G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Solid 4 star English blend
English, Balkan IDK anymore lol. Whatever you call it, this one is solid. I bought a tin & let it sit on the shelf over a month. So it wasn't cellared much. I'll get back to that. Popped the tin and enjoyed a bowl, but it was too damp. After that, I would let it dry 45 minutes to an hour, much much better. Tin note is musty, earthy, and hearty. Reminds me of the woodstove in our cabin growing up, that great smell of oak baking out its heat. It's a wonderfully nasty smell. When dried, it just needs a light packing and a char light and sometimes it smokes all the way with no re-lights needed. Smokes creamy and thick. Rich flavor, very strong. It's complex, but not muddy like some Balkans that have like 5+ ingredients these days. I like that it has 3 ingredients. Flavor is earthy, hearty, with a bit of spiciness here and there. There's a lot to love. The flavor is best when you get a good dose of the orientals. The latakia can be a bit much at times. The nicotine is a little too much for me, I have to smoke Gaslight later in the day or it can hit me some. I can't smoke a giant bowl, either. For me it's a solid 4/5. Now back to cellaring. It's one of those where I could just tell that at least 6 months will make it super. I'll get another tin and try my best to wait a year.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1882 Founders Blend 1.4oz
Good but doesn't stand out
4th generation is good, and that price isn't bad; my issue with it is that you can get bulk English blends that are as good or better for even cheaper. This one was pretty dry in the tin, packs and smokes very well, and actually makes a good ash for working on your cake. It just doesn't stand out.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
Peppery and a little rough
I decided to try an ounce of this one. Tin note is very miniscule, you get a light grassy smell from the Virginias. As for flavor, it's very smokey and peppery at first, and can be harsh on the tongue and palette (I don't usually experience tongue bite with non-aromatics). I'd even say it's a bit rough sometimes. Sometimes the sweetness of the virginias starts to come through in the bottom third or fourth of the bowl, and some bowls are a little too sweet for me. It does mellow a tad in the second half, but the pepper and roughness never really go away. I like strong non-aromatics, but this one isn't just strong; it's a bit harsh. I'll certainly finish what I have and even enjoy it, but I don't think VaPers are my faves. I will say this smoke is great for building a nice clean cake. EDIT: I'm raising this from 3 to 3.5. I let it sit in a jar for a month. Came back to it and it's a smidge less rough and better tasting. The Virginias are still too sweet at times. If I ever get more of this, I'll cellar it a long time.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Smokes awesome, but artificial flavor
I wanted to love this one because of how well it smokes. Tin note is a strong scent of cherry cordial. Not soppy at all, Cult got the cure right. Loads well and smokes even, cool, and with clean white ash. It's the flavor that brings the rating down. Very strong and artificial. For my palette, the tobacco is lost and a medicinal cherry taste is all there is. I'll say this, if you're super into cherries, this one packs a cherry punch from start to finish. Only needs one relight about halfway down or more after you pour out some ash. Not for me.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Nasty and wonderful
Day old bread meets fresh cut hay meets musty old carpet ... but for the most part in a good way. Lacks some complexity. It's earthy, spicy, and smoky. Smokes like a dream, even and cool. Great price. The virginia is a little too grassy and sweet at times.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
A great English smoke
It's stunning to me that this one is a bulk tobacco. It is a flavorful, complex, balanced, enjoyable Balkan. Tin/bag note is earthy and spicy, very balanced, but not without complexity. The flavor is a mix of spicy, earthy, smoky, and with hints of a slight sweetness from the Virginias. It's a Balkan for sure, but more reserved than high end Balkans. It's got that signature heartiness, but it's not a punch in the face. I'm stunned that this a "bulk." I'm going to order a lot next time and jar up most of it for the cellar. I don't get it, at this price they are practically giving it away lol. FWIW, I do not enjoy non-aromatic burleys and such. Too much like cigarettes for me. This one is a fave.

Sutliff - Z50 Black Cordial
Bad, artificial flavor
Reading other reviews, I wonder if I got a bad batch. The flavoring isn't cherry or chocolate to me, it's slightly rancid-ish. The Cavendish added no tobacco flavor to the experience. Sutliff bulk blends tend to use a cheap Cavendish anyways, so the bad and artificial taste didn't have anything "tobacco" to redeem it. It may be that I don't have a palette for artificial chocolate, they tend to give me an unpleasant aftertaste. I haven't had much worse than this one.

Villiger - Jamaican Export 1.5oz
Light and pleasant aromatic
Incredible tin (pouch) note with rum, fruit (possibly some coconut), cocoa, and the Cavendish. It's a symphony, all working together wonderfully. I was afraid the smoke was going to be way too sweet, but that wasn't the case at all. If you go fast, you'll get a very light tobacco taste with no tongue bite and slight sweetness. But if you pack it right and sip it ... wow! You almost have to tease out the added flavors, but you can find hints of rum, cocoa, I "think" some coconut, and other flavors. The tobacco itself is as light as I've had, you really have to sip this slowly to find the magic, but it's there and it's great. It's almost too light ... But I find myself wanting more. It's so enjoyable. I can see this being an all day smoke or at least calling for a second bowl!

Newminster - No.48 Danish Gold 2 oz
Pleasantly surprised
If you are looking for a very sweet and very flavored aromatic, then this Newminster Danish Gold is not the one you need. It has a little sweetness in its tin note, a little in its room note, and a bit in its flavor. But it's a mild and reserved sweetness, mainly from the quality Cavendish, but probably some from the flavorings added, too. Let's talk about those flavors. They are not in your face like a lot of, say, cherry or many other fruity aromatics. Rather, there is a very "low key" caramel and the slight detection of a little fruitiness. Barely. You can taste the Cavendish a lot, and it's a quality mix of brown and black. There may be a little Virginia also floating around the flavor profile; in fact, the Smoking Pipes description says Virgina and Burley, but that is a misprint. I detect zero Burley, and in fact I checked other sites and none say Burley. If it's there at all, I can't detect it. So it's very light overall, some Cavendish plus hints of flavorings. Zero bite. It does need to dry a bit, say 20 minutes. It packs beautifully (a very consistent ribbon) and smokes clean with zero relights needed, usually. I just do a char light, relight it, and go all the way to the bottom, slowly and pleasantly. So, it's a little sweet, but not like a typical aromatic; it's quality Cavendish, but maybe with a bit of Virgina to help it out; it's flavored, but the flavors are mild and meld well with the natural components; and it's a light, clean smoke that's easy to deal with. For me, it's up there close to Eileen's Dream, which is still my favorite aromatic, but Danish Gold is just too light to rival Eileen's Dream. You MUST try this one if you like aromatics that are not so sweet, a light Cavendish blend, and mild flavors that are reserved and low key to the point that you have to tease them out or even retrohale to find them sometimes. I really like this tobacco as a change of pace from my usual non-aromatics and recommend it heartily to folks who want an aromatic that's not "kool-aid" sweet. Get some and stuff that cob! 4 / 5

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Won't buy again
For my palette, Haunted Bookshop seemed like a bit better version of cheap burley tobacco. Bag note was plain and cheap. Room note is way too close to cigarette for me. I will say that I could do my char light and then the bowl would smoke even and never need a relight! Also, I could sip it slowly. It required little work in my cob and my nice bent apple. So if you like stout burleys, this may be for you. I bought an ounce b/c I wanted a burley to build a cake in a new pipe, and I must say that the cake is off to a good start. But ashy taste of the burley and the nicotine punch in the face are too much for me. However, I've found that cutting a tad into sweet aromatics evens them out a bit. I'm glad I tried this, but I discovered I like my non-aromatics with more complexity and a bit smoother.

CAO - Eileen's Dream Cigarillos
Incredible flavor and value
For me, flavored cigars and non-flavored ones are two completely different smokes. I'm rating this, obviously, as a flavored cigar. These are incredibly smooth and flavorful. Even creamy. They're sweet but not koolaid. Great room notes. You get lots of tobacco flavor, plus sweet cappuccino-like notes from the Irish Cream, vanilla, and subtle chocolates. Wish they came in larger singles. The cigarillos leave you wanting a little more time.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Rum & Maple
Another Sutliff treat
Needs a little air drying and needs to be sipped slowly. Tin note is fantastic, smells just like its name. Room note very pleasant and aromatic. Smoke definitely tastes like its name. Sweet a and tasty. I find that it's a balanced aromatic, with the tobacco flavors and the added flavors working well together. Will get again.

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
Good taste, easy smoke, on the sweeter side
I found that this one shouldn't air dry too long. 15 to 20 minutes is perfect for me. Tin note is amazing, you get the blackberry, the tobaccos, and the brandy all working together. Room note is very pleasant. Pleasant smoke with steady hints of fruit and liquor. On the sweeter side for sure, but tasty and not just candy like many sweeter aromatics. At times it is a creamy smoke, but not as consistently as your finer aromatics. I'll get this one again some day, but it wasn't one I had to immediately get again. Good smoke when you crave a sweet aromatic (and I'm usually a fan of English blends).

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
A creamy, mild, slow sipping delight
Instant hit, really liked it from the first smell and first bowl. Let it air dry a bit. Sip it slowly. Wonderful vanilla flavor that is tasty but not over the top. The tobaccos are well balanced. Creamy smoke if you go slow. Very smooth, very easy to smoke, I will definitely get it again. Hard to believe a bulk aromatic is this great.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
Hard to Pin Down
It's hard to pin down my opinion of this one and it's hard to pin down exactly what the experience is. I appreciate how varied the smoke is: earthiness; spiciness; mildness; sharpness. But the dominant flavor can be somewhat soapy. I think there's a frequent muddiness from all the ingredients, like when you mix too many paints and you just get brown. Had about 6 or 7 bowls, now I'm going to cellar it and see if that melds it and gets rid of the soapiness. EDIT: a little cellaring went a long way. Instead of soapy, the primary taste was peppery. Very earthy all the way through, but spice and pepper are there, too, and it's enjoyable. Raising my score to 4.

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Easy Aromatic Smoke with Enjoyable Flavors
No drying necessary at all, but I've found 15 minutes of air drying makes this one a great aromatic experience. Plenty of flavor but it's not heavy or dominating. You get notes of tobacco AND the infused flavors, but it's not sharp and never seems to bite. I smoke it very lightly, very easy sipping. Very well balanced. Best aromatic I've experienced so far. Reminds me of a mildly sweet cappuccino. EDIT: Still great, and some time in a glass jar made it smoke even better. My personal fave.

526 - Old Professor

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