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Good, but not 'it' January 24, 2017
By: Fred W.
This tobacco tastes good. I really can't say anything bad about it. But it just doesn't hold my interest. I start feeling a little bored by the end of the bowl. But really, you should give it a try.
Good stuff January 24, 2017
By: Fred W.
This is a nice, smooth blend. A little dull in a wide bowl, but my go to tobacco for my billiards.
Nice light smoke January 24, 2017
By: Fred W.
This probably won't be my go to tobacco, but for a nice light and spicy blend, this will be in the rotation.
Great January 23, 2017
By: Nabhasbhichaya D.
Slow cool burning with sweetness from real tobacco.
My go to January 23, 2017
By: John C.
This has become my daily carry. I now alwaysbhave a bag with me along with 2 or 3 others that change. This has been the constrain. Full and well rounded burns cool.
Pipe heaven January 23, 2017
By: Sören Å.
I think this has to be one of my absolute favorite! Probably the very best! Why mix it? Just enjoy it!
Delicious but not SWEET! January 23, 2017
By: Stanley N.
As the always curious smoker of new, or even re-issued blends I chose circles to try first among these offerings. The word Black Cavendish is in my opinion, something to avoid generally. In this case it's use is so delicate that I can barely detect... Read More
Hits the spot January 23, 2017
By: Andrew T.
Good tobacco, has a slight cigarette dryness to it, but a good blend all the same. I find it very satisfying when I need a smoke and this is close to hand. I have a number of go-to tobaccos and this is high on my list. I find I smoke it more often th... Read More
Nice Flavor, Nicotine Kick January 23, 2017
By: Richard A.
Nice medium flavor and room note, definitely strong nicotine in this one -- you might want to save this one for after meals. I'm also packing it a little less tight that with other tobaccos -- easy to pack it too tight and then have trouble with the ... Read More
Warm, Smooth, and Easy. January 23, 2017
By: John V.
I'm only halfway through my first tin, but I was so taken by this flake that I wanted to get a few early words in. It requires no drying time, loads easily, and lights quickly. There is no bite, it burns at a steady rate, and quickly becomes spicy-sw... Read More
Strong January 23, 2017
By: Nabhasbhichaya D.
It is very strong, but i'm okay. Tase a bit like cigar.
Simple January 23, 2017
By: Vincent m.
Never knew I liked burley, have ordered 3 times now plan to order more. Not once have I suffered tongue bite,it is a sipping tobacco show respect and the rewards are all yours my friends. It is nice to look upon,easy to load , aroma out of bag i... Read More
5 Pipe stand with drawer January 23, 2017
By: Sal A.
Great product! Quality wood and workmanship - drawer comes in especially handy for small pipe tools etc. Sal
Very Good. January 22, 2017
By: John S.
A pure Burley tobacco with a light toping that I believe is the same as used on McClelland 2000. Like it says, no bite. Stays lit, tastes great and the aroma is very pleasant. A good all day burley.
very very Good ! January 22, 2017
By: August K.
Enough Said !