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Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Strong Earthiness
I love the high nicotine of C&D mixtures, and am a bit of a burleyphile. So it’s little wonder that I gravitate towards C&D and really admire C&D’s use of burley in most all of their products. I just can’t get past the Perique. It has a sweaty gym sock, rancid mushroom, toe-jam note to me. The use of large amounts of Dark Burley in HBS makes this one a deeply earthy mix to be sipped, and the fungus like Perique stays in my nose and cloyingly stays on my clothes. It’s not a bad smoke, I just can’t do the Perique. Medium strong to strong flavor and nicotine.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Creamy, Smoky and Mild
Wow... why has it taken me so long to try this. It’s not complex, and perhaps a bit too linear for some. But it’s so well constructed with only 3, very high quality components. I expected the Latakia to be overwhelming, but surprisingly it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a lat bomb, and smokiness abounds, but it’s a mild creamy smoke with a cedar like incense quality. Woody sweet, unlike the a charismatic strong and musty sweetness of Cyprian. This is remarkably similar to a Syrian quality Latakia. Not sure how C&D did it. The Turkish/orientals are dry, floral and offer a spice fruit sweetness. Burley provides body, added smoothness and aids in the creamy mouth-feel. This is a remarkably high quality mix... extremely well constructed using high quality components. Penzance, a highly overrated Esoteric mix, has nothing on this... this is perhaps the finest Latakia mixture I’ve ever smoked. Nicotine is mild, but the body and taste are medium.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Ribbon Cut
A Jacked Prince Albert
Imagine if Prince Albert benched 450, tore the sleeves off his suit coat and allowed his beard to grow more Viking-like... Prince Albert is more of a mild cavendish style burley with a pronounced topping of cocoa and bourbon, whereas C&D BRC is a stout and untopped burley that possesses hints of burnt cocoa and anisette. It isn’t as smooth as PA, and will tingle the nose on the retro. This is a quality burley which, unlike PA, doesn’t produce the occasional off gassing or ammonia drift. It’s lighter than C&D Cube Cut Burley by a smidgen, and has more flavor as well. By itself, it’s in the middle of mild to moderate in strength, flavor and nicotine. I like to mix C&D BRC 50/50 with Prince Albert; it kicks up the Prince Albert with a quality leaf yielding a flavorful, medium strength burley. Combining the two offers cocoa, bourbon and anisette… very similar to a lighter - loose leaf version of Solani Aged Burley Flake. 3.5 stars as I find this suited to an an everyday smoke more so than the cube cut, which is stouter and more for blending. In order of ascending strength: 1. C&D White Burley 2. C&D Ribbon Cut Burley 3. C&D Cube Cut Burley 4. C&D Dark Burley

Mac Baren - Burley: London Blend 100g
Typical MacBaren Bite
It bites, as all non HH Mac Baren product does. I dry it, smoke slow, often sip my tobacco to keep flavor over smoke, but this... I want to like it, but MB has once again loaded it with a multitude of additives. HH Product is great, but I’m done with their other products - tired of wasting money and fighting the bite. Chasing the allure of a product simply because it’s a small release, ‘bit’ me as well. I can get the same notes and better mechanics (also much cheaper) from C&D Burley Ribbon... a FAR BETTER burley than this. Oh, and C&D doesn’t contain additives. I just don’t get all the positive reviews on this one... perhaps folks are attempting to hide their disappointment and justify their purchase?

Cornell & Diehl - Red Virginia Cavendish
Bready, Herbal and Slightly Sweet
Expensive, but given the labor and time it takes to makes this… understandable. This is a quality leaf component that deserves recognition. Notes of yeast bread, an unidentifiable herbal note and a touch of sugar. Maybe that herbal thing is hay? It’s smooth and mellow as is typical with Cavendish. Gets woody further into the smoke and tamping brings forth a bit of spice and ash. It’s a component… this just isn’t a stand-alone product to me. It yields a lightly sweetened herbal quality and smoothness to any mixture/blend. I mixed it with C&D Ribbon Cut Burley and it countered the tannic earthiness with herbal sweetness. It matches the darker and deeper tones of the burley and smoothed and spread the varied notes on the palate. Mild to medium body. Nicotine is between mild and medium.

Cornell & Diehl - Cube Cut Burley
Quality Burley with Light and Dark Profile
This burley runs the gamut on the burley note profile from light to dark; it has the brighter walnut like tannic qualities as well as the fermented dark earthiness of composted leaf litter. It doesn’t possess the added cocoa or bourbon notes found in Prince Albert, but the quality is so much higher in this that it doesn’t require it. It possesses natural notes of burnt cocoa, black pepper and walnuts (both bitter and sweet). It’s a more elegant and natural version of Prince Albert, with a kick of nicotine. Smoked slow with a light ember will reward you with all the wonderful flavor profiles burley offers and does so with more sweetness. For the price and ease of loading (cube cut is without a doubt the easiest to simply dip and scoop), I prefer this to Solani Aged Burley Flake - though Solani offers a flavor explosion, albeit added flavor. A good quality component for mixtures/blends, and excellent on its own if you love burley. Moderate to full body and the nicotine level is medium.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley
Smooth and Strongly Fermented
This fermented and almost composted burley possesses an incredibly deep earthiness. It’s almost devoid of many of the higher tannic notes often noted in burley, but still possesses a slight, but much smoother nuttiness alongside burnt cocoa and a spice I can’t quite place. Anyone who’s tasted many of the burley-based C&D blends like Old Joe Krantz or Haunted Bookshop, will immediately recognize this Dark Burley profile within them. It’s STRONG in body – almost too strong to smoke by itself, and will tingle your nose on the retro. This is one for mixes/blends. While many may look at this and wonder, “Is this a stronger version of Prince Albert?” No, it’s not. It just doesn’t possess the nuance that unfermented burley offers, it’s strictly to add body and smoothness to a mixture/blend. On it's own, it's an above average leaf, but in it's element within mixtures, this can take harsh and light bodied blends to another level. Nicotine is just on the stronger side of medium.

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
Top-Shelf Burley
A very good deeply fermented and semi-sweet burley blend flavored with coffee, anise and burnt cocoa. Solani Aged Burley Flake contains Invert sugar, licorice, propylene glycol and finally just a dab of cocoa, coffee and molasses flavoring. These must be reported and are available to the public via BMEL. That dark burley… NOT Dark Fired, but dark air-cured, combined with the Brazilian and Malawi – in perfect proportions, with skillfully applied sugar and flavorings, is what sets this apart. Granted, Mac Baren HH Burley Flake is pretty darn good too, but it’s a much lighter and purer tasting burley flake when compared to Solani ABF. HHBF is also a daily smoke – unlike ABF. The tannic quality associated with the burley is less pronounced in ABF as the fermentation and flavorings have smoothed if not sublimated this. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different and not what we’ve come to expect from burley. The dark burley has been fermented with moisture and heat, and shines brilliantly in this with a deep earthy note. The leaf is stout and tingles the nose, with the white burly offering a little sharpness at time. It’s more for special occasions rather than a daily thing. Contrary to what some may think or say, burley isn’t going to change much over time. So aging isn’t going to alter this too terribly much. It’s NOT a nicotine powerhouse as the nic level is on the lesser side of moderate. If this had moderate to heavy nic levels, which I imagine Jeremy Reeves at Cornell and Diehl could pull off, it would be an immediate all-time great without equal. Come on Jeremy… we need a stout Cornell and Diehl version. *Also, and some may laugh, but the flavors are very similar to Prince Albert (less the bourbon). Cocoa, molasses but no coffee. I've recreated something similar but stouter, in a loose leaf, using a 1:1 mix of G&H Kendal Dark with C&D Dark Burley; then mix that 1:1 with 3 parts Prince Albert... you'll be surprised at how close this comes in flavor and strength!

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd
Smoky, Creamy, Subtle Sweet/Savory, Full-Flavor
Latakia is incense-like; woody and smoky, the cigar leaf supports it with a deep and creamy earthiness, and adds a touch of nutmeg or allspice like spice (think Turkish/oriental without the sour, dry woodiness).The Virginia leaf is grassy and lends a sweetness to the savory Latakia/cigar leaf. Burley adds a meaty tannic quality and aids the cigar leaf with thick mouthfuls of smoke. My goodness. I’m not a cigar fan and don’t care for the aroma of cigars, but this... this is rich, complex, thick, sweet and savory. When we see the term “chewing smoke”, this mixture provides the basis for it. The cigar leaf is barely noticeable in room note for me, as I stated earlier that I don’t care for that smell, so this is definitely okay in my book. I’ll definitely be ordering more of this for the cellar. It’s a top 10 for me and among the better English along side Early Morning Pipe and Standard Mixture. It’s a very relaxing smoke and especially suited in flavor and nicotine to compliment a hearty steak dinner and provide a sated feeling. Full body, full flavor, medium nicotine.

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus
Sweet and Nutty
Oh my… how do I begin? First, I love a good Virginia-Burley mix; the dry acridity of burley is offset by the sugars of Virginia leaf. Conversely, the burley provides body, mouth feel and that woody, walnut-like tannin that corresponds so well with the more sharp but sweet hay-like note of Virginia. This ying/yang thing on a VA/BUR mix in which one picks up where the other falls down, translates to a solid, consistent depth of flavor, body and mechanics. There’s a good dose of sweetness; a smooth, malty, toasted and oat-like nuttiness from the 3 burleys which play all along the spectrum from light to dark burley flavors. Intermittently, there’s a sharpness (not roughness) that breaks the monotony. The Virginias are balanced in citrusy sweetness/tartness and the temperate, earthy hay-like note of the two Virginia leaf is idyllic and perfectly balanced with the woody burleys. The virginia remain in the background at first, and progressively get stronger until the end, at which time they step forward to mitigate the ashiness often associated with Burley. The Cavendish helps to tone down any high notes between the two contrasting leaf types and lends a smooth semi sweet quality to an already tranquil blend. Good finish... not the best I've experienced, but it's certainly one of the better ones. The retro reminds you that this mixture is moderate in strength and full in body – a quality C&D is known for and I love it. The nicotine is squarely in the middle; it will satisfy most by the end of the session and perhaps more by mid bowl.

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 1.75oz
Milder than ABF, but equal in quality
First off… unlike most Mac Baren product, this DOES NOT BITE. I’ve struggled with Mac Baren for years and the HH line is the only Mac Baren product that doesn’t shred my tongue. Mac Baren Burley Flake is a very natural tasting burley with a refined and elegant blend of toasted walnuts, oak, earth, black strap molasses and hay. The Dark Fired offers a touch of smoky spice, and any bitter acridity associated with the DF is offset with a lightly applied dark molasses - that dark sweetness is very natural tasting. Within the flavor spectrum of burley, this has a medium to medium/dark flavor profile, whereas Solani is definitely in the darker, richer and more robust end of the spectrum. This lends itself well to an ‘all-day’ kind of smoke, but still possesses a bit of dark richness that satisfies. If you find Solani a little overbearing and too rich at times, HHBF is a great substitute. Taste and body are light to medium while the nicotine is mild. This and Solani Aged Burley Flake are among the top two burley flakes available to us. They each have their own distinct attributes which provides for a unique time and place for each – depending on your mood. Both are equally satisfying. Although Solani claims ‘all natural’ in spite of the anise they add, Mac Baren’s is actually a natural tasting burley. This is sold by the pound, and I’ll be stocking up on this one.

Peterson - Royal Yacht 50g
Elegant, Fermented, Sweet & Smoky
Imagine the difference in taste between a ripe plum and a plum stewed with a bit of sugar, vanilla and orange rind… that’s the difference you get here. Royal Yacht is a refined Virginia blend which I would describe as elegant, sweet, mellow and a bit smoky. There’s a prune juice or port wine like note that goes very well with the Virginia leaf. Perhaps some stoved Virginia is in this, which might explain the smoky, caramelized, fermented fruit note. It’s moderately fermented fruit sweet with a slight tang, and I’m picking up a woody smokiness. Its medium body, medium to full flavor, and the nicotine is above average for a supposedly straight Virginia blend. I’d place this one in the medium category as the nicotine level really picks up mid bowl. The Virginia’s used are of high quality, and the added flavor doesn’t sublimate the leaf but rather compliments it very well; adding a little more sweetness and fruitiness. If you’re seeking a straight Virginia that’s low in nicotine, is bready, hay like or with a fresh grassy character – look elsewhere. This one is for those that enjoy their Virginia’s fermented and with an ever so slight flavor-enhancing aromatic flair.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Grassy, Malty, Bready… VA Sweet with Peppery Raisins
Rum (vanilla, allspice, cinnamon) and maple sugar sweet, slight licorice, grassy/bready/malty VA flavor are up front and bold at first light, and last 1/3 of the bowl. Afterwards, the rum flashes off and the hay-like notes of the VA, mixed with a slightly toasted and malted bread become more pronounced. There’s a bit of earth and wood as the profile deepens, which can be viewed as the ‘rough edges’, but no more evident than the perique, which is always noticeable and lends a tarry/raisin like flavor on the retro hale. Can bite if puffed too fast, and as with most VAs it burns hot. Mild - Mild/Med Flavor, body and nicotine. This lends itself to aging; The fresh, hay-like flavor of the Virginia ferments into a deeper earthy and malt-like sweetness with a smooth profile. Similar to Mac Baren Navy Flake in flavor, just without the Burley and sweeter.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #7 Broken Flake
Floral Soap atop a Quality Virginia & Burley
Medium Body, medium/full flavor, mild/medium nicotine. If you enjoy spraying your tobacco with perfume and dousing it with soap, I think you’ll enjoy this. Sorry to be so blunt, but why ruin an obviously beautiful VA/BUR flake with floral oils? The Lakeland Essence (soapy perfume), doesn’t flash off and the taste remains consistent to the end – slightly sublimating the quality of leaf. Under the oils, I detect a fermented and tangy VA, while the Burley is mouth-filling and drying, the kind of dry akin to eating pecans or walnuts. It WILL ghost your pipe, and the broken flake will require drying or you’ll spend some time relighting quite a bit. One star as the VA and Burley are of good quality, for that split second you taste it at first light.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #25 Mixture
Buttery, Sweet & Smoky with Low Nicotine
It’s quite remarkable that Mixture #25 hasn’t been reviewed yet. Though perhaps the reason being is that folks are attempting to keep this one low key so as to preserve supply. (Looking at you hoarders). G&H is perhaps the best value of any current offerings; high quality with bulk qty and pricing, and #25 is no exception. This closely resembles Peter Stokkeybye’s English Oriental Supreme, though with a slightly more fermented quality and the Black Leaf is of better quality. 53% Bright VA 17% Bright Burleys 10% Dark Sun Cured (Black Leaf) 20% Latakia This is incredibly well-balanced; the Black Leaf is buttery, woody, sweet and slightly minty, and steps forward just a tad more than the sweet and grassy VAs. Both are in almost perfect unison with the mildly nutty burley, which adds body, along side the creamy, smoky-sweet latakia. I can detect all within the same draw and are consistent to the end. Very smooth with few, if any rough edges. No Lakeland essence present. Good finish with a mild buttery/sweet aftertaste. Mild body & mild nicotine.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Black & Brown
Molasses, Licorice, Smooth and Full... The Quintessential American Smoke
Ever wonder what it would taste like to smoke chewing tobacco? Extremely rich and deep molasses note with the slightest licorice, sweet, medium body, rich full flavor, moderate nicotine, cool and smooth smoking with an absolutely clean tobacco flavor. Without a doubt, one of the best finishes I’ve ever smoked. The lingering aftertaste is sweet and clean. If there was one tobacco that could be quintessential American, Black and Brown would be it... Hands down and without hesitation. Although the flavor is full, this is a medium bodied smoke. Burley and Virginia on a base of double fermented black Cavendish. That's right, this isn't the standard Cavendish encountered in the U.S., but rather Cavendish that's been double fermented. This special Cavendish produces an inherent sweetness and medium bodied tobacco profile while maintaining it's smooth and rich character. There’s absolutely no Lakeland (soapy floral essence) present in this as is typically found in G & H. Among my top 5. EDIT: I saw where some made reference to Captain Black White… not sure what context they’re referring to but this is NOTHING like Captain Black.

McConnell - Oriental 50g
Candied English
Sugar (inverted), Propylene glycol, Glycerol, Flavoring. When considering the many additives in pipe tobacco today, McConnell (Kohlhase Kopp), uses relatively little. Oriental is a soft, sweet, oriental-forward English. While many may consider it a Balkan due to the ever so slightly forward nature of the Turkish, the quantity of Virginia and latakia places it squarely in the English category. The sugary Black Cavendish sweetens and softens the mixture of musty orientals, bready/yeasty virginia and smoky latakia. The latakia never screams for attention in this mixture, but rather whispers its creamy smokiness. Nicely balanced, mild flavor, mild body, low nicotine and sort of a candied English, if you will.

Edward G. Robinson - Edward G. Robinson 1.5oz
Similar in Taste to Early Morning Pipe
A semi-sweet, smooth, and mellow mixture of black cavendish, burley and a hint of creamy smokey/leathery latakia, with a prune juice topping and a hint of cinnamon or allspice. A predominantly balanced, but slightly alkaline mixture. The burley is up front and adds body with its woody, nutty, and slightly dry mouthfeel, though the slightest of alkalinity brought to bear by the burley, is balanced by the acidity of the slightly sweet black cavendish and dark prune-juice topping. The black cavendish smooths out the roughness, and I can’t tell if it’s sweetened with the fruit juice or the entire mix is topped, but it really doesn’t matter as the prune juice sweetens the mixture and contributes to the balance. Also, was I’m wondering if ‘Black Spice’ was used in part of the black cavendish as I get a cinnamon or allspice note. Although there’s just a smidgen of condimental latakia, this blend would be unremarkable without it. The latakia is supportive and always present with the lightest campfire note in the background. It contributes, though in the slightest, a smokiness that brings the entire mixture together. Left out too long to dry and the mixture may turn sour. A slightly better than average blend that many burley lovers will enjoy, and most English preferences will find similar but recognizably American. Last evening, I was smoking Peterson's Early Morning Pipe and thought is resembled EGR in taste. I immediately popped the tin of EGR, loaded a bowl and smoked both. Yep... EGR and Early Morning Pipe taste very similar. Though with the inconsistency of EGR, don't rely on it as a substitute. It certainly won't age as nicely and the dark-fruit taste will morph into sourness instead of the sweetness you encounter in the Virginias present in EMP.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 100g
Shallow, Sweet and Typical Mac Baren Flavor Added
WATER, PURIFIED, AND/OR DISTILLED AND/OR DEIONIZED AND/OR MINERAL, SUGAR (invert), ALCOHOL, ETHANOL, 1,2-PROPYLENGLYKOL, SORBITOL, SUCROSE, FROM SUGAR CANE, PUBLIC: FLAVOURS BELOW 0.5% W/W; Maple Sugar, RUM, Licorice, PROPYL-4-HYDROXYBENZOATE, BENZYL BENZOATE. Quite a few additives for a pipe tobacco. Licorice, maple sugar, alcohol. The virginia is young/green and hay-like. Burley is dry, acrid and nutty, slightly earthy. I would assume that the burley would add body, but the profile is flat considering the casings used. The cavendish is not sweet and smoothes most of the roughness. Average finish as the aftertaste lingers and sweetens the mouth, though a coated mouth accompanies the sweetness. Possibly from all the additives. It's a 3 - star mixture on taste alone. There's the slightest of rum flavor, which contributes to the vanilla, cinnamon and allspice flavor. As per usual, Mac Baren added alcohol, sorbital and a multitude of other additives, in addition to maple sugar. The alcohol isn't the rum I taste, but rather straight alcohol for anti-mold properties. Unfortunately, this contributes to a sterile taste and tongue bite. Also something MB adds to every mixture - licorice, and in great quantity. Licorice has a numbing mouth feel. Getting real tired of the same taste profile among this brand with licorice and alcohol... please stop. Navy Flake has a flat, sterile and very shallow flavor profile. The 'honey' that many note, is actually maple sugar. It's an odd flavor in comparison to honey, and I've grown tired of it's use in MB products. In combination with the other additives, it contributes to an overall unnatural flavor of the Flake. This is such a disappointment. Peter Stokkebeye 1931, is a premium alternative to this. 1931 possesses a deep, full and natural profile. It has a natural honey sweetness and has absolutely no bite. Had 1931 been offered in bulk, I'd buy 10 lbs of it. But considering the price of a 3.5 oz tin of 1931, I hoped NF would be an apt substitute as they're both manufactured by MB. I bought a pound of NF instead, and am now faced with the dilemma to figure out how I'm gonna work through this cruddy flake. Mac Baren needs to fix this. Please stop adding licorice to every damn product you make.

Peter Stokkebye - PS312 Toasted Burley
Caramelized Sugar, Nutmeg, Nutty... it can bite.
Rubbed flake; caramelized sugar sweet, nutty with a slight nutmeg spice-like flavor. Sweet, black liquorice and earthy autumn leaf litter note in the bag. Slightly moist, above average number of relights. Consistent flavor profile as the sweetness supersedes the typical bitterness encountered in burley. Room note is also surprisingly good for a burley. The sweetness is very dark - caramelized sugar like. The bitterness, often associated with burley, isn't present. I suspect the liquorice was added during casing and the sugar added just prior to pressing and heating, creating a caramelized profile which is a dark sweetness that balances exceptionally well with burley. Due to it's rubbed-out flake form, it requires more re lights and more attention. Smoked slow or fast, nevertheless it'll bite your tongue, much like Mac Baren. I enjoy the flavor, though the tongue bite and constant relights prevent me from enjoying the entire experience. It's a 3 star flavor but the mechanics and bite drop it 2 stars... Average, and for those burley lovers that don't get bitten, its easily 3 - 4 stars.

Sutliff - B21 Black Spice
Love the Spice!
Much like all other Black Cavendish, B21 is smooth and has the inherent naturally sugary sweetness. Unlike other BCs however, it does not share the predominately topped vanilla and/or fruit aspect. This departure is characterized by cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg, on a sweet base of smooth, black and cool burning leaf. While this isn't a great aromatic in the same vein as 'The Vanilla Cream' by GL Pease, it's a good Black Cavendish that lends itself to those of us that like smoking it by itself for the characteristics BC offers, and we want an alternative B.C. to use in a mixture. The spice aspect provides for new realms on a mixture that requires a B.C. to unite other leaf and smooth rough edges, adding warm spice, rather than vanilla or fruit notes, thereby expanding our options. I get no vanilla and no fruit in this... simply cinnamon at the start and warm nutmeg and allspice thereafter. Room note is sweet and spice-laden. I believe Stokkebeys B.C. is a little better quality, though it's vanilla topped... so tired of vanilla and fruit B.C.. Try mixing this with PS Dark Fired... sweet/savoury balanced, smoky, spice-laden, smooth and has a nic hit. Bump up the complexity by further adding a large dose of Red VA. B21 has such a great Autumnal profile.

Sutliff - 507-S Stoved Virginia
Pure, Deep, Carmelized Dark Fruit
Semi-fermented, earthy, tangy, semi-sweet, with a slight charred or carmelized sugar note. Still a touch of lemon rind in there, but you'll have to smoke it slow and search for it. While most VAs have a sweet, citrus, fresh hay like note, this one resembles a fermented sweet-feed or sweet silage. Cool, smooth, doesn't bite when smoked hard. No moisture in the bowl, flavor is consistent start to finish, clean, pure and deep flavored. Great by itself and will add depth to any mixture it's added. Is this the ghost of McClelland Dark Star? No... its better.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Too many flavors
This has the potential to be a great aromatic; fragrant but with a tobacco forward flavor, and absolutely no goopy - overly topped leaf. Yet, it has so many toppings, it ruins it. Making a great aromatic borders on impossible... there's very few of them out there, and this one almost made it. The cut, moisture, leaf... they're all great, even the maple topping is fine. Where this one falls from its rank is the addition of whiskey, bourbon AND rum, combined with vanilla... 5 toppings is too many. Dial it back to 2 or 3, and it's in a class by itself.

Captain Black - Dark 12oz
Simple, mild aromatic
Nothing to write home about. This is a very mild BC with absolutely no tongue bite. It's a simple and very linear taste; think yeast rolls rising... not baking, bordering on the bland side. Sweetness only exists mildly, as yeast bread has that slight sweetness. It's not a sweetness you taste, but rather a sweetness you associate with yeasty bread. The aroma is good; light not heavy and akin to stale raisins, white bread and faint leather. It's a good inexpensive tobacco for folks that like to puff a lot, aren't chasing a true tobacco taste, and are mindful of others being offended by the smell of smoking. It smokes incredibly smooth, the smoothest of any tobacco I've ever smoked... I puffed and puffed and it simply wouldn't bite. I'm keeping a large tin as I like the simplicity of the aromatic, the smoothness on the tongue, and the yeasty taste. If you like aromatics, I think you'll like this for the simplicity and smoothness. If you enjoy the complexity of English or Balkans... you might not appreciate the linear taste.

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