Dan Tobacco: Da Vinci 50g

Product Number: 003-293-0009

Dan Tobacco's Da Vinci is a choice tobacco mixture made from golden Virginia grades and soothing sweet, mellow Black Cavendish, matured under addition of full-bodied red chianti wines. This blend has a pleasant aroma.
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4.59 out of 5 stars
The Rolls Royce of fine tobacco
October 08, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
I.. I can't really put it in words *sniff* .. this tobacco is simply heaven sent :) True story... I was just about to lay my pipe down for good.. because I could not find a decent pipe tobacco (or one that suited my taste)... and then I picked up a t... Read More
Best Aromatic
October 10, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
This is my current #1 aromatic blend. Tin note is amazing italian bitter orange peel and spices. Flavor is great, a hint of the wine but overall just a great full creamyness and lots of thick smoke produced. Its mild and won't bite you either. ... Read More
DTM makes some of the better aromatics out there
August 12, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
Between Blue Note, Devils Holiday and DaVinci, they all deliver as described as far as the tin and room note go, but they were lacking in flavour. I find DaVinci to have a perfume like scent and that would make it my least favourite of the three. I w... Read More
Great aromatic
January 19, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
Da Vinci is a wonderful tobacco! The chianti really comes through in the smoke. It's absolutely delicious.
The Rolls Royce. You're right.
April 17, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
Great tobacco
February 05, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 500g
As usual I find a wonderful tobacco Burley Virgina mix & aged in Chianti Barrels . And as usual it's out of stock. It seems every time I fall in love with it Tobacco it's out of stock and you never see it again.
Great smoking Tobacco
January 12, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 500g
I bought the bag and I just can't get over how adding aging in red chianti wine barrels. What is really nice you can smell a hint of wine,and you can taste just a hint of wine.I am a virginia tobacco lover,and this one is one of 3 that i will always ... Read More
May 27, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
This blend burns nice and slowly, and doesnt bite. To my fellow Canadians, the chocolate and fruit notes can be reminscent of a Big Turk Candy Bar.
Very nice
February 18, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
It was a different experience from the traditional tobaccos, I may buy this again.
December 15, 2016
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
As primarily an English Blend smoker I found this tobacco an unexpected surprise. I was hoping to find this a nice change of pace blend but now it looks like it will be a regular in the rotation.Very smooth,tasty blend that remains consistent to the ... Read More
Different, in a nice sort of way
September 02, 2015
Product: Dan Tobacco Da Vinci 50g
Perhaps Ronald said it best, but this was a refreshing change from the normal aromatics and English type mixes I have tried. Had a coworker ask "wow that smells good, what is that?" it's pretty tasty. The wine taste and smell are out front,... Read More
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