A & C Petersen: Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g

Product Number: 003-001-0001

This old classic, Escudo Navy Deluxe, is a popular Perique/Va. curly cut tobacco in large coin size.


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Gold Coin
March 19, 2016
By: David S.
Since I ordered my first tin of Escudo, I have been very pleased with my purchase. When I first cracked the tin several weeks ago, I was greeted with the pleasant smell of a mixture of plums, essence of orange, and some other pleasant odors. I separa... Read More
What Else is there to Say?
March 15, 2016
By: Ross Arlen T.
This is what tobacco tastes like. It is very very good. That is all.
Wonderful Navy Flake
March 02, 2016
By: Andrew K.
Just got the tin this morning and took a pipefull this afternoon. Smooth, tasty and just a very good, traditional tobacco that has no bite and no nasty side issues at all. I also have tried Peter Stokbye's version which is also excellent but like thi... Read More
Hated it at first.
February 07, 2016
By: Mark Y.
Did not care for this at first opening, tucked it away for about one year and its a winner. My go to in this style is Robert Mcconnell folded flake but this Escudo is growing on me.
Lived Up to the Hype
January 08, 2016
By: Carl J.
Read all of the rest, they do it justice. This is the apex of VaPer blends, along with the bite warning for puffing too fast. The coins are very manageable and will remain in disks for stuffing or easily shred into ribbons. Give it a try.
The "I get it" tobacco
January 06, 2016
By: Vincent N.
I am smoking this tobacco for the first time. It is great. I am smoking it in a size 3 Dunhill and I will say it is the best I have ever smoked in this pipe. Mild and not bite at all (at least yet) I believe this will be my everyday, go to, smoke... Read More
My go too VaPer
January 06, 2016
By: Stewart V.
I can not begin to tell you how much i love Escudo Navy Deluxe. It is a creamy smoke that will not give you tongue bite like most Virginias. The tin note is fantastic, i relate it to my childhood growing up on a horse farm with hints of hay, sweet-... Read More
A good reissue
December 23, 2015
By: Pete R.
This blend compares well with the original Escudo that I smoked in the 1960,s . It uses the perique in the right way , it adds to the taste but does not knock your sox off . I compared a 30 year old can with this new one and it showed very well when ... Read More
great all day smoke!
November 27, 2015
By: Robert h.
This subtle blend does not overwhelm. The perique touches in the flavor, but does not come screaming out to assault the tongue like other va-per blends ive had. Easy to pack and easier to smoke i could roll through bowls by the dozen on this stuff. P... Read More
No Wonder!
November 19, 2015
By: Douglas B.
Wondered why this blend sells well. Very mild, burns very well and without a hint of bite. An all-day smoke that will keep your attention. It's a well-deserved standard and very much worth trying.
good coin.
October 23, 2015
By: Jung Pil s.
the standard
September 27, 2015
By: Matthew P.
I dont know about the original but as a VaPer fan I can say this is the standard. I like reading reviews but always remember that everyone's tastes are different. This is the perfect mixture to finding a balance that you like.... if you dont like thi... Read More
I agree with Beibi y.
September 25, 2015
By: Richard J.
It does fall a little short of the original, but it is well worth the experience of enjoying freshly mowed summer grass with the sharpness of it that a cool morning brings. I love both the old & the new in my pipe or, when I have very little time... Read More
Recommended for both new and seasoned smokers.
August 14, 2015
By: Kam D.
I filled a bowl of this tobacco after a long day at work on Friday evening, relaxing on my porch. I gotta tell you it was a great surprise. Medium strength and full falvour of this wonderful smoke made me totally relaxed and satisfied. ESQUDO ranks... Read More
Excellent va/per.
July 25, 2015
By: Christopher C.
Ages beautifully, in my opinion until reaching perfection at around 9 years. Exceptional presentation in the tin, and always a delicious treat.
Classic All-Day Smoke
July 08, 2015
By: Paul S.
What I really love about this tobacco is how easy it rubs down to a beautiful thin ribbon (better than Luxury Bullseye). It just packs and lights so well. The taste instantly hits me as a classic; the virginias provide sweetness, and the perique open... Read More
June 14, 2015
By: Beibi y.
superb, intense
May 20, 2015
By: Alex c.
OK, everyone loves this one, so many comments in forums. 17 wheels of delight per tin? It is weight I guess, but lasts forever in the bowl. The gold standard, but luxury bullseye wins on quantity, price and everyday use.
one of the better VaPers
April 02, 2015
By: Caleb W.
If you smoke it fast it really doesn't reward you with anything special. that's probably why it didn't initially click with me years ago. but when you sip it, you're thoroughly rewarded with a slightly sweet and complex flavor. I have to highly disag... Read More
Primo Cigarette
February 08, 2015
By: Bryan W.
This tobacco had a slightly sweet ashy note as it burned. I smoked it in many different pipes and meerschaums. Still, it always tasted like a high quality cigarette. I thought it was nasty.
February 05, 2015
By: John D.
Nice, but I prefer the added touch of sweetness in LBF.
December 25, 2014
By: Isyaffi I.
A definitely must have for va/per smokers!
September 19, 2014
By: Duane P.
Far and away my favorite Vaper. Extraordinary with age but more than acceptable fresh. This is the tobacco by which all other Vapers are measured.
Love it ...
July 25, 2014
By: Muhaini a.
Thats one of the best virginia tobaccos .
July 02, 2014
By: Wayne M.
One of my favorites. Subtle, grassy, with a slight fig tin note, and the spice of St James Parish Perique. I've had some aged for a dozen years that keeps getting better. It's a staple of my cellar. There's always twenty or more tins on hand.
March 13, 2014
By: Davin A.
I know why people rave about it. It's a wonderful, relaxing smoke. I haven't decided if this or Three Nuns is my favorite thus far in my month or so in of pipe smoking.
Beautiful with Age
January 18, 2014
By: Sykes W.
I've been smoking Escudo off and on for a dozen years now. While it's excellent young, it is extraordinary with a few years of age on it. I recently found some that I'd cellared a decade ago. Wow. It's softer, mellower, sweeter, more rounded. An extr... Read More
Good and Pricey
November 28, 2013
By: Guy D.
Escudo is undeniably one of the finest tobaccos. I enoy an occasional bowl but the cost can be prohibitive for everyday use. Luxry Bullseye Flake is not a substitue for Escudo as some have clamed, but I can afford to smoke it everyday.
Great Smoke!!
September 01, 2013
By: John D.
I just tried my first Escudo and WOW what a smoke!! Had to follow it up with a second bowl just make sure. The room note is pleasant and has a good flavor. Got so excited I had a mild hot spot to the back of my throat but that was my doing and not th... Read More
Good smoke
August 02, 2013
By: Timothy S.
Years ago this was my first tip toe into the world of tinned tobacco. Years later, dozens and varieties later, I still keep a tin or two of this about. It's good, little more need be said. Smokes nice with little to no bite, good tobacco flavor wit... Read More
OH MY!? out of stock?
July 15, 2013
By: Ralf S.
argh! i have only 1 and a half tin of it left! THE vaper ... and sure as *oops* one of the best belends of all times ... this awesome smoke is a real must and true keeper ... when will it be back in stcok?
Awesome Smoke
May 24, 2013
By: Wallace P.
This has to be one of the best VaPer's that I have ever smoked. Escudo has a natural sweet taste of lovely virginias with a touch of peppery spice from the perique, and is a nice all day smoke. There is no tongue bite at all, just a smooth earthy and... Read More
My First Va Per
March 30, 2013
By: Duane C.
Normally a virginia/latakia smoker, wanted to give something new a try and saw that Escudo was on the top of the sales list. Gave it a try, and it is incredible. Upon opening the tin, I was greeted with a sweet, almost apricot smell, and the smoke ta... Read More
March 09, 2013
By: Thomas V.
Saw it recommended for lovers of the Dunhill Royal Yacht. I tried it today and I'm truly impressed with the subtle flavor and burn. It's climbed to the top of my list. I am late to the party, regarding trying this blend, but this is a classic and n... Read More
Best VaPer
February 28, 2013
By: Scott S.
The best VaPer out there, and I've tried them all. Only negative is that it dries fast, so smoke it quickly or put it in a jar.
Beautiful simplicity
November 22, 2012
By: Alexander A.
The traditional VaPer formula with a decent body and level of nicotine, very natural tasting, balanced, earthy, smoky, perique-spiced but gentle and with no tongue bite at all. A great choice for a casual smoke.
just one word: AWESOME!
October 11, 2012
By: Ralf S.
this is by far the best blend i have come across for a long time ... it is not on sale in my country, so i wondered about the reviews i read about ESCUDO ... now i KNOW why it is praised ... its ... DELICIOUS! fresh from the tin; it smells like bread... Read More
Very pleasant blend.
September 28, 2012
By: James N.
This may not have the full bodied depth that many experienced smokers desire, but its milder flavours and pleasant aroma are excellent for all level of pipe smoker. The value for such a fragrant, tasty blend cannot be denied, and it beats its contemp... Read More
July 09, 2012
By: Kiyotaka K.
Common as a blend of Virginia and Perique. Compared to the McClelland, shadow complex flavor is mixed. However, it is easy smoke is very curly cut. The tobacco to Every-day smoke very nice.

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  • Components: Perique, Virginia
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