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Must try for vanilla lovers October 25, 2016
By: Jeff N.
If you're a fan of vanilla flavored aromatics, this is a must try. Pouch note hits you hard with vanilla. It's smooth tasting with a vanilla flavor that's strong. I do like to puff on it by itself once in a while, but only in moderation, it's almost ... Read More
Much Better Than Last Time October 24, 2016
By: Carl M.
I last smoked Half N Half in the late 1990s,and it was a much different composition.It was quite harsh,and smelled like newly mown grass.I never finished the pouch.This pouch, I will finish.The tobaccos are cut better,smell FAR better,and the taste i... Read More
Devilishly Delicious October 24, 2016
By: Colin M.
I'm definitely one of those lovers of this unique aromatic tobacco. I always have trouble finding aromatics that are classy and quality. I just like having a couple on hand for when the mood strikes, so I am very particular about what I invest in. ... Read More
Awesome classic October 24, 2016
By: Mohammad Nabeel K.
Amazing, cool & joyful.....May be because I am Syrian, or may be because Mac Baren could create the best of Latakia... But I am in love with it from the very first bowl.. To avoid the tongue bites just let it breath a little before you fill your ... Read More
Must try October 24, 2016
By: Charles H.
I mean this stuff is good. I only smoke a handful of aromatics a year and this just passed st pat's day and cult for my top aromatic.
Excellent Blend October 24, 2016
By: Cristian C.
Cold smell something soapy with fresh notes of acid sweet fruit like a plums very nice. You can smoke directly from the tin. Burning it delivers a pretty nice not very thick smoke, rich flavor. It has a constant strength from start to finish. Definit... Read More
Pleasant Surprise October 24, 2016
By: Robert J.
I usually smoke lightly topped Aromatics and sometimes a Virginia, Perique blend. I have not been a big fan of English blends with Latakia. I was attracted to because I've wanted to try this blend for some time now. The more I smoke ... Read More
Smooth October 23, 2016
By: Bryon M.
Sipping tobacco, smooth and pleasant. I have been smoking it more than my other tobacco since I got it, I will buy again.
Cheap October 23, 2016
By: Bryon M.
First use and it started to fall apart.
Hmmmm October 23, 2016
By: Carl J.
I'm not sure what I expected when I bought this. What I didn't expect was Coca Puffs. I'm exaggerating but this blend has a heavy taste of baking chocolate. There is a typically light cigar note below the dominant taste but it is much subdued. It's s... Read More
Not Bad At All October 23, 2016
By: Brian H.
Agree with Kyle.. I smoke mostly Virginia's but this aromatic ain't bad! It's super super soft smoke with no bite and a pleasant sweet vanilla flavor that doesn't taste artificial. It produces a LOT of smoke too. Puff hard if you want, it's all good.... Read More
Big Disappointment October 22, 2016
By: Ahmad O.
Being one of the most reckoned blends from Captain Black line, I indeed had high hopes for this one. But unfortunately it disappointed me a lot.. The taste is quite faint - at least in comparison to CB Regular - and it's extremely moist, wet even. An... Read More
One of Captain Black good ones October 22, 2016
By: Ahmad O.
This blend is a decent addition from CB. It suffers most of the drawbacks of Captain Black, goopy pouch moisture, bad cut full of twigs and stems.. But it has a delightful aroma and the taste of Vanilla is less chemical than other CB blends. It has l... Read More
Training wheels October 22, 2016
By: Ahmad O.
Well, this is one of the first blends I have smoked and it was what my father smoked exclusively. So, it had some nostalgic value for me, which made me pick it up in the first place. But aside from nostalgia, it isn't a good blend whatsoever. The tas... Read More
Kind of Magic October 22, 2016
By: Ahmad O.
As simple as they are.. They work splendidly to save that dear baccy that went to the crispy side. I ordered 20 of those on the recommendation of other reviewers. And tried two of them on my Davidoff tins..They were quite crispy and smoked so hot and... Read More