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Coconut Fanatic February 22, 2017
By: Andrew T.
Ok, first off, I am a fanatic for anything that has coconut in it. I picked this up for that one reason alone. The coconut is more a hint rather than an overwhelming flavour. It's a very balanced and mild tobacco and makes for a good all day smoke. D... Read More
Good Smoke February 22, 2017
By: Andrew T.
I am usually an English blend fan, but occasionally I look for something a little sweeter without being overly cased.I tried this on a whim and happy I did. The tobacco has a good flavour that's not overly sweet, but a nice cavendish style tobacco. I... Read More
Awesome! February 22, 2017
By: Evan S.
Best cigar yet!
huge, but not as good. February 22, 2017
By: Evan S.
This cigar was a beast in size, but was not as good smelling or tasting as they led me to believe. But I gave a good rating for its size!
Strong February 21, 2017
By: Bruce L.
This tobacco may ought to be used in blending by most folks. If your blend just doesn't have enough oomph, add some of this. It has little bite to me(who's been smoking pipe over 40 years).It's smokey, has some hay or straw flavor, and something I ju... Read More
Like a War Horse February 21, 2017
By: Matt A.
This was surprisingly sweet and strong, a decent nic hit! I'm sure there's a casing on it that adds to the sweetness but whatever it is, it works. The moisture from the tin was pretty much perfect and it light and burn very well. The only issue I had... Read More
A New Favorite February 21, 2017
By: Patrick D.
This is surely one of, if not my new favorite. I have been enjoying Bayou Morning, but always thought it would be interesting to know what it was like with some black cavendish, so I tried this. It is quite similar to Bayou Morning, but has a bit mor... Read More
Solid Offering From SG February 21, 2017
By: Matt A.
Being a huge fan of SG in general and having 1792 in my regular rotation when I heard rumours that Lakeland Dark is the same blend (less the casing) as 1792 I just had to order a few tins. I found it medium in nic strength with a strong flavor. The t... Read More
A Good Burley February 21, 2017
By: Matt A.
I smoked two tins of this and enjoyed every puff. A medium flavor and strength, it had a good burley taste with some good Virginia sweetness. I only got hints of the perique and nothing from the Kentucky. I didn't really notice the nic at all but I'm... Read More
Nothing Better in a Flake!!! February 21, 2017
By: Matt A.
As far as Virginia flakes go Irish is the absolute best. It has a Cope-esque topping in the tin note... which while pleasant really doesn't matter... who smokes a crappy burning blend so they can smell the tin? The flake rubs out easily, but on openi... Read More
Terrific. February 21, 2017
By: John S.
As soon as I received my tin and opened it and transferred the tobacco to a Mason jar. After I let it sit for a month I tried it out. Opening the jar I smell what seems to be a light strawberry flavoring. The strawberry, along with the Virginia tobac... Read More
Excellent Vaper February 20, 2017
By: Matt A.
SG nailed it. It's different than any other Vaper I've smoked but definitely you know you're smoking a Vaper. Sweet with that Perique kick which is so satisfying. Like all SG blends its rather wet from the tin but let it dry and it will be a favourit... Read More
Disappointed February 20, 2017
By: Matt A.
I'm not a latakia fan so I thought based on the rum flavoring I may enjoy this. After going through the 1st of 2 tins I ordered I'm suprised to say that while I found the latakia tolerable, it was the only flavor I got from this. It was barely there ... Read More
Gifted History February 20, 2017
By: Scott C.
I was gifted this tin for Christmas by my college age daughter who said she "simply bought it because it had a pointer on it". You see, we had a German Shorthaired Pointer for 13 years and that dog was an iconic family member. Not only do I apprec... Read More
5 Stars! February 20, 2017
By: David M.