Kyle D.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged 2oz
I will say to start off that I am a relatively new pipe smoker I recently got a decent-sized shipment in various tobacco's start of the East flake, fusiliers ration, Mississippi River rum barrel-aged, and nameless others and this one blew them away in my opinion far as flavor minimum to know tongue bite whatsoever! Was really looking forward to trying the Frog Morton series but due to their discontinuation and how happy everyone was with the blends especially frog Morton cellar. I feel like I had really missed out on something but you can't miss out on what's not available anymore. I am a daily cigarette smoker but at the same time I've heard a lot of good things about pipe smoking and yes I am finding out the hard way that it is an art form but I am willing to take the time to master it LOL bottom line I would recommend this tobacco blend. Because out of all of the other blends this one blew them out of the water. But to be fair to the other Blends also I haven't quite developed a good enough pallet to detect all of the ingredients so my opinion could change but for now Plum Pudding bourbon barrel-aged he's number one in my book. Hope this review helps