Peter Heinrichs: Curly Special 200g

Product Number: 003-048-0001

For Peter Heinrich's Curly Special, rare Virginias are spun into "twist" then sliced to the size of small coins. Each disk is a complete blend. Costly to produce, this spun cut can be smoked for its slow burning classic Virginia flavor or mixed into a favorite blend for a change of pace.
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  • Components: Perique, Virginia
  • Cut: Coins
  • Family: Virginia
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3.92 out of 5 stars
January 13, 2020
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
Ages superbly
October 31, 2018
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
My first Peter Heinrich tobacco, and long awaited. I have yet to smoke it fresh, but I can say with certainty that Curly Special is amazing with five years of age on it. Spicy, earthy, fruity, slightly tangy, and a touch of hay are all present and ... Read More
Excellent Tobacco
May 09, 2014
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
I think that anyone who likes Escudo will love this tobacco. It is cooler than Escudo, but has the same flavor. The rounds are smaller and can easily be packed whole or rubbed out.
May 21, 2020
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
Yes this smells like DLF out of the tin, and the red an golden virginias look promising. But in a pipe and when lit; we're talking a whole new experience here! First of all. This stuff is loaded with peppery perique. Secondly and probably most import... Read More
Needs more age
June 05, 2018
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
This tobacco is for the skilled piper. Does have a sharp edge to it fresh. 6 months of age has made it better. Also seems to like a bent pipe over a straight pipe. I think maybe a long Canadian would be the only straight pipe I’d enjoy it in. I have... Read More
pleased with a pleasant smoking
September 09, 2021
Product: Peter Heinrichs Curly Special 200g
And so, Peter Heinrich, Special Curly pleased with a pleasant smoking. There are similarities with the Three Nuns, but Peter Heinrich is more gentle and pleasant. The coins are so small that they do not trumpet rubbing. Easy to load into bowl pipes a... Read More