Dunhill: Flake 50g

Product Number: 003-021-0006

Dunhill Flake is a medium strength flake of selected grades of Lemon and Bronze Virginias. One of Dunhill`s most expert blends of highest quality.
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  • Components: Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (48 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.36 out of 5 stars
Virginia excellence
April 20, 2017
By: Matthew G.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This was my second time ordering Dunhill Flake; and I’m thrilled that I did. If you just like a pure lemony virginia to be treasured , this is the one for you. I wish they still used the rectangular containers vs the circular; just makes for a more r... Read More
THE Virginia
April 10, 2017
By: Christopher C.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Beautifuly soft smoke with a wonderfully perfect note and taste...for me this is THE Virginia. Rub it out ,sit back, enjoy.
My first flake.
March 02, 2017
By: Craig W.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
After attempting various ways to pack this flake, which is my first flake, into my pipe, I find the fold and stuff method suitable for my needs. Upon opening the square tin, the strips of tobacco flake are presented like small strips of tree bark or... Read More
So fresh, so pleasant
February 05, 2017
By: Lawrence C.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Dunhill Flake is probably the classiest smoke out there. It has no downside. It makes rich white smoke and the residual is simply "clean" ash. The flavor reminds one of a new-mowed lawn or the breezy scent of summer. It's as enjoyable as a ... Read More
The light one
January 15, 2017
By: Ahmad O.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is quite an interesting tobacco. And despite being labelled as "Straight" virginia, it isn't so straight at all. The reason for this is it applies the concept of appearances vs reality. When you open the tin, it's like sunshine in the ... Read More
as good as it gets
December 01, 2016
By: Joonhyuk R.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
a little bit creamy virginia. its good. must get item.
Satisfying Experience
November 27, 2016
By: Sudhir S.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
As far as smoking mechanics is concerned, this is a well behaved blend from packing till the ashy end. It has a distinctive taste of lemon grass, very much constant throughout the bowl but yeah!!! like I said..........."SATISFYING"
Standard for Virginia
August 28, 2016
By: Yichen L.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
The Standard for Virginia tobaccos, That is what all I can say, except the characteristic Lemon Grass flavour.
순수 버지니아로 끝판왕.
August 24, 2016
By: Eunrae J.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
가장 추천하고픈 순수 버지니아입니다. Pure virginia 의 기준점으로 봅니다. 더 나은 넘 찾아 계속 주문 해서 시연. 아직은 최고.
Pure Virginia Goodness
April 05, 2016
By: Christopher A.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is the tobacco that made me fall in love with smoking a pipe. It is not an endlessly complex blend that will beat you over the head with flavor, this is straight up VA country. Sweet hay, with a little citrus in the background and a wonderful ba... Read More
Highly Recommended
February 27, 2016
By: David S.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This was my first try at a pure Virginia tobacco and my first try at flake tobacco. SPC's brief description of Dunhill Flake does not really do it full justice. I can, however, understand why it is so high in its sales rank. Although I had never trie... Read More
First Choice Flake
February 21, 2016
By: Nguyen A.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
My favorite pure taste. Great flake ever
Always have to have it on hand
February 03, 2016
By: Ryan G.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
A perfect VA flake, a tobacco I always have to have on hand, and it ages really well too!
pure unadulterated tobacco.
December 17, 2015
By: Corey K.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
As Donald Trump would say "you're gunna love it"
My first flake!
November 28, 2015
By: George M C.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is the tobacco that was my introduction to flakes, and it has grown until now it's my favorite form. Nothing wrong with this one, but I take half a star away because there are Virginia flakes out there just as good or better, for much less money... Read More
Warm weather winner
November 16, 2015
By: Daniel M.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
As many have stated here, this is not a complicated tobacco--just a good smooth tasty Virginia flake and it seems to be more enjoyable in a warmer climate (in Florida) than many others. To me, it sings a little more than the Orlik Golden Sliced and ... Read More
Don't Overthink It
November 09, 2015
By: Brandon R.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is not a blend that you should sit down and try to analyse every subtle nuance of flavor - mostly because there isn't much to analyse (at least in my opinion). It's not deeply complex, and that's ok, because it doesn't have to be. I find myself ... Read More
July 09, 2015
By: Wei g.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Don't Mistake the Purpose
July 08, 2015
By: Ross Arlen T.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Is this Virginia a paragon of complexity? No. Is this Virginia full-flavored and fascinating? No. Is this Virginia one of the simplest, most elegant, refined, and gentle flakes available? Absolutely. Please don't expect a Kendall flake or a brown Vi... Read More
June 14, 2015
By: Beibi y.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Not worth the extra $$$
June 09, 2015
By: John D.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Nice, but not worth the premium price. I'll stick with Orlik Golden Sliced.
One tobacco I cannot live without
June 01, 2015
By: Ryan G.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Sweet, cool, satisfying, consistent, I smoke it nearly daily, and it ages well too.
April 02, 2015
By: James t.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
smooth mellow
A must for the rotation!
March 18, 2015
By: Salvatore M.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
When you just don't have the patience to wait a year while you age some of GLP's Union Square. This is a good mild flake (w/great fruit and floral notes). Spice and tobacco notes are consistent from first light to last draw. A bit moist from the tin,... Read More
Nice Smoke !
March 06, 2015
By: Trevor h.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
I like it, great smoke if you like Virginia will be one of my regs. smokes down to a fine ash tastes great top to bottom to easy !
Run of the Mill
February 08, 2015
By: Bryan W.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is a good quality flake but its average when compared to the many flakes out there. It has the sweet base of VA's with a slight lemony note throughout the bowl. It can tend to taste a little dirty towards the end with a little spice to it.
Number 1!
January 17, 2015
By: Erdal E.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is the best flake which I have been tried lately. Sweet, cool and really it's number 1 for me.
very nice smoke !
January 07, 2015
By: August K.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This one is a no brainer. if you're looking for a clean tasting medium strength high quality tobacco taste that you can savior ..this is the one ! I am so glad I found this one.
Sweet, Smooth, Light Smoke
September 29, 2014
By: Sean P.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
My favorite Virginia for a few years now. It provides a somewhat light, honeyed smoke with a medium nicotine hit. Exceptional with a cup of coffee that's sweetened. A relaxing smoke, that is pretty consistent from start to finish. The flavor could be... Read More
Really nice
July 25, 2014
By: Muhaini a.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Better than i expected , nice firm flake
A wonderful discovery...
June 22, 2014
By: Warren S.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Like a lot of pipe smokers out there, I started with aromatics. One day my music professor, and fellow pipe smoker, introduced me to real pipe tobacco, no offense to my aromatic loving brother and sisters out there of course, Balkan Sobranie. He expl... Read More
The good stuff
May 12, 2014
By: Mark G.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Because virginia tobaccos are high in sugar,it helps me break a new pipe in three times faster.More sugar means more carbon.It will build a carbon cake faster than anything else.The good flavors are a plus,In this high grade flake.
very good
April 15, 2014
By: John p.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
One of the better tasting pipe tobacco I tried, similar to Orlick, but with a sweeter more refine taste.
December 16, 2013
By: Qing Y.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
The more expensive, but you know is a great brand! Light, invincible, but don't dry... Oh, very good!
Nice flake
September 09, 2013
By: John H.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
If you like Va flakes then the chances are you will enjoy this offering from Dunhill.
3rd Try a Charm
August 30, 2013
By: Guy D.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
I just opened a new tin of Dunhill Flake and loaded my estate GBD Lovat. From the first draw I was convinced that this is a truly masterful blend. I had struggled with folding or stuffing and had packed my pipe to tightly for a cool slow burning smok... Read More
Good flake
August 02, 2013
By: Timothy S.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Quality flake here. It is what it is, a VA flake - nothing else. Smokes well, burns perfectly with a fine white ash. Inhales nicely, a tad sharp but still pleasant. A decent nicotine hit. No bite, nice and dry, ever so slightly sweet. It's a good &... Read More
Second Chance
June 02, 2013
By: Guy D.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Dunhill Flake was the first flake I tried and of course I had the usual trouble loading my pipe, keeping it lit, and tounge bite. Now that I have had some success with flakes, I decided to give Dunhill a second chance. Although all Dunhill tobaccos w... Read More
I was bored
April 29, 2013
By: Thomas W.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
I was let down as Dunhill manufactures the finest cigarettes I've ever smoked, and that was all the experience I had with them. This is a one-dimensional virginia flake (and I love virginia flakes) with far too many others out there to spend the time... Read More
Singular in purpose; Virginia tobacco at its best
April 12, 2013
By: Andrew L.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
I am at a stage in pipe smoking where I still feel like there is an entire world of tobaccos to try. This is the first tobacco with which I seriously contemplated buying a cupboard full of tins! It is Virginia perfection. Not Virginia + Perique, o... Read More
The best
December 27, 2012
By: Marc p.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This is the standard for Virginia as far as I am concerned. Try some and you will be hooked like I am. Mild and Sweet with no bite or extra foo foo.
December 10, 2012
By: Eyal B.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Opening the tin, one is met with the smell and sight of pure tobacco goodness. There is just a faint smell of dried figs and fresh hay. I enjoy this tobacco fully rubbed out or folded, either way this flake has very good burn qualities. On first ligh... Read More
Gold Standard
November 29, 2012
By: Kevin B.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Good straight Virginia. Lighter in flavor than say, FVF, but delicious. If FVF is the de facto standard for darker VAs, then I'd say this could be a standard for bright/golden VAs.
October 27, 2012
By: Mark G.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
One of the all time GREATS.
Highest Quality
October 15, 2012
By: Jason A.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Highest Quality ? No dout in my mind, This is one of the finer flakes I have smoked. Smooth enough for new pipe smokers, And is one of my every day smokes. Goes well in the morning time as it has enough nicotine to mildly wake you up very pleasant an... Read More
October 05, 2012
By: Carl M.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
This blend is a must have for those that love Virginia flavor. Has a well-balanced flavor smoking evenly, not harsh or bold, but smooth. The flavors are perfectly married together.
Top Flake!
August 31, 2012
By: David N.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
As soon as you open the tin you get a fruity flavor. Raisin, prunes... promissing. This flake has perfect level of drieness and smokes really good. I used the cubes method (not a flake expert) to fill my large pipe and smoked after a couple of lighti... Read More
Fancy flake
June 02, 2012
By: Eric N.
Product: Dunhill Flake 50g
Sweet and earthy with a bright undertone. Like all Dunhill tobaccos, Flake burns slow and evenly leaving little to no dottle.
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