Holiday Gift Guide 2019

When it comes to gifts, we pipesmokers can be a difficult lot to buy for. Our loved ones know that we take our hobby seriously; it's evident in our mountains of tobacco tins and multiple racks of cherished briars and meers. But unless you're also participating in our shared love of briar and leaf, the whole thing can seem a bit overwhelming. I mean, with so many pipes, tobaccos, and accessories out there, it's hard enough for us to make an autonomous decision about what we want for ourselves, let alone what we might recommend to those wishing to find us something special.

As your friendly neighborhood online tobacconist, we're here to help; that's why we've compiled a brand new Holiday Gift Guide specifically for 2019. Below you'll find some of our recommendations for gift giving, as well as myriad stocking stuffer ideas. Whether you're shopping for a loved one, or curating your own wishlist, feel free to bookmark this page or share it around. It's no guarantee, but it just might help you find something you really want under the tree, instead of a new bathroom scale or hair restorer like last year.

Gift Ideas

Peterson Christmas 2019 Pipes

It seems like an intuitive choice, but it's rare for our loved ones to think about a Christmas pipe as a gift for us. Since 2009, Kapp & Peterson has released an annual, special edition Christmas pipe to celebrate the holiday season, pairing a variety of the marque's most iconic shapes in a singular finish unique to the year. Compared to previous editions, which often incorporated striking red-and-green motifs, 2019's Christmas pipe presents a handsomely reserved, subtly festive palette: A burgundy rustication combined with a copper military mount and a cumberland-patterned acrylic stem. Available in 12 of Peterson's most popular shapes, the Christmas 2019 line offers a warm and cozy aesthetic, perfect for the coming holiday, and they smoke much better than ugly Christmas sweaters.


Savinelli Saint Nicholas 2019 Pipes

In a just and fair world, your Christmas gifts would be comprised of only pipes and pipe tobacco, but our loved ones don't know how many festive holiday options are available to them, including Savinelli's Saint Nicholas series in a range of Savinelli's most popular shapes and in a distinct finish each year. For 2019, they've also kept things fairly traditional, dressing nine iconic designs like the 320KS Author and the 311KS Poker in dark, low-profile rustications with alternating bands of brass and nickel. A touch more festive than Peterson's Christmas offering, bright red acrylic stems contrast the reserved palette nicely, adding a touch of playful holiday cheer to the presentation and some reasonably priced hope for a smoky Christmas.


Peterson Lighters

Not all of us can anticipate a new pipe for the holidays. It's intimidating for our loved ones to choose pipes. And while Peterson's and Savinelli's special edition holiday lines are both excellent gift choices, accessories may be an easier category — and few accessories are quite as important as a high-quality, reliable and stylish pipe lighter. Modeled after the iconic Old Boy, Peterson lighters offer specific designs for pipesmokers, featuring angled, soft flames and twin-holed nozzles that are easy on a pipe's rim and offer more wind resistance than many pipe lighters we grumble about when smoking outdoors. What's more, they're available in a number of dashing finishes, including new models featuring icons of Peterson's System pipes and the Irish Harp symbol, sure to catch your spouse's attention when shopping for the perfect gift.


Neerup Tobacco Knives

We're pipe smokers, and nothing tells us we're loved more than a new tobacco knife on Christmas morning. Tobacco comes in many shapes and forms, from ready-to-pack ribbon to dense plugs and ropes. Featuring handles designed by Peder Jeppesen and produced by the Neerup workshop, as well as AUS-8 high-grade chromium Japanese steel for the blades (with a Rockwell hardness rating of 56-58), Neerup's Tobacco Knives are excellent tools that can handle anything you throw at them. Dark, finely grained wenge wood and a simple design makes them brilliant, handsome additions to any smoker's selection of pipe tools, and each comes in its own leather case for easy storage.


Scott Tinker Pipe Stands

What's the point of spending years assembling and curating our collection of briars and meers, only for them to sit in a drawer or lay scattered across our desks when not in use? If only we had some way of displaying or showcasing our prized gems... Enter one of the most overlooked accessories of our hobby: the pipe stand. Scott Tinker has dedicated years to crafting pipe furniture as beautiful as the finest pipes in our collections, and he does so through a meticulous hands-on approach to the craft. Wherever feasible, Scott favors actual hand-tools over powered machinery; creates his own varnishes from natural, raw resins and oils; and champions hand planing over sanding to produce a superior finish. The planing technique is particularly noteworthy, as it does a wonderful job of bringing out a wood's reflective properties with a beautiful shimmer. While downright stunning, his pipe stands are incredibly functional as well, with each pipe securely held in place by a series of magnets. Just place one of the magnetic balls into a pipe's bowl and align it with the corresponding inlay situated within the stand. We've all seen them, admired them, and most likely decided not to selfishly indulge ourselves. Christmas is the time for your loved ones to indulge you with special gifts you may not purchase for yourself, but really, really want.


Glotov Tampers

Another often-overlooked accessory, the humble pipe tamper is among a pipesmoker's most essential tools. Even and well-timed tamping can reduce the number of relights, ensure an even burn, and potentially enhance the duration and quality of the smoke. As a competitive slow smoker, Russian artisan Alexander Glotov understands this importance, which is why he designs his tampers for efficient and comfortable use, with the needs of the pipesmoker foremost. Each tamper is unique in design and singular in materials. Glotov uses extremely durable electroplated nickel and brass for his work, providing a high luster finish and comfortable weight, as well as impressive resistance against corrosion and wear. Many Glotov designs feature key rings for greater portability and access, and each tamper is housed in its own leather sleeve or case. This is a stocking stuffer you can be excited about.


Cornell & Diehl's Corn Cob Pipe & A Button Nose Pipe Tobacco

Christmas candy was great when we were kids, but now we want tobacco. Like many pipe manufacturers, some blending houses maintain the tradition of offering a special-edition blend for the holiday season. For 2019's holiday season, Cornell & Diehl has revisited one of their most popular seasonal aromatics. Inspired by the ubiquitous holiday jingle, "Frosty The Snowman," Corn Cob Pipe (And A Button Nose) combines red and bright Virginias, black Cavendish, and a touch of white Burley, offering an inviting, nostalgic aroma redolent with notes of toasted marshmallow and warm cocoa. As a cube-cut mixture, it's easy to pack and easy to smoke, not to mention downright delicious all the way down to the dottle and a perfect accompaniment for holiday beverages. I have a tin set aside to open on Christmas morning, if only I can wait that long.


Branded Leather Accessories

A little known fact about pipesmokers: We always need more ways to carry our hobby with us. At different times and for different purposes, we need leather carrying pouches in varying configurations. Smokingpipes' branded leather accessories are subtle and traditional in style, and travel well with either a suit or cargo shorts. Crafted from durable natural leather, emblazoned with the Smokingpipes logo, they protect our cherished pipes from dings, dents, and scratches, whether they're holding several or only one. And at such an accessible price point, it's easy to pick up a couple in various sizes — from 2-pipe cases up to 4-pipe travel bags for any particular carry needs. They're fun to use, and what's better than a gift that's fun?


Scott Tinker Tampers

In addition to the stunning pipe furniture mentioned above, Scott Tinker also crafts a range of exceptional pipe tampers using the same minimalist, hands-on approach. With such exotic materials as Gaboon Ebony, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Snakewood, Shark Vertebrae, and other captivating elements, he empowers the organic mediums to shine; but as a pipesmoker himself, Scott also ensures each design is extremely functional. He even offers several different variations depending on a smoker's taste and preferences, ranging from the more utilitarian Narwhal designs to his highly stylized Zeppelin models.


Claudio Albieri 4 Pipe Bags

If Claudio Albieri were an artist, his 4-pipe Italian Leather bags would be his magnum opus. He's not an artist, however; he's a craftsman, and more specifically, he's a master leatherworker known for his extremely high quality, highly functional designs. Compact and extremely portable, Albieri's four-pipe bags offer spaces for four different pipes, each one stowed in their own integrated, soft leather pipe sleeve. Along with these pipe holsters are compartments for tobacco, tampers, and other pipe accessories — in addition to an external pocket along one of the bag's outside faces. While a finely crafted leather satchel would be an excellent gift for just about anyone, the functional, stylish design of Claudio's four-pipe bags make them the perfect accessories for a pipesmoker on the go. We've all wanted one, or more, of these incredible bags. Why not share that aspiration with the people who want to find you a great gift?


The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson

The greatest gift of all is the gift of knowledge, and no one knows more about Kapp & Peterson than Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg. Their latest book, The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson, is a comprehensive, in-depth account of the oldest continuously operating pipe factory in the world. It details the illustrious company's history, dating back to 1865, while also providing information on specific Peterson pipes, old catalogs and brochures, profiles of integral employees, and much more, all accompanied by countless, high-quality photos. I've read countless pieces of pipe literature over the years, but no one book has fundamentally changed the way I view a manufacturer quite like The Peterson Pipe.


Xikar Cutters

A great deal of this guide has been devoted to pipes, pipe tobacco, and pipe accessories, but what about cigars? Don't worry: we've got plenty of gift ideas to share there, too. Let's start with Xikar. One of the most celebrated manufacturers of cigar accessories in the industry, Xikar has been a staple on our site for years; their cutters in particular are some of the very best in their price range, and cater to different techniques and preferences. Whether you favor a V-cut, a simple punch, or a clean slice, Xikar offers a range of cigar cutters with blades hardened to a Rockwell C rating of 57, making them some of the hardest, sharpest blades you can buy. Available in a variety of models, shapes, and colors, all come with a "bumper to bumper" lifetime guarantee. Some of us smoke cigars only occasionally, but we deserve a good cut when we do.


Toscano Cigars

Toscano is one brand I consistently recommend both to cigar and pipe enthusiasts alike, as they're excellent cross-over sticks. Originating from Florence, Italy, during the early 1800s, Toscano cigars are crafted from fermented American and Italian dark-fired Kentucky tobaccos. Unlike Caribbean cigars, these sticks are considered dry cigars or "cheroots" and, because of their strength and long size, are traditionally smoked "ammezzato" — cut in half rather than enjoyed in their entirety, effectively providing two smokes per one cigar. Though best stored in air-tight containers around 68℉ (20℃) and 65% humidity, Toscano cigars still retain their quality for a day or two in a leather cigar holder, making them ideal for travel, while their attractive price point is perfect for everyday enjoyment. And they look great under a Christmas tree.

$14 - $21 for a 5ct package

S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighters

While some of us prefer traditional matches, the easiest and quickest way to light up a cigar, particularly in windy conditions, is with a torch lighter. That said, most models are quite large and lack the classy, stylish aesthetic we find among pipe lighters. S.T. Dupont has changed all that with the Slim 7 line, the world's thinnest luxury cigar lighter. Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has represented the L'art de Vivre, the "Art of Living," curating French lifestyle through a luxurious array of pens, stationary, leather accessories, and esteemed lighters. The brand's outstanding quality combines with preeminent innovation in the Slim 7, weighing only 45 grams and boasting a width of merely 7mm (I've seen thicker pipe stems). Available in a variety of elegant finishes, the Slim 7 offers unrivaled ease of use and comfortable portability all in a sturdy design with a powerful wind-resistant flame. A luxury cigar torch may not be something we'd all spontaneously purchase for ourselves, but we'd love to receive one as a gift.


Gift Cards

Lastly, there's always the humble-but-practical gift card. With values ranging from $25 to $500, Smokingpipes Gift Cards take away the guesswork and give the gift of choice, allowing you or your loved one to purchase anything from our site — including pipe tobacco, cigars, and estate pipes — at anytime. Plus, we add new pipes, tobaccos, and accessories to the site multiple times each week, there are always new options to choose from whenever it comes time to use the card.


Economical Stocking Stuffers

Not every gift has to be a big, grand thing. Something as simple as restocking our ever-depleting stash of pipe cleaners can be a huge boon. And really, it's the thought that counts: a simple gesture indicating that our loved ones recognize the joy that pipesmoking brings to our lives. Here are some smaller ideas for them to demonstrate their appreciation:

And that concludes this year's Holiday Gift Guide. I hope it's been helpful, or at least educational. If you still find yourself overwhelmed or would like some additional recommendations, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. They'd be happy to help you find that perfect gift (whether it's for yourself or a loved one). Also, don't forget you can share your Smokingpipes wishlist with family and friends, which statistically has proven to be more effective than dropping hints. It's time we took more responsibility for our own happiness by helping our loved ones find gifts that will provide what they most want: a response of surprise and delight. Happy Holidays!


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