Sutliff: 515 RC-1

Product Number: 005-443-0241

A straightforward blend of processed and matured red Virginias, Sutliff's 515 RC-1 is an easy-to-love mixture with a tangy taste — one perfect for use in your own blending endeavors.

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  • Components: Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (25 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.30 out of 5 stars
A Vinegar Aromatic?
October 17, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I am amazed at all of the posts saying that this tastes like 5100. It smells and tastes like cat urine. It does not have any quality at all like 5100. It leaves my mouth, throat, and sinuses coated in bitter vinegar. Good try, but squirting vineg... Read More
Like a phoenix rising...
October 14, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
First, let me say that this Sutliff bulk tobacco came out of nowhere for me. I honestly couldn't tell you if it has been around a long time or is something new. What I am positive of is that I hadn't heard of it until McClelland announced they were c... Read More
Sneaky Good
August 07, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Bought it as a blender but it is too good on its' own and have chosen it as a worthy stand alone blend. Hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with this fine offering.
Red Cake fans rejoice!
June 22, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
This is hands down the closest tobacco I've tried to McClellands famed Red Cake. Sweet, tangy, mellow, delicious. It isn't quite the same thing, but it's awful close, just as good in my book. The price is also great.
Unpleasant acidity
November 28, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
People have compared this to McClelland’s 5100, also known as red cake, because of a supposed similar profile that combines a tangy flavor with sweetness. I have only smoked this once, but the taste of artificially produced acidity overpowered all th... Read More
Like smelling/smoking pure vinegar. Stings the nostrils.
January 10, 2021
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
From the mix of 5 and 1 star reviews, and considering my bag literally (not figuratively) smelled like someone soaked a sponge in vinegar, cut it up and put a label on it...I assume you either get a good bag or a bad bag with this blend. I gave it a ... Read More
Pickling time! Wait...what?
November 30, 2020
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Sour bomb! What in the Heinze pickling vinegar is going on with this blend? The reds aren't that citrusy are they??? Its like the Blender spritzed Yorktown with apple vinegar. Seriously weird and STRONG vinegar odder in the tin and pipe. When the red... Read More
December 31, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Did not like - sour like lemon
Very smooth
August 03, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I can't compare this to something that I have never had but I can say it is a mighty fine smoke. Smoke it nice a slow and it has a good smooth taste with a slight tangy to it.
Attention !!! This is POISON !!!
February 26, 2021
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Attention !!! This is POISON !!! The hot vapor of the vinegar burns your mouth. And this is not a metaphor. One minute of smoking is enough to never touch this muck again.
An Unfortunate Mockery of McClelland's 5100
January 14, 2021
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I had high hopes for this remake of the venerable 5100 Red Cake by McClelland but much to my dismay it bears nearly no resemblance to its archetype. This is quite evident without a back-to-back comparison to the original and even more obvious when a ... Read More
Close, good, but no cigar
January 03, 2020
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Like so many others I have bemoaned the loss of 5100. This straight Virginia ribbon does a reasonable job of filling that gap, but it's not up to the quality of 5100. The taste and flavor are just a bit off. I’m curious to see what aging will do to ... Read More
Good Replacement for 5100 Red Cake!
April 04, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
When I heard recently that Sutliff 515 RC-1 red Virginia blend was similar to McClelland's 5100 Red Cake (RIP), I had to try some.There were many McClelland blends I liked, but 5100, along with the Frog Mortons, were my favorites. I ordered 2 ounces ... Read More
Flavor Bomb
January 22, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I didn't know what to expect when I picked up a bag of this tobacco a few weeks back, being that I normally enjoy smoking Englishes, Balkans, and English aromatics. But I thought branching out and trying a straight matured red Virginia might be a goo... Read More
December 15, 2018
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
this red virginia is similar to the mcclelland red cake, tangy and mellow. non so much deep as the mcclellands one. but a good treatment. I wish me this red virginia with some samsung, that would be a choice. thanks
Savory and sweet
March 18, 2021
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
This bulk matured red Virginia from Sutliff has fast become one of my staples. Smoked by itself, it’s a great, mouth-wateringly tangy change of pace between bowls of sweeter fare. But, more often, I’ve found that this product, combined with Sutliff... Read More
515 RC-1
October 01, 2020
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
A great red for either smoking straight or mixing. Has a nice amount of sweet-tangy interplay.
A great Matured Red at a Great value.
January 24, 2020
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
This is a great blending tobacco and smokes great alone too. It's different from McC 5100. Better if you ask me. Great value
New favorite bulk
December 24, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Just a few months in a jar does wonders. I have much fancier tinned tobaccos but I keep craving this instead. Wish it burned slower so it lasted longer. Vinegar taste comes in strong in the beginning but it burns away after a while to just sweet tang... Read More
Good Stuff
November 28, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Just got 8 oz of this from smoking pipes and i must say it wasn't a waste of money. I does smell a little like vinegar but has a nice tangy taste and in no way does it taste like cat urine . It's well worth a try i give it a 4 out of 5 good job Sutli... Read More
Quest for the best
October 12, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I received it just today my 4oz.The positive reviews inspired me to try this leaf and by the Gods is it delicious.Right after i finish my review i will order more .The taste is like aged tobacco which made me think that will age extremely well ,moist... Read More
Not sure if tangy is appropriate.
May 06, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
This blend is quite unusual. The tin note brinks on almost smelling aromatic. The very slight bite offers an odd sensation similar to the chill of menthol with a sweet undertone reminiscent of a dusty attic however not dry in the least. 10/10 would s... Read More
Tangy deliciousness
May 01, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
I ended up trying sutliffs red virginia crumble kake prior to trying 515. I figured since I really enjoyed the kake, maybe the bulk, ribbon cut would be similar. Having tried them both now, I would say the kake is probably just 515 with some addition... Read More
Great leaf
February 18, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
An acquaintance gave me four ounces of this as a favour I did for him. Well, what a great pipe it makes for me. Smooth, enjoyable taste and has a fair depth also. A good all day smoke. Highly recommended.
Danish style virginia
February 05, 2019
Product: Sutliff 515 RC-1 Bulk
Not my cup of tea. The leaf they use seems to be OK, but I did not enjoy the casing.
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