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Simply Awesome! May 25, 2017
By: Eddie M.
Definitely one of my favorite aromatics! Burns well & flavor lasts through to the end. Smoked in a Savinelli 321.
Superb English blend. May 25, 2017
By: David R.
Absolutely delicious, five stars. Nothing else to add.
winner May 25, 2017
By: Arthur Z.
Light from begining,bold to end,far ahead off all english style,very delicate and no sour vs junk in mouth aftertaste- assume this is traditional English as it should be,TY smokingpipes
enjoyable May 25, 2017
By: Arthur Z.
A little Perique and a good deal of Latakia are mixed with a touch of Irish Aromatic tobacco for an enjoyable, all day smoke- described almost accurate but to my test there is less latakika then aromatic,wich make it winner for me.TY!
rustic May 25, 2017
By: Arthur Z.
This brand worth to try .Ordered all Kramer's as samples and all my pipes and myself happy within.Test very natural ,remind me a fine rubbed flake.Burns slow,smooth smoke,smoky ,not strong or light but bold.Well done to my test.
Smooth & pleasant May 25, 2017
By: Michael C.
This aromatic is different from all others. It is a mild & sweet tobacco, but not overly sweet. The only other tobacco I have tried that is near to it is BCA. Great flavor, could easily be an all day smoke.
To each their own May 25, 2017
By: Timothy S.
Not a huge plug fan to begin with, too much work. But this was crazy. The absolute hardest to cut plug I have ever experienced. Wow. Hence the three stars. The leaf itself is 5 Stars. "Casing" is mentioned. I detected none. The tobacco its... Read More
Wasn't impressed May 25, 2017
By: Timothy S.
Disclaimer, the low rating is due to the marquee. I really expected more from Dunhill. It's not a bad tobacco - it's just bad for Dunhill. Very bland, not what I am used to with Virginia's. The strength, I didn't detect. Packs good, burns good.. real... Read More
Wonderful Flavor and Spice May 25, 2017
By: Joseph H.
I love Strong English Mixture's, This Blend is just fantastic! Has a wonderful Smoky campfire flavor with a perfect amount of Perique in my opinion to spice things up. I just had a bowl of this by my fire-pit and had such a wonderful experience and ... Read More
Captain WACK May 25, 2017
By: Aaron m.
The only reason this must be the worlds best selling tobacco is because people simply do not know better. If you want to learn how to smoke a pipe (packing, lighting, puffing, tamping etc...) with a relatively cheap investment, this will do the jo... Read More
Royal Virginia May 24, 2017
By: Christopher C.
This is a sweet and tasty virginia mixture. Ive read about high nic levels but havent had a problem with that. The ribbon cut from this company always burns perfectly. This is a very nice and high quality tobacco. If you like sweet virginias you'll d... Read More
Excellent!! May 24, 2017
By: Den J.
One of the best Burley/Virgina's! Right up there with Granger. Very mild, and flavorful. Chocolate, nutty flavors.Right from the start of the bowl to the end. Highly recommended if you are a Burley/Virginia fan.
Interesting Complexity May 24, 2017
By: Scott S.
This blend definitely benefits from a more focused and contemplative smoke. It requires attention and careful and measured puffing to enjoy the complexity of the various components, but the time spent is worth the effort. I do understand the labeling... Read More
A sweet dessert Tobacco May 24, 2017
By: Kam D.
This is a wonderful sweet tobacco with creamy vanilla taste. The whole family loved the aroma and I enjoyed the silky smooth smoke.
Autumn in the Pumpkin Patch May 24, 2017
By: Matthew g.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tobacco with the description being about the deep woods, of which I have spent much time hiking, hunting, and camping. Truth be told, the deep woods would not be how I described it. My first bowl was a delight w... Read More