Terry G.

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
This fine blend was my first and last choice. The flavor is addictive, brilliant and sedative. Fine artwork, music that stimulates and calms simultananeously are the reasons for existance and so is this perfect blend. Your search is over, you'll never find a more satisfying product. A trip to Europe may be necessary though. The availability has turned this dedicated afficiando into a crazed seeker. It's been almost a year since my favorite has dissapeared and it's not likely to show up gor quite some time. I've considered an European adventure in my quest but given the recent circumstances and the risk, I'll be forced to patronize the gougers and black markets. Shall I give up my quest for this noble blend, I say never. I'm devoted and loaded with perserverence. Try something else you may suggest, well thats fine for the weak and submissive. This is an all out mission to have and hold forever.

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