Cornell & Diehl: Sun Bear 2oz

Product Number: 003-016-0338

A blend of the finest red and bright Virginias balanced by Basma leaf from 2014 and Izmir Orientals from 2013, Sun Bear showcases select varietals by highlighting their inherent characters with a range of unique and nuanced casings. South Carolina garden-grown honey — harvested from the personal beehives of C&D's head blender, Jeremy Reeves — combines with a whisper of silver tequila and elderflower to augment the fruity and floral notes of the choice Orientals and Virginias. The result is a natural, refined tobacco with a bright, refreshing character and a creamy, rounded finish — the perfect complement to these final days of summer.

Although it is cased, Sun Bear is not an aromatic. It is a Virginia/Oriental Flake with intriguingly sweet and complex top notes. Fans of C&D's Simply Elegant series will likely find a new favorite in Sun Bear, yet its inherent sweetness also makes it an excellent transition blend for aromatic smokers looking to try more natural tasting tobaccos. Overall, it is an easy smoking and reliable all-day blend, interesting enough to smoke consistently, and smooth enough to want to.

Like previous Small Batch blends, production of Sun Bear was quite focused (limited to just 4,500 tins). And due to its limited varietal tobaccos and garden-grown casing, when it's gone, it's gone. So make sure to pick up a tin (or five) today. Limit five tins per customer, per day.

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4.69 out of 5 stars
August 08, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
Foolish me only bought 3 tins of this tobacco. IF I liked it, I would come back and buy more. Well, I love it! Always a fan of oriental laced tobaccos, this sounded like a very interesting blend, especially with the local harvested honey. Some ori... Read More
So Nice!
August 17, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
The tin note is amazing. Every time I sniff, even though it is much more complex, I think chocolate croissant! Rich and mature tasting with a real creamy sweetness. No tongue bite at all. I usually smoke VaPers and non aromatics but this is a real t... Read More
The best blend
August 14, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
What an amazing blend!! I kick myself for only ordering 2 tins. It has a suttle floral note and such a fresh grassy hay like flavor. There is definitely another deeper, richer note that I can't quite figure out. But yeah, this is the blend. I hope it... Read More
A delicacy of a smoke!
August 13, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
Tin note: cinnamon and clove. Fermented prune. Very sweet and fruity. Gorgeous semi- broken flake. Golden toasted almond brown with deep walnut and mahogany hues; very attractive. Came a bit wet but not bad… definitely not on the level of say a ... Read More
August 13, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
This is a GREAT blend. A wonderful mingling of flavors that develop and deepen as you smoke. After my first bowl I immediately wanted another. I could kick myself for only picking up one tin. I sure hope it comes back soon. I plan on stocking up.
Sunbear great
August 12, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
Boy id my face red when i only order 1 tin of this great tabacco. In ooening the moisture content was perfect. Aroma out of this world. Onky smokes 2 bowl one in a cob one in a old stine well that ive had for years both where great. Please c and d lo... Read More
If mead were a tobacco
August 10, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
By the Gods!!! I ordered two tins thinking it’d be pretty decent stuff & I would be okay with it being limited but damn was I wrong. This tobacco is AMAZING! It’s like I’m smoking mead from Odin’s mouth himself & really wish I would have bought way m... Read More
Very Interesting
August 09, 2019
Product: Cornell & Diehl Sun Bear 2oz
I’m not a big fan of Virginias and haven’t experimented with orientals really at all, but I bought this on a whim. It’s a broken flake, and the tin note smells delicious with honey and a faint whiff of tequila. I wish the tequila would’ve been more ... Read More
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