rosado from the original BV. the sour cream and cherries flavor is still quietly there, but the Mexican wrapper adds something like good coffee, (darker) chocolate and a raisin sweetness that dominates (in a good way) the subtle sweetness of the filler tobaccos. these are DAMN good. mouthwatering, even. burn wasn't great, but I chalk that up to needing a little more time in the humidor seeing as I only got these a few days ago. with these being fairly large length/ring size and with the flavor profile, they seem like (and I mean this as a compliment,) a poor man's Padron 1926 #1, which are some of the most luxurious cigars you could ever hope to smoke. and I just ordered some of the largest vitola (6.75 x 52) of these Pralines to really give me the Padron vibe. Curivari really found a great marriage with the original blend with these Mexican San Andres wrappers.

Aganorsa Leaf
Connecticut Robusto

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Three Year Matured 50g

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Flor Del Valle Sky Flower

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Flor del Valle Seleccion de Valle

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Crowned Heads
Le Careme Cosacos

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Crowned Heads
Yellow Rose

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Crowned Heads
Las Calaveras EL 2019 LC46

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Crowned Heads
Headley Grange Corona Gorda

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