Vincent M.

Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue 1.5oz
Rides Three Star Blue
This is the first time I've tried this and I loved it. Very easy on the tongue no matter how hard I puff, room note is really good and very easy to pack and light. Stays lit for as long as you smoke and not goopy and no gurgling in the pipe. Not really strong but strong enough. It's definitely an all day smoke. Good enough for one of my best pipes or a cob. Vince

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz
H & H Old Dark Fired
I have been smoking pipes for about 25 years now and this is definitely the best I have ever had. Not for the faint of heart for sure. It's got a big earthy earthy, smoky flavor that is good for a few puffs with a glass of Canadian whiskey when you want a strong tobacco to finish the evening. I really like the flavor and it's quite a nic hit. Didn't burn my tongue at all as most of Mac Baren products do no matter how hard I puffs. It's good in a cob or your best big honkin Pipe. Vince

John Cotton's - Double Pressed Dark Fired 1.75oz
John Cottons Double Pressed Dark Fired
I'm giving this a 5 star despite not being able to on the star rating. This tobacco is perfect for everyday and all day long. It's not too strong but strong enough to give you a good nic hit, very easy on the tongue no matter how hard I puffed, burns very easily after the charring light, I did have to run a pipe cleaner through the pipe after a few minutes to get rid of the gurgle. This is what I envision to be the perfect tobacco that reminds me of an old timer smoking a pipe out on the river fishing or out in the field hunting birds. It surely is destined to be a classic. Vince

Old Dominion - Laughing King
Old Dominion laughing king
Smokes really easy, easy to hold in the mouth even with no mouthpiece. I would buy it again.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Virginia Perique 1.5oz
Sutliff Crumble Kake Virginia Perique
Upon opening the tin it smells like raisins, typical of va per blends. I bought an Old Dominion corn cob to try it as I wasn't sure if I would like it but it is surprisingly good. Not too much bite,a little spicy, stays lit pretty easily, and not too strong. The cob smokes really good.

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