Dan Tobacco: Blue Note 500g

Product Number: 003-293-0021

For Blue Note from Dan Tobacco, golden Virginias, that have a naturally high sweetness, are mixed with a mellow Black Cavendish. A fresh flavor of exotic fruits and a touch of Bourbon Vanilla is added to make this an extraordinarily smooth blend.
Room Note:

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Virginia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (20 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.13 out of 5 stars
Jazzy smoke
April 20, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
This aromatic is an ode to subtlety, beginners who prefer really sweet blends will have a hard time in order to appreciate the true character from this blend, it has a very complex and limited palette of flavours that require certain expertise and di... Read More
Smooth cream.
October 31, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
A smooth creamy with hints of a fruit.
Smooth !
June 22, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
This is has a slightly odd but unique flavor and aroma. Its a vanilla and fruit cased/ topped blend but different ? It has a balmy quality about it and its smooth as a Yoo Hoo drink. It reminds me of an old pouch blend called Black Clipper.... Well d... Read More
Mild n Tasteeee
June 14, 2016
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Sweet but never loses the essence of its tobacco components!! Very mild, low nic content but still satisfying! The dottle is very much a Virginia experience. Not complex but not one dimensional ! Soft, friendly and very satisfying...what's not 2 like... Read More
Great aromatic
June 22, 2015
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
The first time I smoked this blend in public, a woman stopped me and complimented the aroma of this blend. This stuff is a joy to smoke.The room note is like fresh baked goods. Sweet and a bit complex. It is sweet and fruity. Blue Note is wonderf... Read More
Great aromatic
January 30, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Really smooth smoke. Very fruity and hints of freshly baked goods
If you are going to smoke an aromatic, smoke this...
January 28, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 250g
I don't smoke aromatics much but Blue Note is the king of all aros imo. It's high quality tobacco and the smell straight from the bag is so pleasant that it alone is worth the price. This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It's a five star aromatic for s... Read More
Sweet Candy in a Tin That You Can Smoke
January 09, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
I love a good aromatic but I was unable to finish this off. It had a very sweet taste about it but it was more like eating candy than smoking tobacco. I didn't taste the tobacco at all. The room note is awesome however and folks around you will proba... Read More
August 15, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Stumbled upon this listing while meandering through SP's abundant selections and was rather surprised to see it, even more so that they were actually selling this stuff. (The blue note on the right of my screen currently says "Tin Sales Rank: 0... Read More
Daily smoke for aromatic fans
April 12, 2018
By: YS
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Opening tin smells like yoghurt, but the taste of smoke is not so. It is very comfortable, fruity and slightly sweet. These are consistent until the end. There is no strange scent and taste, the fragrance drifting in the room is wonderful. This is tr... Read More
A Favorite Aro!
February 26, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 250g
This is it! This is the aromatic you have been looking for! This here tobacco will appeal to the non-aromatic smoker. It's the ONLY aromatic that I've found where the smell actually translates to taste. It's wonderful! I find it to be a great morning... Read More
Very pleasant aromatic
February 17, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Smooth, no tongue bite very pleasant! What more can you ask from an aromatic?
Blue Note 250 grams
September 05, 2013
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 250g
First of all I have to say that smokingpipes.com answered my questions promptly and the customer service here is amazing. Fast shipping. Great product. A+++ Okay so this is my first time smoking blue note. I am new to smoking pipe. I tried to get a ... Read More
Aromatic in every sense
August 02, 2013
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Even as a none aromatic smoker, this is good. Much like Honeydew, I rarely smoke it, yet enjoy it thoroughly every time I do. It isn't as one dimensional as many aromatics are, there is a bit of complexity in it, differing flavors that play with e... Read More
Smooth and Sweet!!
February 24, 2013
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
This blend is sure to please! From the first draw to the last you will enjoy this mild flavor filled blend. This is great for the beginner as well as the more experienced smoker. The room note is very pleasing I have been told.
November 06, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
can not get enough
October 08, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
A bit strong on the nose when you first crack the tin, almost overly sweet. But, once you've lit your bowl, it lays on the tongue with sweet fruity wine overtones... with a little stronger than mild flavor. A big plus that I've discovered with Blue... Read More
July 05, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
I've smoked the 50 per cent of the tin of 50 gramms, with a briar pipe with charcoal filter new, and few times again...Well, I'm gonna pull on the rest (2 tins of 50 gramms) Peer Williams in the first one, cognac and Bourbon vanilla extract in the se... Read More
subtle,fruity notes,smooth
June 30, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Blue Note 50g
Before to goto sleep, let's smoke Blue Note in a big pipe, (depth: 42 mm), don't light it strongly, let develop each precious aroma... Balance body, rich aromas, delightful fragrance, present to the tongue and the nose, room note quite good...let's c... Read More
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