Dan Tobacco: Black Velvet 50g

Product Number: 003-293-0046

Even if Torben Dansk Black Velvet weren't a crossover blend (there is Latakia in there), it would stand out as quite an unusual aromatic. No fruits, no honey, no vanilla, nor even the usual whiskeys or brandies play a part in this. Instead, the pressed and ready-rubbed, Virginia-based blend takes aroma and flavor from the namesake cocktail, which consists of chilled stout (Dan Tobacco uses Guinness here) floated atop sparkling champagne.

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  • Components: Latakia, Virginia
  • Family: English Aromatic
  • Cut: Broken Flake
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3.67 out of 5 stars
Love it!
June 17, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 50g
One of the best blends I have ever had the luxurious pleasure of enjoying. A true desert island blend that is a rotation worthy smoke. Tin note is wonderful and the smoking experience is equally good, if not better. Highly recommended.
January 23, 2020
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 50g
I found this blend was like a winding roading the country! I found that every draw tasted different and I personally would not reccomend to a friend.....but maybe my father in law...lol
You gotta try this!
July 09, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 250g
This is a tobacco that delivers on the flavor notes described. Taste of Guinness and the crisp kind of tang you'd expect from a taste of champagne. One of the things I like to do (with all tobaccos ive tried so far) is to test the different flavor r... Read More
Very interesting
January 25, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 50g
I tried this blend because it sounded very different from blends i've had in the past, and I was not disappointed. This blend is pretty unique. Most of what I tasted were the Virginias, which seemed to be an even mix of brights and darks. The Lata... Read More
Fine tobacco
January 02, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 50g
Seems there'd be more reviews for this. It's really what I call a fine smoke. It's what I call a stunt blend, and I'm always skeptical about them. But it made me curious and I tried it. It's very successful and what I'd call flavored rather than arom... Read More
September 15, 2016
Product: Dan Tobacco Black Velvet 50g
I'm not a big smoker of heavy aromatics, but Guinness!!! I had to try. It is pretty good stuff. Even though I don't taste stout, I do taste good tobacco with some nice topping. Not an all the time kind of smoke but I found it enjoyable. Give it a tr... Read More