Cornell & Diehl: Bijou 2oz

Product Number: 003-016-0224

Choice 2003 vintage, Eastern North Carolina red Virginias crown this jewel.

Accented by sweet bright leaf and rounded by small-leafed Katerini, Bijou is married with a hint of honey before being pressed and sliced into delicate flakes.

This gem requires no adornment. Just time.

Estimated peak: 10-15 years

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  • Components: Orientals, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (35 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.93 out of 5 stars
A Supreme Oriental Blend
August 12, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Bijou is delicious, but it really needs time in the cellar. The difference between it fresh and aged is like night and day. After about a year in the nice full-flavored, medium-to-full strength blend that is truly blissful. Fans of Oriental-forward b... Read More
Supreme blend, another wonderful Oriental
November 23, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Bijou is delicately sweet and rich mixture of Red VA and from what I was told it was harvested in 2003 alongside Bright VA from 2013, Katerini and a little bit of honey casing. Tish yummy flake is full of natural sweet spicy character, reminiscent of... Read More
great blend
November 04, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
this c&d blend is a true winner. this is my 3rd tin, and I love this virgina flake
Great blend
September 02, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Smooth smoke can definitely taste the orientals and the honey. I love it
Just opened
February 25, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
A replacement tin, original had serious mold. This tin is aged just over a year and I was told the mold issue was supposedly rectified but obviously NOT! This tin too has a significant amount of mold. Looks like I will hold off purchasing any blends ... Read More
Tangy goodness
September 26, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
This blend won't beat you over the head with flavors but it's very pleasant. It smokes as well as any chunky flake will, and as long as you don't puff too hard it will be kind to your tongue. The flavor that comes to mind the most is tangy, i'm sur... Read More
It grew on me
May 23, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I gave it extra time in the cellar to tame the Red Virginia and now it’s one of my favorites. Tastes and smells like fresh baked bread dipped in hot milk and honey. The VA and Katerini give it a natural aromatic room note any pipe smoker would enjoy.... Read More
Lots of potential
July 27, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Just opened a fresh tin. Has to be the most moist tin I've ever experienced. Packed a bowl anyway and as you can imagine, not impressed. Air dried for 24 hours. Packed another bowl, much better, but not mind blowing. The tin note is soooo good. Ve... Read More
Honey and Toast
February 11, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I love this tobacco. The tin note is like honey on warm toast. It conforms easily to whichever style one prefers to load it into the pipe, and the taste and room note is very enjoyable. Highly recommended for those looking for a tasty, bready Virgini... Read More
Another Winner
October 16, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Another excellent Blend by C&D. Becoming one of my favorites, it has just the right enough sweetness and balance, and it will only become better with age.
October 04, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
my first time trying this blend. I really like this virginia flake. the honey flavor adds value to the natural virginia flavor.
Hard Virginia to Get Past
June 29, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I've been trying many Virginia blends over the past 5 years but this one stopped me. Maybe thats a bad thing since a pipe smoker should be open to trying new blends. However I'm in love with this one. The hint of honey is just that. Only a hint and b... Read More
Delicately aggressive
September 27, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Wow¡¡¡ a nice surprise. In cold you can feel honey´s aroma, but soft not excessive... This flake, at burning gif you very good balance of sweetness and what to talk about oriental's force. Definitely a very good cellar of C&D... of the best...
September 19, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Buy one to smoke now and a tin or two to put away.
Great Now
September 09, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
As great as this tastes now - I look forward to what the years will do to this blend. Not overly sweet, but rich with little to no bite
A pleasure
July 09, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Jesus! I love this stuff. No biting, cool burning and a dark sweetness with a medium strength. Highly recommendable.
Rich Dark Flakes
June 29, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
This seems a lot like stoved Virginia to me. Taste was very similar to Mc Clelland Personal Reserve: Blackwoods Flake, a stoved Virginia. Even appearance is similar. Taste was sweet, perhaps pumpernickel bread drizzled in Karo syrup, or, dates/drie... Read More
Wonderful- Fresh out of the tin
June 02, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Don't be irritated by the advertisement. Of course, the tobacco has ageing potential, but it's fantastic right of the tin. No drying needed, no special cutting or preperation needed, just stuff it in xour pipe. It has a rich, deep and dark flavour. N... Read More
Full and smooth
May 25, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Well, I cracked openy tin tonight. Rebreaking in a brebbia 6006 3/4 bend. Nothing but good flavor. Not sure about the katerini, only to say it must dynamically balance the bite throughout the smoke. Burns great out of thecan. Opened my tin up ... Read More
Rich Full Real Tobacco Flavor
May 20, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Bijou is definitely a Virginia blend that sets itself apart. As a VA lover you pretty much know what to expect from this delicious leaf. Natural tobacco sweetness, with high notes of citrus, slightly piquant flavors. This is decidedly different in... Read More
May 17, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
WOW!, this has to be the best Virginia Blend Ive smoked. It's flavor complexity kept me wanting more and more. With a pleasing musky room note. I'm going to purchase more for cellaring. If you love Virginas, you need to try this.
Excellent blend.
May 13, 2016
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Very good, well aged red virginias with just a hint of katerini. I could smoke this all day long. Have been for a few days in fact. Excellent.
Top Shelf
August 29, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I find this a very smooth smoke. I rubbed it to what consider a course consistency, it tamped well, and burned easy to fine ash. It certainly has a sweet but subtle honey flavor. This likely is an “all day” type of blend. I’d place the nicotine dose... Read More
Very disappointed
August 26, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I hope this will get better with age. As of right now it’s like smoking old gym shorts and kitty litter.
I prefer it fresh
May 08, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Since this blend already comes with some age (some of the Virginias are from 2003), and since the honey contrasts the sour and tangy notes from the Katerini very nicely, I prefer to smoke this one fresh or with no more than 6 months in the tin. With ... Read More
May 07, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Recently bought a tin of C&D Bijou based on the blend description and I am impressed! It's not often I try a new blend but that may change. The tin note is mouthwatering and tangy with raisins and figs which doesn't go away after it's lit. Very c... Read More
Excellent Virginia/Oriental
April 25, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
What a great tobacco! Give it some time to age in your cellar and you’ll truly reap the rewards.
A Wonderful Sweet/Sour Balanced Blend
April 07, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I've long anticipated grabbing a tin of Bijou due to the reviews and positive remarks it has received since its conception. And I can say that it has lived up to its hype. The Virginas and Orientals are incredibly balanced with a sweet/sour relations... Read More
Top 3 Oriental's Still Available for Purchase
February 22, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Bravo Cornell & Diehl! I have had wild ride with my taste in pipe tobacco and I am sure it will continue. Why pipe smoking isn't like my food journey ( I can eat the same thing and there have been almost zero variance in taste over my lifetime...... Read More
February 17, 2020
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Easy, flavorful and downright nice in my pipe!
Simply delicious
November 09, 2019
By: YS
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
Impression of Fresh tin. Sweet Virginia, sour and woody oriental. What if you mix these? Yes it is delicious. Now that it's 2019, these Tins may not be "Fresh". Well delicious.
April 29, 2018
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
The Katerini was there in the background, but my over whelming first and lasting impression was a grassy sourness. I was looking for the expected sweetness from the Virginias and honey, but it was nowhere to be found. This was the 4th bowl I’ve smoke... Read More
Not pleased
November 16, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
I allowed mine to age a bit. Cracked the tin, and, greeting by mold. I tried picking out the mold, and smoke. Not really able to give a fair opinion, the flavor was obviously tainted by the overwhelming musk of the mold. Obviously C&D has not ... Read More
November 05, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
For me this tobacco lacked flavor. And I mean completely flavor-less. Smelled great in the tin, but had no flavor in the pipe. It was also hard to manage, hard to light, difficult to keep lit. Maybe I got a bad batch, I don't know. All I know is I w... Read More
Good blend with potential
June 09, 2017
Product: Cornell & Diehl Bijou 2oz
The 2003 Virginias make this already an "aged" blend. With some more time I imagine the younger leaf gets more rounded too. Looking forward to trying again in 5-10 yrs.
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