Dunhill: Ready Rubbed 50g

Product Number: 003-021-0011

Aged a minimum of three years.

In addition to BB1938 and Three Year Matured, Dunhill Ready Rubbed is the third vintage Dunhill blend re-introduced to the U.S. market in 2015. Virginia and Oriental tobaccos are combined to form the base of this distinct blend. It's then run through a light Cavendish process, cased with a subtle fruity topping, and steam pressed before it's broken up into the beautiful ready-rubbed cut you'll find in each tin.

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  • Components: Orientals, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (19 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.05 out of 5 stars
A Great All-Day
April 29, 2018
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
I think this blend has great flavour. I have to wonder if some people bother to retrohale? Light on the sunshine and hay with hints of fresh bread and cane sugar. A well behaved blend with a light, sweet taste and an attractive room-note.
Light tobacco.
March 01, 2017
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Here's a blend that's so subtle you might miss the taste if you don't slow it down to a crawl. It's not a bad tobacco at all. It's just very soft and light.
Good tobacco
July 28, 2017
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
This is a very easy all day smoke. No bite good burn, and the strength won't knock you out.
April 27, 2016
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
The worst Dunhill tobacco...maybe aging will help, but no taste at all at this moment
Nothing Crazy, But Well Done
March 15, 2016
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
This is the tobacco to get people into Virginia Smoking. Why? Because it is super easy. Easy to pack, easy to burn, versatile, not big on flavor, not big on nicotine. That's how it is. Slight vanilla note, nice woodiness, nuttiness. But come on, see... Read More
People are too harsh on this tobacco
October 25, 2016
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Ready Rubbed is an underrated tobacco. Sure it's mellow, but it's great for a first morning smoke. It has a sweet, yet subtle taste. definitely a great intro to both Virginia blends and flake tobacco. Although it is not a flake tobacco, it has the te... Read More
October 13, 2020
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Reviews seem to be all over the map on this blend from Dunhill. It's not my favorite Dunhill tobacco out there but I still like it. I get a citrus taste from it and enjoy the room note. If tin note is your thing, this one smells very nice. Overall I ... Read More
Virginia pops in this one
September 10, 2020
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
The tin,now jarred is 2years old..at first I didn't get what other more experienced smokers were getting..most likely because I didn't have enough experience smoking a VA forward Oriental blend.but now I do get it...this is aged VA greatness with Bur... Read More
Just fine
January 07, 2020
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Good blend for all-day. Light. Not so much character as other Dnhill tobaccos, but I've liked it. Good taste and easy to smoke.
Well below all other Dunhill offerings
December 13, 2019
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Dunhill Ready Rubbed is, at best, a mediocre tobacco and, at worst, sub-par. Dunhill has had some legendary offerings; but Ready Rubbed is ashy and lacks character. Not a “long draw” tobacco. Perhaps aging would help it.
Sub-par entry by Dunhill
October 30, 2019
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Surprisingly low on flavor and complexity. The casing doesn’t convey at all except on the nose. Room note is fair but any longer draws will produce a VERY ash flavor that’s hard to shake and overwhelms the other flavors.
Just OK
September 03, 2019
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
This is the stuff you open, taste and forget. There is nothing memorable about the blend and honestly if you've already got oriental/virginia blends in your rotation dont waste your time on this.
All day smoke
March 28, 2019
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Have yet to relight a bowl. Smokes nice and cool. Feels more Virgina forwards and the orientals and in the back. I don't feel like the fruit topping ties it together but this is my go to daily smoke. Hence, why I am slowly stocking up.
Gently flavoured Virginia.
February 06, 2016
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Classic-elegant tin label. Tin nose is mainly bread and yeast. I cannot smell any Oriental. Neatly and evenly presented Ready Rubbed tobacco, almost like a medium-fine Ribbon Cut. Gorgeous golden colour. A feast for your eyes. All high Dunhill standa... Read More
Where is the beef?
December 24, 2015
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Look Ma , no taste . I mean none.
October 29, 2015
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
Ready Rubbed used to be my all-favourite, all-day smoke more or less throughout the 1990s (it used to be packed in rectangular tins back then). When I recently noticed it was back, I hurried to order 10 tins, and was unpleasantly surprised. The new p... Read More
First Dunhill... it's growing on me
August 11, 2015
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
I am pretty new to pipe smoking, but have fallen in love. Over the past year I've pretty much spent my time at my local tobacconist here in SE Wisconsin and have been expanding my palate (so take review w/a grain of salt). This is my first purchase... Read More
I'm digging these re-releases
August 04, 2015
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
This is a great VA/Oriental. It's hard to pick out what fruit topping it is, but it's even more subtle than what's on "Three Year Matured". - both are great VA blends. This is a pretty solid all-day smoke that should age amazingly well! Can... Read More
Good But Not What Was Expected
July 30, 2015
Product: Dunhill Ready Rubbed 50g
The fruity topping must be very subtle indeed, because I was unable to taste it at all. It came across in the room note, albeit very faintly. What you're left with is a nice, mild Virginia. Buttery in the first light then develops into a Virginia swe... Read More
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