Pete H.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
A Great English
My favorite to date, this robust, earthy blend of Cavendish, Oriental, and Latakia is surprisingly smokable. Tin notes of campfire and leather come to mind. A very enjoyable smoke with full flavor but not harsh.

Peterson - Flake 50g
Nice Easy Smoke
This is my go-to when I need a mild smoke. I never get a bite, great tin and room notes, and a very pleasant flavor. The reason is probably the absence of any other tobacco other than Virginia.

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Harsh & Hot
I purchased this based on a review on YouTube by someone who claimed it his favorite. I was surprised. The tin note is delightful with hints of plum and fig. However upon smoking several bowls within a rotation of other Peterson blends, this one does not agree with me. It smokes hot and I get a tongue bite. I'll cellar this tin and try it again a few months later.

My Mixture 965 50g

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