Bradley W.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Was lucky enough to [ick up a Pound of Boneyard from the last release. Having not tried this one before (1oz Jackpot i did not care for, and 1LB of Double Down which is OK) and while i have several English blends they are not usually my first choice which would be Burley blends and Aros. With all that being said here are my thoughts. Boneyard comes as a hodge podge of sliced flakes, ribbon, and various cuts from leftover C&D blends. The tobacco is perfect moisture but does take some time to get lit properly, but once it does it burns very slow. Flavor is a nice complex English not unlike B.S. Match and at around $16 a pound it is a incredible value and its no wonder it is sold out most of the time as this is a great way to beef up your cellar and get a inexpensive smoke that would fool most people in a blind taste test. Whats not to love here as long as you can enjoy a English blend this is a MUST TRY IMO.

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