Captain Black - Royal 1.5oz
Most beautiful and balance body, kind of smooth finishing on hard palate. I touched by smell and remember pack of Capitan Black Royal since I was 12 years old back home. most powerful men in Middle East as today he smoked everyday CB royal and gold. now after passing my 30th I start smoking as a hobby, maybe four to six times per month. make me relax, vanilla room note, reduce my wife complain about smoking on apartment :) but some cigarettes smoker prefer gold version, because has more tobacco note rather than black Cavendish taste. its totally base on how use and get joy as a routine, for some people take time to adjust it. but I am a person can get joy from routine habit. like I don't like change my coffee from lavazza super crema... even after I moved to Canada from Chicago. I try to keep my stuff same. even up here everything much more expensive than us. but I try to pay extra to keep myself happy ;) thanks for to sending me about 20 pack of 50g for Canada, each one cost me include shipping and everything about 9USD, which here in Canada sell for 30USD for each pack !

Captain Black
Royal 12oz

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