Amphora: Original Blend 1.75oz

Product Number: 003-274-0001

Amphora's Original Blend is just that — the original mixture that set the brand on its way to becoming a world-class name in pipe tobacco. A well-rounded blend of Burley and Cavendish, balanced with Turkish, Virginias, and Dark-Fired Kentucky, and topped with cocoa to create a harmonious mixture that emphasizes that natural sweetness of the Burley.

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Burley, Dark Fired Kentucky, Orientals, Virginia
  • Family: Burley
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.65 out of 5 stars
Satisfaction guaranteed,
July 14, 2018
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I ordered a pack of this last year, and have just now got around to smoking it. I can understand why this has been around so long. ITS REALLY GOOD! I remember seeing Amphora being sold at Walgreens in the large metal tin. The label used to read, “ D... Read More
Nice leisurely smoke
March 21, 2018
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I last tried this tobacco 50 years ago taking hits off my father's pipe. I tried this tobacco fresh from the pouch with no drying out. The pouch smell was fragrant with the smell of fresh hay, figs, and apple. I did not detect the smell of chocolate... Read More
IT’s close, but read......
December 15, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Definitely a bit more burley forward than the original. But the Virginia is in the background with a bit of the hay taste you would expect. Here’s what to do if you smoke it fresh...put the amount you want to smoke in a small dish or tray and air dry... Read More
Even Better When Dried
May 19, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Spread my pouchfull out on a platter,and allowed it to dehumidify for about 7 hours.Not crunchy dry,but no longer spongy feeling.The flavor is much enhanced,and no gurgling.Well worth your six dollars.The little bit of moisture that did collect on th... Read More
A good mixture
May 13, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Mr Ireland's discussion of this blend got me interested,so I purchased one pouch,and am glad I did.Smooth and flavorful,I did. To notice anything coco like about it.But no matter.This could be a great morning Smoke,or as a change up from my fuller mi... Read More
Surprisingly nice
February 21, 2019
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
This is a nice tasting pipe tobacco. I don't really taste the topping/casing. It's bland in that sense. But what I do taste is a very nice tobacco! A nicely balanced blend that smokes well, is easy to enjoy, simple, and honest. It's not a fancy ble... Read More
It's pipe tobacco
July 31, 2018
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Looks great, smells great in the pouch, but tastes like smoke. I've had it in cobs, briar, and clay pipes. I've let it dry, smoked right out of the bag, and let it age for a few months: its underwhelming. It will fill a pipe though! Good job amp... Read More
A good change of pace
June 20, 2018
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Been smoking for some 50 years now, and welcome this tobacco's re-arrival. It is robustly softer than a latakia, has a good after taste, and there is no bite. Will add this to my orders (smoke Lane ltd, Plumcake, and a cavendish strain)
December 11, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
When they stopped importing Amphora it became for me a long winter of discontent. I smoked Amphora regular almost exclusively, and I began a search lasting years trying to find its equal, to no avail. I even used to go to Canada to buy a supply onc... Read More
A delightful smoke.
December 05, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
The virginias are hay and a touch of honey, yet they're overshadowed by the nutty sweet burleys that lend a slight note of cocoa. The kentucky is wood and leather with a slight bit of spice, and becomes more noticeable as the bowl burns past mid-poin... Read More
October 11, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I was excited to try this after reading the review/story in the smoking pipes newsletter but I have to say I'm underwhelmed by the product. Tin/pouch note is pleasant, I get a lot of notes of apricot, chocolate, fig. However when you light it I get... Read More
Happily impressed!
July 17, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
From the pouch I smelled a little cocoa, vanilla and a nice natural tobacco aroma. once my pipe was packed and lit, I was pleaseantly surprised that the pouch aroma actually translated to the smoke. I can taste both the cocoa and vanilla, but not so ... Read More
Quality Tobacco
July 07, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
This pouch of Amphora Original was made with quality tobaccos. Not bad. Didn't note much of anything but burley. Not really any better or worse than a number of other OTC tobaccos. Not as good as Prince Albert.
What Happened?
June 05, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Dear God. What did they do between last years production and the just received 2017 batch? Last year's was fabulous. this batch is full of moisturizers. Like the difference between chalk and cheese.
Good tobacco,bad price
May 30, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I really like this tobacco and could smoke it day in and out but too much money for too little tobacco. This needs to be sold in bulk or 1 lb bags. 7.00+ for less than 2 ounces is not worth it.
March 17, 2017
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Original is a tasty blend of tobaccos. The coco note is well done and more dark, baking chocolate than milk chocolate bar.
Classic European OTC Blend
December 03, 2016
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Beforedays I was only familiar with Amphora Full and the Black one,both of which I did found too much appealing,considering those being a bit too aromatic fruity and sweet to my liking.Nevertheless perhaps I shall give em a try once again,since those... Read More
Total disappointment
March 11, 2016
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I've just got 5 packs of these. Guys, for the first time in my life Amphora has nothing to do with Amphora. This is my favorite one for many years, and unfortunately I am forced to tell that my Original Blend does not have the smell of Amphora AT ALL... Read More
starting point
February 17, 2016
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
iv,e smoked this blend for more than 40 years. it is my first and still going strong. in canada it,s in every store. i found an amphora x tra pipe in a yard sale years ago and they do go together. price wise you folks win by a mile. good stuff!
Return Of A Classic
January 30, 2016
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
I'm smoking my first bowl of Amphora Original as I write this post. Like many, I've waited for this to come back to the USA for years. Last I smoked it was in the late 80s I believe. Well, it is simply superb. I ordered two packs each and they arrive... Read More
February 15, 2021
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Natural flavors throughout. The Kentucky adds a bit of spice. The topping is very light almost unnoticeable. A very good natural tobacco experience. The pouch is even nice, it’s luxurious... seriously it should be a must try.
Not what I expected
August 17, 2020
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Initially I thought this was more of an aromatic tobacco blend..that was quickly corrected when smoked..I had this one ,in package unopened for about 8months before finally opening the pouch......i didn't notice the chocolate essence until about half... Read More
Morning, noon and night
July 08, 2020
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
First impressions: The flavoring is really affective. The Cocoa/Chocolate is very subtle but the way it highlights and sets off the kitchen sink of varietals is absolutely delicious. Very smooth. With so much going on here the blend is surprisingly c... Read More
Not bad at all.
February 21, 2020
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
This is a decent and cheap pouch tobacco. Honestly one of the better otc blends out there. Plus it’s a good price.
An aromatic without trying to be an aromatic
January 26, 2020
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Listen to your Uncle Jeff. This is good stuff. Amphora was one of the best pipe tobaccos you could get at any grocery or drug store. Try the original blend. Take a huge drag and slowly whiff it out the nose.WOW!
July 05, 2019
Product: Amphora Original Blend 1.75oz
Not what I expected from it . It’s just mild burley