Jeff W.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy 2 oz
Very Nice
Yes. It tastes just like blackberry brandy. the room note is a lady killer. Wonderful aromatic indeed.

Low Country - Guendalose 2oz
Cigar Lovers Unite
You can smell and taste the cigar in this blend. All those nuances get through despite your senses being tainted from the first drag.

Lighters - Zippo Candy Apple Red Pipe Lighter
Not Good
This thing is terrible. It never gives your bowel a good lighting start. The flame goes out quite easily. A lowly Bic lighter leaves this Zippo crying in its' beer.

Sail - Regular 1.5oz (Yellow)
Another Old Friend
There used to be three Sail tobaccos way back when: regular, aromatic and the white natural. I think I remember trying the white natural a few times--a non-aromatic. But this review is about the yellow and green blends. Both are very nice aromatics. They smoke quite dry and never get complaints about the aroma. You will taste the topping or casing. But the natural tobacco flavor finds it's way through, too. I am glad SmokingPipes can offer these tobaccos these days.

Cornell & Diehl - Gray Ghost 2oz
Very Nice Indeed
I believe this Grey Ghost is, so far, the best cigar mixture I have ever tried. You can smell the cigar in the tin. You can detect a little cigar flavor. The room note, so I'm told, is tolerable. If anyone is hankering for a cigar infused pipe tobacco then Grey Ghost just might please them quite well. Highly recommended!

Low Country - Guendalose 2oz
Very Impressive
Been on a cigar blend kick for a few months now. None of them tastes or smells like a cigar. Guendalose doesn't taste like a cigar either but it is a warm and creamy smoke. This blend gets high marks in strength, room note and taste. It is suppose to be strong. In fact it is very pleasant. I smoke this stuff around others and they love the aroma. Sometimes I believe I catch a shadow of a cigar ghost in the aroma. Flavor is very sweet and tasty. It smokes dry. Try it! You'll like it!

G. L. Pease - Key Largo 2oz
This baccy is true to it's description. It is silky smooth.The dark roasted coffee is there. It is a fine cigar in a pipe. Who could ask for more?

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop 2oz
By now most of you know about the passing of a beloved staple in the Youtube pipe smoking community. John Harden.Haunted Bookshop is his favorite tobacco. In John's honor I bought a little bulk of this tobacco for the first time. I have to say that I find nothing special about it. It is rather bland, almost stale. Perhaps one day we all will meet in a haunted bookshop somewhere. But it won't be this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Visions of Celephaïs 2oz
Allow me to begin by saying that C&D offer a staggering selection of excellent pipe tobaccos! Visions of Celephaïs is not one of them. Topped with grape or not Celephaïs is horrible! Tin note smells like a couple of incense sticks were ground into a fine powder and mixed with the blend. Or like a wet, stinking dog that was sprayed with cheap perfume. After one bowl the pipe I used may not be salvageable. The sickly stench is locked into the cake. I have been smoking straight cigar leaf in the pipe in an attempt to exercise the demon this tobacco left behind in the bowl. Be careful about what you order because you just might get it!

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
An aromatic without trying to be an aromatic
Listen to your Uncle Jeff. This is good stuff. Amphora was one of the best pipe tobaccos you could get at any grocery or drug store. Try the original blend. Take a huge drag and slowly whiff it out the nose.WOW!

Cornell & Diehl - After Hours Flake 2oz
I love any pipe tobacco flavored with rum. I order lots of stuff from smokingpipes and I always order a tin of After Hours with every purchase.After Hours is 100% virginia. No burley. No orientals. No kentuckys. No latakia. No cavandish. After hous is saturated with rum but it is not wet and goopy and it burns quite dry. I have never been asked to excuse myself from the room while smoking this stuff. The flavor is virgina with a warm and creamy buttery topping. One hundred thumbs for this tobacco, C&D!

Amphora - Amphora Sampler
Old Freinds
I don't know about the new Amphoras but I will get around to trying them. I purchased a pouch of Original and Full Aroma with my last order. Boy! They took me back. Amphora used to be as common as air. You could get Amphora at any grocery or drug store 40 years ago. This is a good tobacco and thank God Smokingpipes can offer it!

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
I am not a fan of heavy english blends that sit on your face.. To me latakia smells like the old lysol disinfectant in a brown bottle. Actually latakia also smells like urinal soap. Guy's will know what I mean. But this Presbyterian is something else. Very light on the latakia. You also taste and smell the other tobaccos in this blend. I highly recommend this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Habana Daydream 2oz
Pretty Good
I love Englishes and aromatics. I am not a snob concerning either. Never having tried a blend with cigar leaf before I was intrigued. So I bought Billy Budd and Habana Daydream and tried them both at the same time. Billy Budd was too harsh for me. It irritated the back of my throat. Never had that happen from other englishes before. Habana Daydream was something else. Light on the latakia. You can taste and smell the other tobaccos including the cigar leaf (maybe not as strong but still there). It is as smooth and creamy as a well made cigar. Habana Daydream reminds me of an old drugstore tobacco from 40 years ago called Marrakesh. Anyone remember that one? Yes. Habana Daydream is very enjoyable.

Cornell & Diehl - After Hours Flake 2oz
Nuttin' Wrong With This
Beautiful! Just beautiful! Tin aroma is very similar to Life Savers Butter Rum candies. Room note will get you many compliments. Despite the casing you still get plenty of tobacco flavor from that good old virginia. Magnificent!

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
New Member
I have been smoking a pipe for 39 years now. I am a newcomer to and just ordered my first tin of Presbyterian today. I have never tried this blend before. But I do look forward to giving it a go.

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