Old German Clay - Bulldog
Clay all day
So when I opened the box the pipe was packed in I was surprised at it small size. I guess I shouldn't have been, the deminsions are clearly listed under the description. I typically go for larger pipes so this one has an unfamiliar feel to me. Despite that, the pipe actually smokes wonderfully. Adding to its appeal is the fact that I'm still getting at least half hour smokes out of it. These are great sampling pipes and for smoking blends known to ghost other pipe materials. Certainly not a pipe you'd want to clench, but it has its place in my smoking every pipe smoker needs at least one clay!

Rattray's - Exotic Passion 100g
Best aromatic
I'm admittedly not generally an aromatic smoker. The flavors in most aromatics hit you over the head without subtlety or complexity. This blend however had me embracing its layers. There is Orange, vanilla and maple syrup flavors in the bag note and detectable in the taste as well. The flavors are there but none is overpowering. As with most aromatics, the blend does benefit from a bit of drying prior to lighting but not nearly as much as most others in my experience. A fantastic smoke and one I'd highly recommend.

Rattray's - Marlin Flake 50g
This is a truly fantastic blend of dark Virginia, Black Cavendish and Perique. The Cavendish provides subtle sweetness and excellent body. The Perique is light and won't sting the nostrils with intensity. The Virginia is dark and provides an earthy sweetness. The blend is packaged in long, thin flakes that rub out easily and dry to perfect smoking moisture in short order. This is a blend that will remain well stocked in my cellar as I visit often...

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner
...Dreaming of a White Christmas
I wanted to like this blend a lot more then I actually did. Bing Crosby brings to mind the Holiday season and this blend was no different for me. It has warm flavors of chocolate and a kind of cinnamon taste as well. I smoked two bowls and decided to cellar it until the winter when warm flavors were wanted for colder weather.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
Every Morning
This blend might just have readily been named "Every Morning" for the number of times I reach for it as a day starting blend. It smokes reliably well with every bowl and the flavors pair expertly with a cup of hot coffee. I will always have this one on hand and in the cellar as a faithful performer to start my day right. VaPer lovers who don't mind a light casing and enjoy C&D blends generally will love Bayou Morning.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Creamy Latakia
This is an excellent Balkan blend that perfectly combines the smokey Latakia with the body provided by the Black Cavendish, sweetness of Virginia and mellow spice of oriental leaf. Some English and Balkin blends can be too Latakia forward producing a pleasant but all together simple smoke flavor. Balkan Supreme has a wonderful creamy mouth feel and taste that sets it apart from others. Anyone seeking a wonderfully balanced Balkan that is readily available and at a bargain price need look no further!

Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g

Currently Out of Stock
    A Closer Look at Cavendish Tobacco
  • ► I'll echo other comments and say this article was very informative and request more content on tobacco types/varietals and the processes that create them. Upon entering on this journey of pipe smoking I had no idea the vast number of tobacco blends available to pipe smokers. Articles like this one really help me to find what I'm tasting and the specific flavors and character they are imparting. This is one reason I love the mystery tobacco review videos so much. I get to learn so much about the constituent parts of each blend.