James T.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Barrel Aged Series No.5 Rustica Limited Edition 50g
Not for the faint of heart
Wow, this is somethin else. The tin note isn't very exciting the smell is mostly just strong tobacco and oak. The cake breaks apart easily and promotes a very slow smoking bowl. The flavors are deep dark earthy a bit of tang. The flavor strength is full the nic strength is full and the room note is not gonna make any friends. If you like your blends stout and hardy this is the one. I actually like this much more than hh rustica

James J. Fox - Bankers 50g
Solid blend
If an very sweet and sour blend is your thing thus is it. The orientals are extremely sour in this blend. There's a common thread im nothing with latakia from j.j. fox it reminds me of esoterica latakia where it has a certain sweetness to it. In this blend the latakia and the orientals are the stars the rest just add body to the blend that would be lacking without then. All in all this is a monthly smoke for me

James J. Fox - Dorisco Mixture 50g
It's a spicy meatball.... not a bad blend at all very quality tobaccos, fresh from the tin the latakia overwhelms the other tobacco, im curious to see what this blend is like when the lat has some time to mellow. Fresh id reach for this mainly in the winter. Aged this has the potential to be a weekly or daily smoke

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Kentucky Vintage Cut
One of the best
I have almost 300 jars in my smoking rotation, this one however is the very first one I can smoke multiple times a day multiple days in a row, a very nice nic hit, but extremely smooth. Burns to a fine ash and the flavors are sublime. Do yourself a favor and pick up at a minimum 8oz

McConnell - Latakia Flake 50g
Interesting blend
The tin note is very sweet smelling, the taste however is lighter on the latakia then I expected but the dark fired plays really well with it. So I get a nice woodsy earthy incense combination from the 2 and the Cavendish rounds out the blend to create a nice mellow smoking experience. 0 bite a decent nic hit and plumes of smoke I highly reccomend this blend. I find it does taste much better in a meerschaum than a briar

Savinelli - Jupiter 2oz
Very burley forward it's not bad but I think this is one that could use a little more time to meld together

G. L. Pease - Abingdon 2oz
Really nice
This is a nice blend its full and robust, the flavors are well refined and balanced this is a great winter time blend and I bet would hold up very well to a snowy walk

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
One of the best
This is one of the best pease blends in my opinion, its deep dark rich and luxurious, honestly to me I think if you did a blind taste test between this and Penzance this would win everytime, pick up a tin or 5 its money well spent

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
Extremely different
Surprisingly this is a very sweet tasting smoke with just a bit of that dfk mesquite I can't wait to see what a little age does to it

John Cotton's - Double Pressed Kentucky 1.75oz
Not what I was expecting
With a name like Kentucky I was expecting this blend to be heavy on the dfk what I actually found was a pleasant virginia forward blend with dfk as a condiment tobacco, definitely worth trying a tin

St. Bruno - Flake 1.75oz
Extremely good
The smell is not what you get when you smoke it, what I mean is it smells very mellow and mild, but the smoking experience itself is not mild I wouldn't say strong but I personally taste the dfk alot more than the Virginia's. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few tins

Cornell & Diehl - Gray Ghost 2oz
Great blend but not what you would expect
I'm smokin a bowl right now and it's good I mean its mild compared to all the latakia blends I smoke so its a great change of pace I bet it would go great with a nice strong cup of coffee glad I bought a couple tins might buy a few more age would turn this into a dynamite blend

Cornell & Diehl - Da Vinci 2oz
I love latakia
I am a latakia lover this to me is a great blend show casing the leaf its heavy and creamy and perfect for a cool night

Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath 2oz
Wow just wow
I dont think I'd say this is an aromatic but it has a very strong wine smell the smoking expierence is nothing like the smell though its a very divine relaxing smoke very good for sipping I reccpmend it if you wanna step out of your comfort zone

Rattray's - Black Mallory 100g
Full body Scottish goodness
Man theres not much to say besides this is a stupendous blend its full flavore delicious and I can smoke it all day its so well balance when you see it in stock do yourself a favor and get the big can

Cornell & Diehl - Miskatonic Mixture 2oz
Miskatonic University approved
This stuff is great deep dark flavors from the granulated perique the orientals are amazing heck the whole blend is so well balance and burs to a very fine ass at least for me my second favorite in the old ones series

Cornell & Diehl - Awakened Elder 2oz
Straight out of the void
This blend is truly intoxicating its like being transported to a cosmic plane once the bowls done your always thinking about the void and how to get back there, one day when the elder gods awaken and they share there secrets with us before sending us to the void I would like to smoke a bowl with cthulu

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
Very smooth and balanced
I'm a huge fan of this blend it hits all the right notes for me especially the combo of lat and perique its smooth so you can smoke it all day but it also makes a great nightcap definitely pick up a tin to try out

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture 50g
Very well balanced
I'm smoking some of this right now in a rattrays fachen rhodesian. Im finding this to be a very balanced blend the smokey from the latakia is a nice compliment to the sweetness of the Virginia's the shag cut is nice ive always been a fan of how shag burns all in all if your a gawith fan and havent tried it pick up a tin if your on the fence cause your not sure grab a tin

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Maple to the max
this stuff smells like breakfast but the kind where the family is gathered around the table this is a highly enjoyable blend it smells and tastes great

Sutliff - SPS-2003 Strawberry Delight
Strawberry masterpiece
to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect with this but man am I happy the aroma is strawberry to the max and with the chocolate flavor notes this is a really pleasant smoking experience just be sure to dry it out for quite awhile

Cornell & Diehl - Poplar Camp
Va/per at its best
So I love yorktown and this is Yorktown on steroids the unsweetened Cavendish smooths out some rough edges this stuff is great in the morning with a medium roast coffee

Cornell & Diehl - Habana Daydream 2oz
This is an all day cigar blend
I really enjoy this blend it's good for the middle of the day when I dont want to overwhelm my palate try a tin you wont be disappointed

Cornell & Diehl - Plantation Evening
A nice english with light latakia
Honestly the perique and orientals are the star of this show the latakia is really just in the back ground so expect a peppery smoke with hints of stone fruit and smoke slowly it will bite you

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
So songood
Oh man this stuff is amazing the 18 year old perique is refined and makes the smoke almost velvety the flavors deepen the further down the bowl you get I liken this to drinking a very fine wine

Stands & Pouches - Economy Folding Pipe Stand
Not bad
It does what it's designed to do just he careful with larger pipes

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Bristle Pipe Cleaners (40 pack)
Awesome product
These are a great product I use em for my weekly cleaning great at getting out the tough gunk heres a tip for maximum usage keep a pair of wire cutters or pliers with a wire cutter and clip off the dirty end I'm able to get alot more out of 1 cleaner

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Tapered Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
Different than I thought
These are odd pipe cleaners I prefer the regular straight pipe cleaners but these have some benefits to em basically I'd say if you've never tried em out give it a shot

Tampers & Tools - Rubber Pipe Bits (2 pack)
Big fan
I'm a big fan of these they help protect my nice stems from teeth Mark's they are very comfortable to clench theres a bit of a taste but after a few bowls it goes away now the one thing about these is they stretch to fit your stem so be patient and work it on there it might take awhile

BriarWorks - Country Lawyer 2oz
Very good
If your looking for a cigar blend that tastes like a cigar this is it this is the one it very much reminds me of a solid mild-medium cigar with a natural wrapper leaf seriously if your a piper who loves cigars and needs a blend to help take the cigar craving away when you dont have time for one this is it right here oh and the pre packed mason jar is a fantastic touch and it is jam packed with tobacco it is a bit moist so let it dry for a bit before smoking

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley 2oz
Burley at its best
It's dark burley folks its strong as Hercules and tastes like ambrosia I often smoke it by itself or sometimes add a very small amount to an aromatic blend not to much cause itll overpower the aromatic very easily moisture content is great out of the tin so if you need some burley in your life get some

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Pipemaster Clean and Cure 2oz
This stuff is great
This is a great pipe cleaning product it does a great job of getting out the funk without leaving any residual taste and a small amount goes along way

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown 2oz
Pure virginia greatness
Simply an awesome pure Virginia blend its sweet with a bit of spice but be careful to not overheat it it will start to taste funky and will make your pipe gurgle take your time sip on this one and you'll be rewarded with a great smoking experience

Cornell & Diehl - Chopped Cigar Leaf 2oz
I'm a cigar smoker as well as a piper sometimes I dont have time for a cigar so I got this stuff and let me tell you it does the trick for my cigar craving also it makes a fantastic condiment for aromatics I sometimes add a small amount to a bowl and it ups the flavor and strength of my aromatics with put taking away anything if you like cigars you'll like this

G. L. Pease - Cumberland 2oz
Buy a tin you wont regret
All I can say is wow this is amazing buy a tin if you think this might be your style the tobacco speaks for itself it's amazing and I find it makes a great night cap

Cornell & Diehl - Big 'n' Burley 2oz
My kind of english
So I'm a burley guy I love the stuff cant get enough of it bought this because of the description let me tell you if you want a light english blend this ones for you the latakia is a very minor player here it's all about the burley buy some of this and try it but when your done with a bowl it's a sad time cause it is so good

Cornell & Diehl - Comfort 2oz
A very "comforting" tobacco
I enjoy this blend it's nice to just sit back and sip on the flavors are standard for the par on a va/per blend but that's not a bad thing I reach for this when it's the middle of the day and I dont want a bunch of nicotine the moisture content is a bit high so I always dry my bowl out a bit before smoking

Cornell & Diehl - Purple Cow 2oz
Ok so I'm not a big latakia fan I went into this expecting not to like but I have got to say this has become one of my favorite tobaccos of all time I'm not good at picking apart english blends but I definitely taste the Maduro leaf it gives it a nice bit of earthiness this is an all around amazing tobacco I've been known to smoke a couple bowls of this back to back do yourself a favor and pick up a tin today

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
A very enjoyable tobacco
I really enjoy haunted bookshop it's a nice smoking experience some nutty flavors from the burley some sweetness from the Virginia's and of course spice from the perique for me personally I get a sort of earthy dark fruit flavor from it sometimes sort of like fig or dates I can smoke this day or night and am always satisfied with it

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
This stuff is the bees knees
This tobacco is downright delicious I've smoked probably 5 pipefuls of this since I recieved it each bowl is better than the last it smokes cool with no bite 10 stars out of 5

Warped - Kings Stride 2oz
Not a cigar but damn close
This stuff is good I'm smoking a pipe full as I'm typing this and it's just so unique the perique and burley give it that peppery mouth feel reminiscent of a cigar the Virginia is there bringing some sweet but the star of this show is the cigar leaf Cavendish it's unique and different just wow

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PS41 Cube Cut

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Connecticut Robusto

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